10 ways to protect your phone while on the go

Keep it all in case

Keeping your phone waterproof is a must if you plan to run into the water during your trip.

Protect your screen

A shielded glass screen is a good option for your phone when traveling. In addition to protecting your device from scratches, it can also absorb impact if the phone is dropped.

Be especially careful on the beach

Extreme beach temperatures along with water and sand can cause a crash on your phone. To prevent major damage, invest in a good waterproof case. Protect your cell phone from the sun using a lightweight case. Keep the device away from direct sunlight to avoid overheating.

Be careful with extreme temperatures

Just as much sun can damage, cold temperatures can affect your device. Apple recommends avoiding the use of the phone at temperatures below 32 degrees. Your battery may become exhausted or die. Android phones can do better, but just to be safe, take steps to keep your phone out of the cold.

If you need to use your phone in a cold environment, try to avoid long periods and keep it safe and tight in the heat of your pocket when it is not in use. Also, use a protective case designed for such a climate.

Store a portable charger

When traveling, there will probably be times when you need to go without power to your phone. Avoid a dead battery by carrying around a portable charger. This will help with advanced mobile use.

Turn on

It's a good idea to turn off your phone for a while when it's not in use. This will help you save more of your battery life and reduce the effect of extreme temperatures. In the event of a water fault, immediate disconnection of the mobile phone can prevent a short circuit.

Take protection against theft

Always be careful not to leave your device unattended or to be vulnerable to open spaces like countertops while you are outdoors or let it hang in your purse where it can be easily reached and stolen. Small body bags with useful pockets for your most important things are a good opportunity to keep your values ​​close.

Use security features like password protection and tracking to protect your personal information and easily track the location of your device.

Keep your phone on an airplane

Do not leave the phone on the seat, table, or pocket while in the airplane. Some people have survived their devices by slipping and getting lost. Keep it well on your purse or storage bag.

Keep your device in the hotel safe

Just in case you do not have to carry your phone, such as when you go swimming or diving, leave it in the safe in your hotel room.

Purchase Insurance

Finally, it's always a good idea to cover up and prepare for every possible scenario. Insure your phone and get coverage for any kind of damage, including simple ones such as dropping and fraying.

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Hop Hop Groups – List of 5 unique artists

If you're looking for a short list of trips hop, here are five names that are representative of this genre. Although they share much in common with such "big names" such as Massive Attack and Portishead, they are by no means identical. Each group has a slightly different approach and background, resulting in unclear and unique sound. This kind of musical diversity shows how rich the trips hop genre is, containing a wide range of hearing aids for hungry ears.

Sneaker Pimps

As a travel group from England, Sneaker Pimps has become more popular with his debut album "Becoming X". While producing some of their influences from alternative rock, their rock guitars and characteristic song structures, the first Sneaker Pimps record blends darker sounds with thunder hop with atmospheric synthesizers and hip-hop rhythms. Their later albums showed a slightly different sound, partly due to the change of their vocalist.


Morcheeba is one of the most productive trio-hop groups that has produced several successful albums over the years. As a British band, their first issue, "Who Can You Trust?" contains a hypnotic, relaxed and soothing music, in which the vocals of the guilt and relaxation rose above the electronic background and the sub-toolkit. You & # 39; wah-wah & # 39; In addition, the guitar imposed the overall sound of trippy sound.


Founded in 1997, Airlock is an artist from Belgium whose music is used in the world-famous CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami. Their style is often drowsy and chilled, mixed with laconic female vocals. But there are some more rumbling electronic tracks, such as the title track of their first album, Drystar, which is an instrumental song.

Blind Divine

Blind Divine is one of those bands that contain more influences of the atmosphere, the hypnotic rock and the dream pop. Their songs can be described as sound pictures that envelop the listener in a different space and time, creating the impression of a ghostly world of dreams. Expanding strings, bored guitars, gloomy piano chords of Rhodes and melodious melodies – all this complements the spatial dimension of the compositions. Due to its visual nature, the music of Blind Divine is widely used by multiple TV channels around the world.

Wax Poetic

Wax Poetic is based in New York City and leans more on jazz and urban music, preserving Tryp Hop breathing. An early member of the band is also Nora Jones, who can be heard as a guest singer on her third album, Nublu Sessions. The distinctive feature of the band is the use of live jazz instruments and relaxed channels. Another thing that distinguishes them from many other band-hop routes is the integration of Turkish musical elements, which creates pleasant exotic results.

