How to mitigate risks when traveling to a foreign country

Whether you are a first-time passenger or frequent travelers, the safety of your journey begins with you. For some people, trips abroad are part of their work in the office. They are exposed to risks when traveling abroad

People who travel in overseas business trips for various reasons, such as:

– attending business meetings / seminars / workshops,

– Presentation of academic papers / lectures,

– participation in trade missions / exhibitions / cultural presentations,

– signing of agreements / memorandum of understanding (MOU),

– collection materials for articles or books,

– participation in student exchange programs,

– Perform Hajj or Uma and so on.

The screenwriter, as a frequent traveler, tries to list as many types of risks as are likely to be faced by a foreign traveler. It can be categorized into five parts, namely early preparation; at the airport; while in the host country and personal safety; hotel safety; and return journey

Travelers should keep in mind that security precautions are sound at airports and hotels and so they have to learn to make wise and reasonable travel precautions. Readers should also note that the ideas presented here are not exhaustive, they are intended to be used only as guidebooks and safe travel tips derived from other sources

Early preparation

Based on the writer's own experience, there are not many risks except for careful preparation.This usually includes: a passport, a round trip reservation, a hotel reservation, a visa requirement of the host country, currency, all necessary vaccination, and travel insurance

Passport t is considered your own life, and is the most commonly used document when traveling, used when applying for a visa, checking airport counters, immigration and customs counters, check-in at the hotel, cash check checks (if applicable), etc.

With regard to packaging, to the taste of the individual, however, the golden rule that you must follow is always to travel Small thieves and pickpockers like to exploit or plunder tired passengers loaded with heavy luggage. Other Packaging Safety Reminders: pack your luggage yourself; lock your registration bag so that nothing can be placed or removed; use plain luggage (designer, fantastic or expensive looking luggage attracts the attention of potential hijackers); use the luggage tag and put another one in your luggage; remove the old airline tags and wear the right clothes

For those carrying a laptop, always check the type of plug that the host country is using – it may be a British triangle, a European roundabout, a US two-way flat or other . If in doubt, bring an international adapter. To avoid getting caught, passengers are encouraged to put their notebooks in non-notebook bags.

Perhaps you would like to bring a reasonable supply of medicines for common illnesses such as fever, diarrhea, cough, last resort, no sharp objects, flammable objects, and airport accommodation at least 3 hours before departure.

Your advantage is if your organization has a local contact to take care of you while you are at

At the airport

Business travelers must be aware of the following security and safety measures: refrain from carriage of luggage or packages for others; Never leave your luggage unattended at the airport, even in a perceived safe place, Golden Salon; Always carry your cabin baggage with you when leaving the plane during the intermediate or transit flight; avoid talking about your office, travel destination, accommodation, route, etc. with strangers. If you want to remove your luggage, put them between your legs

While in the host country and personal safety

Once you have completed all the disembarkation formalities, the first thing you have to do is wait for your luggage to check if someone. The luggage claim base is usually located immediately after the immigration board. When collecting the luggage, check correctly if there are any signs that it has been tampered with. Someone working in the airport complex may have tried to handle the items of the passengers, perhaps by chance. If this happens with your luggage, immediately notify the security bureau.

Before you leave the airport, call your local contact if you have one. It is advisable to change some money in local currency. You may have to pay a taxi from the airport to the hotel in local currency. In some places, however, you can use the service of one of the reputed taxi companies and the fee is charged to your hotel bill.

Passengers may want to point out that in some countries US dollars are considered a commodity, Bantering will affect the value of the exchange rate. The exchange rate may vary depending on the banknote account – the higher banknotes charge a higher exchange rate.

If your business meeting is to be held outside your hotel, book a hotel taxi for your transport needs. It may be a bit more expensive, but it's safer. Always go out in pairs whenever possible. In many cities taxis are reliable, but get ready with a little change, as many taxis drivers do not have that. The little change can also be conveniently used as a tip if you think you are giving it for the good service provided.

As a reminder, it is normal for the security staff of the building to request a valid ID in exchange for a visitor pass. You can give any form of ID, but never your passport.

In order to reduce personal risks when traveling abroad, we recommend that you follow simple tips as follows: inform yourself or register with your country's High Commission; inform or register in the office of the Governor of a Country / Area (applicable to certain multinational corporations that have offices abroad); keep a low profile and do not show up; Do not show public money or jewelery; carry a mobile phone at any time; learn not to trust anyone; as much as possible, try to look like local people, dressing; learn to break away from routine; do not get caught up in civic struggles at the local level – stay indoors; do not drive, so you can avoid a road accident; if arrested, immediately contact the Supreme Commission for Assistance; use your shoulder wallet to keep your passport, airfare, cash, etc; never deal with drugs; avoid going out alone and reducing your time on the streets; women should not walk alone in the streets to avoid unnecessary harassment; and beware of criminals who represent police officers like civilians to rob foreign tourists

Other travel tips include: keep both hands free; keeps a passport, plane ticket and cash at any time; to make photocopies of a passport and plane ticket, but to keep them separate from the originals; Be careful about using your maps as they show you are a foreigner or a tourist; Keep your blood group identity in your purse / wallet, if any; properly place the cell phone because the theft is common in certain countries; offer to take passport-sized photos; avoid buying too much expensive products using credit cards Always check the credit card credit card before signing up; eats only bottled food and beverages bottled drinking water or bottled mineral water; bringing a signal device, e.g. whistle with a rope; a practice using a local public telephone if possible; Learn to divide the placement of precious things you wear; do not take food or drink from strangers – they can be drugs; and when ordering bottled or canned liquid, make sure it opens only in front of your eyes.

Safety of the hotel

When security is enhanced, hotels in some countries install a metal detector arc or use a handheld metal detector

As a precaution during hotel accommodation, a room request is located no higher than the sixth floor, if any. It is easier to escape during an emergency situation, eg. fire. Travelers should be aware of the certainty that the rooms on the lower floors provide easy access for thieves or offenders. At check-in, put the luggage in front of you

After your arrival, bring your luggage to your room. Traveling women arriving late at night may ask a bell or a janitor to carry the luggage directly to the room, accompanying it. When you first enter your hotel room, check the room completely (in the bathroom, the connecting door, behind the curtain, in the closet, etc.) to make sure the room is really empty and safe before closing the door [19659002] reduce or minimize the risks during your stay at the hotel, the following helpful and inconsistent details are helpful: select a newly built hotel. The management has certainly installed the latest safety devices available on the market; check the location of the exit of the fire and the stairwell, etc. This is useful when you need to move or remove quickly during an emergency, for example, fire, bomb threat, terrorist attack, earthquake, etc. Remember that the elevator does not work during a breakdown; to further protect you and your valuables, consider using a rubber wedge or a door plug that you usually use at home; always have a flashlight with extra batteries – to use when power is interrupted. Some hotels provide light for torches, usually placed in the closet; Check your callers before opening the door. the "Do not disturb" sign appears on the display. check out at the hotel if the tap water can be used for drinking. In some countries, you can not drink the tap water even after you have boiled it because it can upset your stomach. Boil the supplied mineral water for beverages; place your belongings in just one or two places. It is easier to pack them again if you need to move quickly, eg. in case of urgency; to avoid stealing a hotel, keep all things locked when you leave the room; and if you have planned your meeting at the same hotel you live in, it is in your favor to first check the room at the earliest opportunity.

Return to the road

For safety reasons, it is safer to travel directly from the hotel to the airport. Travelers should plan ahead when leaving the hotel because traffic conditions in some cities are unpredictable.

Departing passengers are required to fill in the upload card. They are also required to pay airport tax if this is not included as part of the airfare tariff.

Do not wear any sharp object, flammable objects again and place at least 3 hours before departure

Always remember that the safety of the journey begins with you

Source by Kamaruddin B Hassan

Why Discount Hotels can be a ticket to your holiday stay

Everyone has a vacation. Holidays are an excuse to leave work, school and everyday life. Some people, however, enjoy their vacation just like others. One of the reasons for this is often the cost of vacation itself. How can one enjoy a holiday when it is constantly afraid that it will pay for it? One can alleviate this problem by booking rooms in discount hotels. Hotel costs are a big part of most holiday and can sometimes be the most expensive holiday element.