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The astronomical rise of low-cost air travel

Pacific Southwest Airlines first launched a low-cost air service on the sky on May 6, 1949, and over the last fifty years, different entrepreneurs have tried to make the model work. One of the most famous figures in the airline revolution is Sir Freddy Laker, who incites the first transatlantic low-cost flights with his Skytrain. service. Aviation legislation hampers the success of early-stage operators with low costs, which often leads to bankruptcy despite the high demand for the service.

The liberalization of the aviation industry in America and Europe has reduced barriers to entry for start-up airlines that wanted to compete with national carriers. Legislative changes introduced in the early 1990s created an equally competitive basis for the competitiveness of low-cost carriers and acted as a catalyst for the rapid expansion of the ever-growing sector. The main beneficiary of this development is the general public, which has broad horizons to seek to explore the wider world as a result of cheap travel. More and more people are beginning to assess the balance between their professional and personal lives and make positive changes to manage their personal satisfaction. This is marked by an increase in part-time work in higher and more skilled roles. The combination of people who appreciate their spare time more strongly and reduce the cost of air travel has seen more people before leaving for foreign vacations to head for new places and enjoy new experiences.

So if you want to enjoy the sun on the Mediterranean Sea, ski on the exciting slopes of the Alps or indulge in some shopping in the bustle of an Italian city, you can go to the desired retreat; and regardless of the length of your trip, you'll probably find a wide range of destinations to suit your budget.

If you take advantage of cheap flights and trips, it may be useful to use the same hotel chain of overnight stays, as you may be eligible for a hotel loyalty program that will reward your repeat custom. These schemes have once been a reserve of powerful international businessmen and crews, but thanks to the lower travel costs, anyone can take advantage of a loyalty program as they can now afford to travel more regularly.

Further deregulation of airlines opens the sky farther, and the world will soon begin launching several low-cost carriers operating between America and Britain crossing the Atlantic Ocean. daily – just like Sir Freddy Laker's early experience of doing so in the 1970s. This time, low-cost carriers are here to stay, and the international air travel has never been so affordable.

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Looking for a hidden romantic escape?

Would you like to rekindle the romance with a mountain vacation where you and your others can embrace the stars while breathing fresh, mountain air? Or would you prefer to spend your vacation looking at the setting sun to turn crystal water into liquid gold while relaxing in a sun lounger, enjoying the warmth of the sun? Believe it or not, you can get both breaks in the same place. The South East Oklahoma County District, the Bobers Bend State Park, offers the best of both worlds when looking for a hidden romantic getaway.

In the mountains

Many people can not think of Oklahoma when they think of a few vacations, but the area is a paradise when it comes to romance and relaxation. The Kiamichi Mountains, which are part of Wahita National Forest, whose name derives from an Indian word meaning "good hunting fields," rise gracefully against the sky of Oklahoma, creating breathtaking, smoky blue views surrounded by thick pine, oak, and hiccori. In autumn the leaves give a fiery glow of gold and bronze and red.

If you want to go on a romantic trip, take the Talimena Scenic Drive, one of the most beautiful in the country. Passing through the mountains, the road even passes through the tops of some of the peaks, offering incredible views. Have lunch and stop at a scenic spot for a quiet picnic where you can hear only the birds and breeze in the background.

Bird watching and hiking are also popular activities in the area. For ornithologists bird watching is wonderful in this region. In the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area, the birds have seen over 270 different species, including many that are rare for Oklahoma. While walking, you can see deer, raccoons, bald eagles and perhaps even a black bear.

For a romantic place to stay, consider the area of ​​Bobers State Park and its surroundings in Hohetaun and the broken bow. You can rent accommodation from cozy cabins to larger, more elegant cottages. If you want to leave stress on planning, some cabins even have concierge services and will arrange to prepare a fridge with food and wine when you arrive.

Accommodation in the Beavers Bend State Park has everything you need for a romantic vacation. Soak your care away in a bubbling hot tub on deck while the stars glitter over the head. Wrap a warm quilt around you and squeeze it in front of a roaring fire while sharing a glass of champagne. Watch the stars shooting, leaving your tracks in the dark sky.