How to find cheap hotels? This process is not complicated at all. Simply searching for hotels online is one of the ways to find the best deals. If hotels offer discounts, they will want everyone to know. It is also important to book hotels in advance. Sometimes hotels may have higher prices if a specific holiday spot is a very successful year. However, if you book the hotel in advance, it will not be a problem for you. You can also occasionally negotiate with the hotel manager about accommodation prices. Communicating your desires and being solid can take a long way to find the hotel. Always remember that the hotel eventually wants your business, so you have the upper hand.

If you're looking for a discount hotel, it's also a good idea for those who do not have a limited budget holiday. Anyone who likes to save money and stay at a discounted hotel does not necessarily mean that the hotel has to be crazy. Also consider the fact that if you are on holiday, hope you will not spend all your time at the hotel. I know that many people have a blank sleeping minimum in the hotel because they want to spend their money doing things on their holiday. This philosophy is often very useful for people who want to enjoy their vacation as much as possible. We all know the story of a family that becomes a very expensive hotel room, and then one of the family members who stayed inside the house all day. This is not the purpose of leave.

Another way to get discount hotels is through companies such as AAA. AAA cards can sometimes save members up to 10% of the hotel's costs. People who use credit cards that have spot systems can also take advantage of the hotel's rewards. Some hotels that offer discounts can even accept credit cards and AAA discounts. This means that you could pay for the hotel a distinctly discounted price that would release the large amounts of money you can spend on your holiday.

Holiday is great for the whole family or just for a couple who want to get away. However, sometimes the cost of a hotel can give the silencer the fun. This can be avoided by looking for the hotels that are most discounted, using rewards from credit cards and discounts from AAA and being smart. After all, you are not on vacation to stay in the best hotel possible, you are on vacation to see sites and make fun, unique things you have not done before. Saving money on hotels is a sure way to achieve this goal.

Source by Scott Gruson

Laugh your way through a family vacation

This is the rest time. Two days after that, you have about a week's work. You, your husband and two teenagers are on a camping trip. You think you're working as crazy to get ready – there are so many details to think and organize – and you find that you are wondering why you've agreed to this type of family vacation .

As you leave, no one is calm. In your exhaustion you are worried about what you have forgotten. Your husband is working at the last minute to be able to escape and plans to make some recent phone calls at the first stop. Stress of the elderly is distracted and the children are desperate.

Typical? Unfortunately, the bigger problem is not the preparation itself but the fact that it can take you most of the week before you are calm enough to feel really relaxed.

Then, while you are finally able to enjoy the break, it's time to head home. Were you really on holiday or were you a family-style space joke?

Is it possible to minimize this ridiculous situation and get psychologically in your "vacation mode" near the beginning of your vacation? I believe it is, and the key word is "laughter."

Laugh and joke about the absurd number of details you need to take care of in the workplace and homework before you can leave. Laugh at the fact that you will inevitably forget something. Laugh at the previous times you missed a connection. Have a laugh at the fact that you may not be able to find a camping or motel and you have to drive at night. Laugh at your children about the difficulties that are far from your friends.

Laugh at what highlights you. Laughter reduces the release of stress hormones, thus obstructing the fight or the reaction of the flight. Laughter creates tying and, after all, is not a re-linking of part of the reason why you would take a family break? Laughter helps control the emotional climate and reduces the risk of confrontation. Laughter harmlessly and subconsciously releases stored negative emotions. And laughter is contagious.

So start laughing at the beginning of the vacation cycle and everyone will have better time.

Deliver CDs that everyone will laugh at and make sure their kids pack up their funniest DVDs.

Dangers make the best stories, so tell the stories of previous vacations misfortunes. And every time there is an accident or a mistake in the journey, have fun for the fun you will have at home telling the story.

Source by Neill Neill

Find the best deals

Getting good holiday deals is much easier than you ever thought possible. For those who are lucky enough to afford a vacation, the market is heavily distorted to the benefit of passengers due to the recession and the current economic problems around the world. Those who are willing to play gambling and wait with their holiday dealers as close as possible to their desired departure date can earn even more last-minute holiday deals that they see is jetting for fun in the sun at an incredible price.

There are two thoughts in terms of getting affordable, fantastic holidays: get ahead of time to make use of the early bird offer or leave it at the last minute to get unwanted seats and hotel beds. Getting the best deals can be done either in ways that have similarly effective results.

Travel companies know they will sell at least a certain amount of seats in the aircraft and fill a certain number of rooms in hotels. Preventing natural disasters can be sure of that. There is a certain basic limit under which they will almost certainly never fall.

However, you need to make sure that the ball gets on time and well in terms of selling holiday packages and thus priced competitively at the first opening of offers, giving customers who can make a deposit earlier, cheap holidays to some of the most exotic destinations . Traditionally, it is the main source of tourist offerings for tourists.

Recently, however, the tables turned. With the catastrophic failure of the economy in 2009, there has been a serious loss of confidence in money as a whole and the reluctance to spend money on frippersies such as holidays. Seats that travel operators once thought were dead certificates sold at once found themselves unpopular and with lots of spaces to fill.

Laws of the last moment entered the tourism industry and transformed them through all faith. Today, it is often better to try and keep up until the last moments before you have made the holiday you want to have in order to secure the best advantage.

As travel companies are afraid to remain empty, they try to get the best return of any form of profit, no matter how small, drastically discounting their offers to a small percentage of their real market experience, the opportunity to get a reduced price, a bona fide contract on their escape.

Holiday deals have become obscene because these companies are trying to fill the areas for excursions, including trips to distant locations. Holiday in Cuba, for example, recorded some of the most drastic cuts in prices, as travel agents are panicking that hotels should be empty during busy summer periods. Five vacation stars can be for two or three star prices for a trusted traveler willing to hide their time. It's definitely the purchasing market there, so think about where you want to go.

Source by Adrianna Noton

5 best places to stay near Portland, Oregon

Have you visited Portland before? Or are you looking for places to go to Portland? Few urban cities in America have quite green areas that give visitors views that are remote and quiet in the city. We have compiled a list of hiking trails that will leave your feet to burn and entertain you along the path:

1) Oxblow Regional Park

Do not forget to go there with the fishing rod for a fun day of hiking and fishing. This pedestrianized park is well-known for fishing and is close to Oregon Camping. This park is near Gresham and offers a 3.3-mile line that includes long stretches. One of the fascinating features of the recreation center is the "ancient forest", which consists of large, hundred-year-old trees that rise above the path and the river.

2) Washington Park

A beautiful deep forest and mountain view makes this gem one of the finest hiking trails in Portland. The Wildwood Trail begins and ends in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where signs of Wildwood Trail have been published during the trip to ensure safety and prevent health hazards.

3) Tryon Creek State Park

Tryon Creek State Park is a state park that can be found in one of the major metropolises, just minutes from downtown Portland if you drive. The Tiro Cree State Park provides several activities within its borders, such as a 659-acre park with several good walking paths to follow. If you experience health problems that will hinder your feet from long trips, come along with a bicycle, bicycle or horse as there is a path that guarantees fun if you choose to go with these options.

It's good for the whole family to be ready to see the whole lap of 2.7 miles. Starting from the center of the visitors, follow the old main trail, then the Cedar Trail on the red fox.

4) Mount Tabor

This park will take you to a 2-mile trip from the 60th Trailhead Avenue, which leads you to the top of a passive volcano with spectacular views of downtown Portland and Hood Mountain.

Various routes can be taken to complete the excursion with many things to admire, such as picnic areas, playgrounds statues.

5) Pittock Mansion

There is a parking space for your bicycles, cars, bikes and bikes in Lower Macleay Park. After packing, start walking under the Thurman Street Bridge. There are a variety of tracking options to choose from, but with Wildwood Trail's focus we guarantee that you will reach your destination.

At the top you will find beautiful views of the center of Portland and the Hood Mountain, as well as the historic Pittock Mansion, which is always open for tours from 11:00 to 16:00 every day.

Source by Trev Fenner

How about an affordable family vacation to Mexico in the summer

A family holiday to Mexico can be just an ideal family vacation. You and your wife can be separated from the tough year when your children go into adventurous life. With hundreds of exciting attractions, gorgeous beaches and extensive amenities, Mexico is a great place for a holiday with children. Many resorts in Mexico have a lot of hot family holidays. Here are some packages that have a family atmosphere.