Broken Bow Lake at Beavers Bend State Park boasts some of the cleanest and cleanest waters of any lake in the United States. In fact, it's so clear that swimmers can see their fingers up to six feet or more. Water activities abound here. Collect a cooler in a canoe or kayak and explore many bays around the lake. Take a swim, snorkeling, kayaking, jet ski, or simply lie down on the shore while the water slashes your fingers gently. If you're diving, the deep, unique rock formations and lake valleys create an impressive experience with drinking water.

If you enjoy the peace and challenge of fishing, throw for brown and rainbow trout in one of the best trout fishing in the United States. The Glover and mountain forks are loaded with trout and can be harvested or roamed. You can also fish for eagle, crepe, catfish or walnut bass in Broken Bow Lake. If you are a beginner in the fishing world, do not worry. The management around can also help you hire the necessary equipment.

As you can see, the best of the two holiday worlds exists in McKernet County, Oklahoma. The area is considered a hidden gem, but you are now secret. Pack your bags and spend a romantic weekend in beautiful South East Oklahoma.

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8 things to be seen in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park is located in northern Colorado. The area of ​​the area is about 266,714 acres and consists of 60% of forests, 18% of bare rocks and 13% of alpine tundra. According to statistics, about 11% of the site is 11,000 feet high. Here's a description of 8 things to see in the Rocky Mountains

1. Roads / Trails

You can explore the roads and rails of a vehicle or horse, but if you are fit, you can also visit the sights on foot. Trail Ridge Road is a long stretch of the park and offers an incredible view of height of 12,183.

2. Peaks

The Rocky Mountain has over 100 peaks over 11,000 feet high. Additionally, to the north, you can see snow-covered "never-summer mountains" in addition to 17 other peaks. In addition, Longs Peak is 14,259 feet tall and is one of the most favorite destinations for hikers and climbers

3. Glaciers

While glaciers retreat due to global warming and other temperature changes, you can still find the tall glaciers there, such as Sprague, Moomaw, Mills and Andrews, just to name some of them. 4. Alpine Visitors Center

At an altitude of 11,796 feet you can see the Alpine Visitors Center, which runs along the popular Trail Ridge. This is one of the highest places to rest in the Rocky Mountains.

5. Waterfalls

In the Rocky Mountains you can find many waterfalls, rivers, lakes and streams. They are ideal for photography, rafting, kayaking, fishing and sightseeing. Once you're there, you can choose, for example, Bear Lake Road, Lock Sky Pond or Glass Lake

6. Plants

The many ecological zones of the park offer many flora and fauna. For example, the park offers high grass meadows and incredible wildflowers, dense forests, wetlands and the Roosevelt National Forest. On the other hand, high areas offer subalpine elves, shrubs and wildflowers. These plants will steal your heart and you will not want to come back home.

7. Animals

The fauna of the Rocky Mountains includes frogs, sparrows, ravens, teeth, falcons, eagles, deer elk, elk, sheep, bizarre, black bears, coyotes, lions and others. Additionally, if you are on higher elevations, you can find beautiful peaks, marmots, rabbits, deer mice, hermelin, beans and red foxes.

In addition, the park is home to some endangered species, such as trout, yellow cuckoo and Canadian sword. You can also find over 140 types of butterflies and tons of other insect species.

8. People

Every year over 3 million people from different parts of the world head to Rocky Mountain National Park. Visiting RMNP will be a multicultural experience for you. You can talk to other park visitors to learn about their languages ​​and cultures.

So if you get tired, we suggest you choose the Rocky Mountain as the next destination. We bet that this destination will take away all of your boredom.

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Basic travel for travel abroad

Although undoubtedly fun, traveling abroad is never easy.

Ask any experienced traveler and you will find that sometimes the inevitability of meetings is inevitable. However, many of these travel-related issues can be preceded by adequate planning and preparation. For the most part, using the right accessories is the secret to a comfortable trip.

Here you can find a list of the basic facilities you need to have while you are preparing for your trip outside the country:

Travel bag

First you need a sturdy travel bag. Wearing your favorite places will be much easier because you have a durable luggage. Also, the bag needs to be spacious enough to hold all your belongings like clothes, shoes, gadgets, and everything else.