Barcelo Resorts. These resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico, include a series of four all-inclusive hotels that are ideal for a family vacation in Mexico. Located in the Barcelo Maya complex, all hotels share miles of beaches. Guests staying here can benefit from all the extensive facilities offered by all four resorts.

Palace Resorts. These two all inclusive resorts are also located on the Riviera Maya and are a great choice for a family vacation to Mexico. They offer special offers for families at certain times of the year. Staying for at least three nights will give you unlimited tours to several beautiful Mayan ruins, as well as spa, golf and car rental vouchers.

Superclubs Breezes Resort. This beautiful resort is part of the famous Costa Do Sauipe complex, which has five kilometers of beach. Come here with your kids and love various entertainment programs, including trapeze, circus, horseback riding, surfing, windsurfing, golf and lake recreation. At certain times during the year they offer a 40% discount on their holiday packages.

Aeromexico. This Mexican airline is the number one choice for a family vacation to Mexico, offering several holiday packages to different destinations in Mexico. They also have their own websites where you can check special offers.

United Vacations. Another popular choice for a family vacation to Mexico, United Vacations offers several attractive events throughout the year and includes family-friendly hotels in different locations.

Mexico is a beautiful place that is full of excitement and adventure for both children and their parents. Many resorts have extensive programs to keep kids entertained during your holiday. This allows you to enjoy a quiet walk on the beach or spend a romantic evening with your wives at one of Mexico's many excellent restaurants. Many centers in Mexico also offer childcare.

Source by Amber Jonas

Tips for driving a car in the rain

Although the rest of the country may be dry in winter, we all know when it's raining in the western and northern nose. We also know that driving in the rain can be dangerous and quite catastrophic. We also understand that driving an unfamiliar hired car is not just infuriating but also dangerous. However, if you have to drive in such unfavorable weather conditions, here are some tips to help you prevent accidents caused by the rainy climate. Who knows? You can save even if you pay for car rental damage

The road is slippery:

There is no doubt that the road you are going to be slipping will be slippery and the biggest storm driving problem is the thrust . Traction usually occurs when the pavement is wet and a hard surface develops, causing tires to lose traction, making it difficult to stop. If your rental car is sliding or seaplane, it is advisable to avoid suddenly stepping on the brakes as this may rotate your car. Instead, tightly hold your steering wheel and slow down

Avoid using cruise control

Do not drive through puddles:

This is a storm, so the chances of getting to a huge puddle in the road are high. You may have an impulse to manage it. Please resist this desire. The danger here: this water could hide the giant hole. Even more dangerous: water sprinkled in the engine compartment may damage the electrical system. You do not want to hurt a rented car, do you?

Your lights must be included:

Turning on your lights will not only help you see the road more clearly, but also help you see other drivers. But you have to try to avoid the inclusion of high rays, as they can actually hide your vision further. If you drive a car equipped with fog lights, try turning them over. The dim light from these headlamps can help you increase your visibility in the rains.

Hold at a distance:

When it rains, it takes more time to have control of the car. You will not be able to stop, stop or rotate so fast. Other vehicles on the road will not be good. Therefore, it is crucial to drive slowly and keep distance between you and other drivers.

If you can, keep your tires and steering wheel as the car drives in front of you. Why? Because the car in front of you moves and pushes the water, clears the way while creating a better surface for you.

Avoid driving big cars:

Trucks and buses lead to large water splashes that can hit your windshield and briefly block your eyesight.

Driving on a dirt road:

Now you dared to ride on the damp, dirt roads of the city, in the muddy country roads. In this case, two things may happen: you may encounter an accident or remain unaffected.

One thing, however, is that you will slip. But do not hit the brakes. Be aware of where your front wheels are heading. Drive slow. Moving will slow down the speed of your vehicle and provide you with grip. Once you control the car rental again, continue.

What if you get stuck? Keep constant pressure on the accelerator pedal. Push your throttle. This will result in a spin of a wheel that will rotate the mud from the tread and will give the tire again grip. If this does not work, turn the steering wheel back and forth. Moving the wheels can allow the tread to get enough to hold your car.

If your car can not move forward, try casting the transmission in the opposite direction. The chances are: you can go back on a dry road. Slowly the accelerator pedal is easy and we hope to get out of the mud. Once you have left – before returning your normal speed, give the tires a chance to discard the tread residue

Cleaning the car rental:

You do not want to pay for car rental damage! So clean the car because mud has moisture against metal, which leads to rust and corrosion. Dry mud on the drive shaft can expel it from alignment and cause damage

Source by Lwazi Mluma

How to become your home in holiday rentals

Turning your house into a holiday rental may initially seem overwhelming … but it does not have to be. This is a process that you can truly enjoy and enjoy! I have created houses like vacation rentals, dozens and dozens, for my client's property, as well as my own homes. I understand what is required and requires from all aspects, since property security is in line with the rules and regulations of the government agency to make sure it has all the necessary features that most guests require. In my commitment to ensuring that my clients are always successful with their holiday rentals, I have often found myself in the role of a holiday rental consultant, "mostly refers to a government agency and compliance, quality assurance and ongoing property maintenance required to meet

So, with this in mind, it's important to start the basics when you decide to offer your house as a holiday accommodation for travelers. In this article I will provide you with the 5 most important steps you will take to ensure that Your success in renting As you read it, I suggest you take into account the fact that your house is in a unique city or city that this article is a general guide and that it is important for you have realized their sentiments of the local community and the rules and regulations on short-term leases. Always remember, your house is private property, not a hotel, be prepared to house and manage it as a vacation rental accommodation for tourists, must be carefully and thoughtfully done.


The first thing you have to do is to educate your local city, county and state laws, unique community neighborhoods. Do not just assume that because it is your property, you can do everything you want to do with it. And do not use much effort and spending when setting up the house as a hiring for tourists until you rule out the existence of laws that prevent you from doing so. Many local and state government agencies have clear regulations that stipulate that setting up your house for rental as a holiday rental will change its construction business and is likely to be subject to a certain level of city, county and / or state licensing. Many government agencies also require you to legally rent your house as a short-term lease, you must collect local and state tax from tourists who have leased your property.

A quick search for vacation rentals reveals that as short-term rentals are becoming more and more popular, many communities have license restrictions and very specific rules and regulations on home rentals for short-term tourists. Call the local city and city authorities and contact the appropriate licensing department to answer your specific questions. Find out what specific licenses and / or tax numbers you need to legally rent a house and get it. I strongly recommend that you ask for help from an established authorized local agency that can help you properly understand the licensing and tax requirements required in your community.

2 – Your Neighbors and Your Neighbors

Now that you have found that it is a legal rental for you as a holiday rental and you have obtained the right licenses and tax numbers, it's time to think about the neighborhood where your house is located. This may seem stupid, and many people are making this important step shine, but believe me that you can save massive headaches and fight with your neighbors by proactively addressing this issue. Almost every article you read about communities that oppose or try to limit vacation rentals points to the same issue of neighbors: noisy tourists who hold loud parties, tourists who have parking places from the locals, and tourists are carefree with their garbage.

In all the years when I was in the business of renting holiday homes, I saw a few quarrels of neighbors and neighbors that dealt with code enforcement, police, and even expensive courts. Most of these questions could have been avoided with clear common sense and reflection. Find out who your neighbors are and try to communicate with them and see if they can not rent your house to tourists.

Once you start renting your house to holidaymakers, you have to commit yourself to being selectively commissioned by who you rent your house. It is important to talk to them and see if they will be "well fit" for your surroundings. Ask them what they intend to do when they rent your holiday home. For example, if you discover a potential guest, plan to rent your house to stay at a wedding party or birthday party, think about the impact on your neighbors, and if they are fine. Some of the qualities I manage are in neighborhoods that tolerate only very quiet couples, others are set to accept larger groups and neighbors are clear and understand the rules. You know the neighborhood and set up your own "House Rules" that your hiring tenants must agree to adhere to.

The biggest complaints that most neighbors live next to holiday homes is noise. Some neighbors are more "noise-sensitive" than others, and you need to know if your neighbor calls the police each time a group of tourists sit around the pool and listen to music. Give your neighbors next to your rental your phone number and ask them to call you directly if there is a noise problem. And if there is a problem, call the guests and ask them to quit. Since you rent your house to tourists, it is your duty to ensure that guests who have brought in their rents respect the local surroundings.