Passenger Adapter

Speaking of gadgets, it is extremely important to have your own travel adapter. Buying an airport can cost you a lot of money, so it makes sense to buy yourself a while ago. Remember, countries have different plug configurations and you really do not want to be surprised. Charging the batteries on your laptop, smartphone and camera is not necessarily superfluous.

Travel Wallet

Keeping your money and cards is your personal responsibility. With a good travel wallet you can keep them in one place. Also, some travelers make a point to wear a wallet that contains expired cards and a little money. You can give it to the invader in case you encounter one, keeping your real wallet in the process.

Toiletry Bag

Personal styling should not be sacrificed even if you are miles away from your bathroom. In addition, a small travel set is very easy to carry wherever you go. In fact, it is practical to use shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant and others instead of the usual ones you buy on the market. You will stay in only a few days and go on this route to save money.

Other Required

In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, you may also need luggage lockers to keep your items safe. The travel pillow can be useful if you want to have comfortable breaks during airplane rides. A decent camera bag is critical if you collect your DSLR camera. Do you want to find your luggage more easily at sea than similar to travel bags at the airport? Guides can be a good tool that effectively helps you identify your purse.

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 Riding and Bicycle in Bangkok Thailand, Asia

Can you ride a bicycle in Bangkok? The answer is surprisingly, yes. There are even some cycling lanes in certain areas. In areas such as Banglamphu near the famous Khaosan Road there are bicycle lanes painted on the side of the road that are fairly easy to follow and will mean you are still getting lost but there are some problems. Most of the cycle lanes are parked on cars, which can result in having to ride in on traffic, so the best thing to do is ride carefully on the footpath to be safer.

Main roads. The main roads are always busy and can be dangerous for a cyclist but you will often see the locals on bikes peddling sausages or lottery tickets etc. If you ride on the big roads then try to keep to the left and always remember the rule 'the largest has the right of way'.

Where are the best places to ride a bike in Bangkok? You can ride bikes in many of Bangkok's parks. One of the largest and most beautiful parks at Phuttamonton Sai 3 is quiet roads to follow through the park with lakes and lots of wildlife to see, there is also a 7km mountain bike trail to follow.

Other good places to go are the local sois (lanes) these places are usually quiet and have no traffic and can follow the narrow roads and Klongs (canals). You will often see small shops to buy refreshments if needed. You could almost mistake yourself for being in another city in some sois. The noise from traffic is lost and trees and local Thai houses make good scenery.

There are also tour companies that can take you on short trips. These trips take you through bridges to local roads and through roads avoiding the main roads. Some are at night and some are combined with long tail boat rides. More information can be found here http://www.mountainbiketoursthailand.com.

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A school trip to France

If you are planning a trip to France for the first time, you may find some of the following items that are useful for transport while you are there.


The French road network is superb and it is generally believed that all neutral countries are far superior to those of the United Kingdom. It is true that the Autoroutes have a taxi, but congestion is very rare, and the free road network type A (N route) is just as excellent.

The journey to school to France is usually better than in the UK, but there are a few things to consider:

• Try to avoid a peripheral road around Paris, Marseille and one or two other big cities during peak hours and in the morning.
• If you can, do not travel by road during the first full weekend in August. This is the traditional time that everyone leaves for their annual breaks and this is the only time of the year in which jams can be customary.
• In some parts of France, after leaving highways, many gas stations can be closed on Sundays. They can have 24/7 pumps, but best complement on Saturday if you can.

Although things are changing, France has not yet adopted the concept of cheap domestic travel. So internal air transfers can still be expensive and considered as luxury. Traffic around by all means, but your specialized travel tour operator at school will be able to advise you in more detail on this aspect when you refine the details of your route.


In and around major cities, bus services are frequent and modest prices. They are usually reliable and accurate. They are also a very good value and an attractive opportunity for groups in school. In rural areas and outlying areas of larger cities, buses may not be rare.

Trains (main line)

France has an excellent rail network from which the TGV (high-speed train) is a jewel in the crown. Prices for most routes are reasonable, although TGV itself can be very expensive, especially if you do not book in advance. Accuracy and reliability are usually good and trains are also usually clean and seats can be found – except sometimes at some peak in Paris that may be busy.

Hockey and other unwanted things can be a nuisance from some places in larger cities, but this is common everywhere in the world, and in France police usually monitor what's happening around the station's stations.