Setting up your house can be daunting if you have never done it before. Below is a very detailed list of basic home care items you will need to provide. This includes designs for bedding, kitchen utensils, software and household items. Your guests will look for the basic comfort that most of us are looking for in everyday life.

Enjoy the arrangement of your house for tourists – and try to find a balance between nice and economical. If you compete to attract "higher" customers add some nice touch and things you would appreciate if you were guests in your home. "You do not have to buy all the new items, but do not use junk things, or your house will look like an inappropriate garage sale.Please add some interesting artwork, wall mirrors, artificial plants and some nice nicknames – just make sure it does not go away, (1969002) Recommended bed size Lay Out (for example, if you are looking for a room or a family)

Your holiday property rentals have to be practical and "user-friendly" as well as beautiful views, and I have found the following general layout that meets the requirements of most guests: In general, do not add too many extra beds to the bedroom. the more you will be happier. & nbsp; If your house has an office or a day, it's a nice feature you can add to an office or set up an office.

Try to make the "best" master bedroom bedroom. The most beautiful bedroom is usually designed with views and features – such as a bathroom, a private deck, a French door leading into a pool or a veranda, or it can be just the largest bedroom if the property does not offer any other unique features. If your property has more than one bedroom with private bathroom and / or view than you are lucky enough to have property that can be sold with more than one main bedroom or suite … and that is a fantastic feature. Couples who travel together do not have to dive "the best bedrooms!"

About bed sizes: The layout below is designed for almost two decades when you're in this industry and listening to what the guests need. sleeping in king-size beds at home, and many couples who stay in holiday rentals insist on the king's bed. Some couples who do not have the king bed can be a "breaker" because they are convinced they will not be able to sleep in a smaller bed with his …

  • Two Bedroom House

Bedroom 1: Main Bedroom – King Size Bed

] Bedroom 2: – 2nd bedroom – queen or 2 twins (I found that 2 twins are better choices because they can be pushed together to make the king.)

  • Three-bedroom house [1 9459004]

Bedroom 1: Main bedroom – If the room is too small, use the queen.

Bedroom 2: 2nd bedroom – queen or king or 2 twins.

Bedroom 3: 3rd bedroom – 2 double bed or bed

  • Quadruple house


Bedroom 2: 2nd bedroom – queen or king

Bedroom 3: 3rd bedroom – queen or king or 2 twins.

Bedroom 4: 4th room – 2 twin beds or trundle bed


Eat your holiday to rent a kitchen with basic containers and kitchen utensils. Buy a good set of good dishes, of the highest quality, as you can afford. It does not pay in the "long run" to get the cheapest because it will not last but you do not have to buy the best. Sometimes you can find in the box a nice stainless steel set. Do not get cheap aluminum items.

  • Stoves: Ensure a basic set of 2, 4, 8 and 10 liters.
  • Skilty : 7 and 10 inches
  • Ovens: Roasting glasses: 9X13 and 8X8, pan with pan lid, 1 pizza pan.
  • Mixing bowls: 2 large: 8 – 10 liters; 2 medium: 2 – 4 liters; and 2 small: 1 – 2 liters. These can be stainless or glass. They can also be used as feed bowls.
  • Knives: Peeling, large vegetables, butcher, bread and cutter.
  • Cook Prep Items: Ball, spatula (1 medium, 1 large), mixing spoon (1 large, 1 medium), measuring spoon, rolling pin, pans, funnel and pliers.
  • Small kitchen appliances: Toaster, coffeemaker, mixer
  • Other kitchen utensils: 2 to 4 holders and tees for complete table setting, 6 towels, for urination of tea, not necessary, but nice), bread basket, aluminum foil and plastic wrap.
  • BBQ Grill: The cheapest gas grills are the best. He plans to replace them every few years.
  • Cutlery and dishes: Dinner, soups / cereal dishes, small plates (8-10 service works best for property sleeping up to 8), glasses (service for 8-10) for 10 plus mass fork ), 6 to 8 serving spoonfuls, 2 spoons, coffee cups or cups for coffee and sauces (service for 10), 2 to 3 serving dishes and dishes for hors d eeres or maybe turkey or roast . Bright colorful serving dishes are nice and also help add "pop color" to the kitchen.
  • Detergents (keep in possession for guests): Soap dishwashing, soap dishwasher, degreaser, window cleaner, cleaning cloths, 2 to 3 liter plastic buckets, mop,

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Traveling with your pet

I've always had pets in my house. We had a lot of them growing, and my kids had pets all my life. When we lost our dog a few years ago, we decided that we ended up having animals because we wanted to take advantage of being empty nurses and getting on more. We enjoyed our freedom … but today you do not have to worry about what to do with your pets when you go somewhere, whether you are for work or pleasure. Just take them with you!