Contrary to some myths, Paris is not the only city that has a subway in France. Once more, accuracy and comfort are usually superb and students will usually have fun with the system. One moment worth to be known – pickpockets are the plague on the subway in Paris and some other places. They are often targeted at foreigners and students, so do not forget about yourself and your possessions (ie, your pockets are empty).


Moving to France for school trip groups will be easy, with the exception of TGVs and airplanes, usually at reasonable prices.

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 Under 25 Car Rental

Always remember to never drive while tired. If you are feeling exhausted, find a rest area and sleep. Stop in a coffee shop and buy yourself something to rejuvenate yourself. You need to be alert and aware of other drivers on the road if you are going to be driving.

Always remember that a seat belt is important. This is another one that could save your life. It is statistically proven that using a seat belt reduces the risk of injuries and deaths. So, you never want to drive without it.

Make sure when packing your car for your road trip that you do not block your rear view mirror, as well as all the other windows in the car. It is important that you can see all traffic around you while driving and it is important that you do not have anything in your way from preventing that.

Always remember that this is a peak season for construction workers. They work when weather is nice instead of go on vacation. Always be ready to slow down or stop for them. Keep them and yourself safe on the roads.

This one may seem obvious; but it is one that also seems to need the most reminding. Do not EVER drive while being intoxicated whether it be from alcohol or drugs. Drinking and the use of drugs will impair your judgment and the speed of your reactions, and will not allow you to drive a car as well as you need it.

Do not forget that with the summer season. You are not the only one on the road heading to your amazing vacation. There are tons of other cars on the road and you need to be aware of them. You can not drive like you are the only one on the road.

Do not forget that the summer time is when children are out of school. Be prepared to stop without any notice for a child who runs into the street.

Also, remember that with the summer season cyclists and roller bladders are out on the streets as well. They are sometimes hard to spot with the glare of the sun, so always be on the lookout for them.

Remember to obey all speed limits while driving, not only will this prevent a costly ticket. It could save you, or other lives.

Renting a car is an easy way to travel. Especially for young drivers who are trying to save money!

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 5 Best Road Trip Destinations Around North India

The northern India is blessed with the Himalayan ranges, which covers most of the northern states like Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The scenery is strikingly and a richly diverse culture lies here. It is one of the most popular destinations among the travelers.

Do you plan a road trip for most of the weekends? Maybe you have found the best car rental service in the countryside. We have compiled and a list of destinations to visit in North India. Let's get started.

1. Manali to Leh Highway

Well, the beauty of going from Manali to Leh can not be captured in words. What do you think of cruising along the road with snow all over on a bullet or an open jeep? Amazing right? It is a span of about 479 km with an altitude of 3-4 km above sea level. It is open for only 5 months in a year.

2. Shimla to Manali

Well, Shimla to Manali through Mandi is a beautiful road trip to unwind and relax in northern India. Take a break to play with the ice-cold water of the Himalayan River. This is stretched in 250 km and needs a bit longer than usual because of the hilly terrain. You can enjoy the Himachal sightseeing along the way.

3. Gangtok to Tsomgo and Nathula Pass

The north-eastern part of India is the largest and most unexplored part of India. One of such road trip is Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathula Pass. The hilly terrain makes it challenging and the beauty of the road lies in the uncertain terrain. Take a trip to Lake Tsomgo to witness happiness like never before. There is 55 m long stretch with Lake Tsomgo falling in that route. This gives you an unmatched road trip experience.

4. Delhi to Agra via Yamuna Expressway

Well, this is one of the best ways in the country and a must-go for all road trip lovers. In case you have enough driving stamina then pay a visit to Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Within 2 hours you can cover almost 165 km stretch of Yamuna Expressway. This road is just awesome.

But, unfortunately, this expressway does not have any dhabas, so if you are a food lover then you might have to take the old highway Ie, through Palwal.

Delhi to Jaipur

Knock knock? Who is there? The Jaipur Desert. This is one of the most maintained Indian highways with the most colorful culture. Watch the Aravallis bounce off in your way. You can even take refuge in Jodhpur to taste the authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

The above discussed routes are best for Weekend getaways with friends and family. Take a break from your monotonous life to discover the beauty of nature. There are car rental services in Delhi for travelers to make their journey into an amazing and memorable experience. Have fun travel!

Source by Fahad A. Khan