So many places are now excited to accommodate you and your home baby. Hotels have dog treats on the check-in desk, small dogs and cats can be in the cabin with you when you fly. Leaving them at home is no longer your only option.

My daughter's best friend is a 40kg puppy called Koopa. The two are inseparable and I can not imagine how they should divide more than a day. Fortunately, when my daughter travels, the dog is also going. I also have a friend who refuses to go anywhere because he can not resist the thought of leaving his pets behind his back. I can not convince her that she is not obliged, but I will continue to work on it!

Hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Motel 6 welcome the pet. Some require deposit and reservation. When making your reservations, be sure to ask them about their specific requirements as each hotel is slightly different.

Here are a few elements that are essential to make sure your pet is comfortable for your trip ….

* Healthy, well ventilated

* Strap, collar and identification badges

* Enough pet food for the whole vacation and buy

* Wine and cat box

* Cosmetic Supplies

* Favorite beds and toys

* Medicines, medical records and contact information with your local vet where you will be staying

* Current photo in case your pet is lost

If your pet feels comfortable, you will be more relaxed and you can enjoy your trip more. where I have links to more information …..

Happy Travels

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A holiday trip to historic Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, a historic site on Oahu Island, offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Scroll down the page to learn more about this place that has changed the country's course in World War II and some other attractions around it.

Welcome to the most popular tourist destination Oahu Island. If you've learned about a rich American history, you'll remember this experience for a long time. Here are some interesting facts about this place and the reasons why he should visit this small piece of historic Hawaiian island.

Pearl Harbor, also called "Puo", is located on the island of Oahu, west of Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii. This place is known for the Japanese attack in 1941, when 1,177 sailors drowned in the water. The reason was born in 1931 when the Japanese began their activities and created an empire throughout Asia. After the attack on China in 1937, they moved to Thailand and the Philippines to meet their goal. Britain (United Kingdom) was against this action and began to interrupt assistance and freeze Japanese property in each country. After the United Kingdom, America has forced Japan to stop its move. In response to the United States, the Japanese began to attack aircraft and submarines. Although the Americans decrypted the attack code, they could not find the exact place before the attack. The Japanese attacked and turned the day on the black day when the Americans damaged the fleet and hunted 2350 lives, of Arizona was 1,177.

In Pearl Harbor, you could take a close look at history by visiting a memorial visitor center in Arizona. You will have the opportunity to board the naval boats to go to a memorial in Arizona where the names of all 1,177 sailors and sailors are written on the marble wall. While exploring Pearl Harbor, you can enjoy some of the interesting attractions of Oahu Island, including the Polynesian Cultural Center, the North Shore and some of the world-famous museums such as the USS Bowfin Submarine, the USS Missouri Battleship and the Pacific Aviation Museum. The charming city of Honolulu is also in the immediate vicinity of this place, where it is entertaining and entertaining for every visitor.

You do not have to worry about accommodation because numerous hotels, rentals and condos provide quality accommodation with all the modern conveniences and fun that depend on your budget. There are plenty of dining options offering fresh seafood as well as traditional Hawaiian dishes. To meet your shopping needs, you can move to Honolulu, where a number of world-class shopping destinations are waiting for you.

Undoubtedly, the journey to Pearl Harbor was a unique experience in your life, an unforgettable long period of time. To book a trip in advance, you can surf the internet where some reliable websites provide different packages of tours depending on your budget. Together with travel facilities, they provide accommodation and tourist guides to show you all the sights. You need to look for comparisons of the prices and options offered by the website. This would help you get the right Pearl Harbor tour package from the renowned tour of the company.

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