PC Muscle Exercises – 3 basic exercises for men

Performing exercises for computer muscles results in countless benefits for your sexual life, including longer time in bed, hard penis, avoidance of impotence and much more. But you can get these kind of benefits only if you do the exercises correctly and that's exactly what I will show you how to do …

There are several different types of computer muscle exercises (also known as Kegels) for men

Some of the known advantages include …

  • Easing ejaculation
  • Helping to overcome impotence
  • Helps to preserve the health of ejaculation
  • Helps to overcome impotence Prostate
  • Increase sperm volume
  • The bottom line is that PC muscles are muscles that are worth developing

    There are several ways to do this. exercise yourself, allow me to quickly explain what it is and how to find it …

    PC muscle is in the genital area in both men and women but serves lightly different features for each gender.

    But that's why you know that in this article I will focus on the benefits and characteristics of men only (sorry ladies).

    The next time you reach the bathroom while urinating, try to stop the flow of urine

    (19659002) The muscles involved in the process of ejaculation can be used to influence

    (19659002) And just as you can stop the flow of urine, you can also train this muscle to stop (if the muscle is strong enough) by pushing it tight just before ejaculation.

    But as I said, your muscles should be strong to do so, so let's do a straightforward explanation of the workouts so you can start developing this muscle …

    Exercises # 1 – "Rapid-Fire"

    may have guessed that this from computer muscle exercises is the fastest fire.

    Tighten the muscles on your computer as tightly as you can and hold it in 2 seconds again for 2 seconds

  • Rest again for 2 seconds
  • Repeat Steps 1-5
  • As you can say, it's a quick fire because you work in rapid outbursts of tension relax

    Depending on your current level of strength you may want to start with more or less repetitions and multitudes

    Exercise s # 2 – "middle man"

    This is the middle of three exercises [19659002] And it goes like this:

  • Tighten again in 10 seconds
  • Tighten again in 10 seconds
  • Tighten again for 10 seconds
  • Reinstall for 10 seconds
  • Repeat steps 1-4 to make ten 10 seconds of tightening
  • it is generally very similar to workout # 1 with the key distinction that you tighten the muscle of your computer for a longer time to develop more stamina in keeping it hard. Exercise # 3 – "Power House"

    This is a real developer of endurance and goes as follows …

    1. Tighten the muscles of the computer and hold as tight as you can while you can not hold it [196590038] Repeat steps 1-2, three times

    Important training notes

    Over three exercises you can try

    We recommend that you focus on doing a different day each day for 5 days a week. of course, it's very important, of course, to remember the basics of doing any kind of workout, including …

    • Make sure you are healthy so you can give your muscles a great opportunity
      • If everywhere hurts, then stop doing the exercise immediately
      • Make sure you do not exercise, ]

      Keep in mind

      Considering all the benefits associated with making computer exercises,

      The truth is that anyone can do some exercise for about 3 days before giving up, but only a few rarely keep it up during that time when real the benefits begin to hit, so do not forget to develop a habit of doing your muscle exercises that will hold you to life.

      And now I can tell you that the efforts are well worth it because with that your PC Muscle Exercises comes a lifetime benefit that can last as long as wa nt in bed

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    Prostate dosing – the best position to stimulate the prostate

    The act of stimulating the prostate gland so that men can reach orgasm or ejaculate is called tomatoes of tomatoes. This can be done for medical reasons or just for the pleasure and pleasure it brings. We need to understand what the first milking of the prostate is before we get on with this topic.

    Let's first talk about medical reasons, doctors use this technique to ease the pain felt by people who have a prostate disorder. They also use prostate milking when they need to get a sperm sample from paralyzed patients. They soon found that there were more benefits that could benefit from prostate milking. One of these benefits is the lower probability of getting prostate cancer.

    Doctors explain that when men are ejaculating or having a normal orgasm, not all semen is released. There are remnants of the semen left behind and provided it is in the right position; they can develop into prostate cancer. I'm not saying that these remnants are the only culprit for prostate cancer. I'm just saying that they contribute to the chance to have one.

    Let's move on to something very fun. As I mentioned earlier, another reason for prostate milking may be due to the ecstatic sensation that men give us for some couples. Although it can be considered a taboo, we can not deny the fact that it really brings a higher level of satisfaction.

    Many couples even testify that doing the case not only gives men pleasure, but it also brings great pleasure to both sides. Considering this, did you know that there are different positions in doing this? Do you know what position works for you? If you are not familiar with the various positions of milking the prostate, let me teach you some. Later you can determine what works for you. Keep in mind that there are some things you need to remember before you make any of these positions.

    First of all, breast flushing can only be done by you or your partner's help. Second, you have the freedom to use your fingers or an adult toy. Just make sure you lubricate before inserting anything. Finally, have the right hygiene when doing this because you have to touch or exert pressure on the sensitive areas. Read and enjoy.

    • PERMANENT VACATION POSITION 1: STANDARD FETAL POSITION. Do this by lying on your side and bending your knees. Place your knees as close as possible to your stomach. As you are in this position, you can easily reach your anus or perineum.

    • PLACING THE SMALL POSTS 2: LOSE ON YOUR RETURN AND USE BEDS. Put your finger or your toy before you are in this position. Also remember that you should do this slowly so as not to damage the membranes in the anus. You can also place a pad under the tiny back, so that you are comfortable in this position.

    • POSITION OF MOUSE POSITION 3: ALL FOUR. You can start by kneeling on a soft surface. You could do that on the bed or anywhere you may like it. You can experiment on this position. You can try to stretch your hands far ahead of you. You could also try and argue back for a while.

    There are still other prostate milking positions that you could try. Your imagination and creativity will be the only limitations. Keep in mind that although the pleasure is good, it is still better to be safe.

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    Miami Cheap flights and Hotel Bundles

    If you plan a flight to Miami, you can get cheap Miami flights by purchasing the Miami package. More and more passengers learn to save by taking care of the cost of their ticket, hotel accommodation and more when purchasing a flight and hotel package from one of a number of renowned travel companies offering these types of offers. You will find your choice of flights and type of flight, whether you prefer driving in economy or first class, along with five-star hostels once you hit Miami. What's more, many of these packages also include rental cars for your time in Miami that provide the best companies in the car rental market – and many will include tickets to your favorite Miami attractions and dinner meals at your hotel or other Miami restaurant. Check out some of the best Miami hotels that you might want to consider when booking your flight and hotel package.

    The Angler's Boutique Resort is growing in popularity and is consistently named as a top-class hotel in Miami. Although there are not many rooms in this popular resort, as you will see with some of the most famous in the area (there are only 49), you will find that there is no equipment in the Angler & Boutique Resort, and the service is the second-no-no. Large, warm rooms or three-story villas with spiral staircases and showers on the roof – the choice is up to you. Guests who also have the option of having dinner at the pool in the cottage offer a restaurant on site that offers Mediterranean cuisine (appropriately named, 660 Mediterranean cuisine).

    Another little known luxury hotel in Miami, which you can consider as a package of hotel packages is Betsy South Beach, formerly known as Betsy Ross. Betsy Hotel, located on Ocean Drive in Miami, is a tropical-style colonial-style hotel that is home to inviting invitation-only lounges. Forty-three elegantly decorated rooms keep Betsy intimate both in size and in the atmosphere. Sleep in luxury in a huge bed with four posters, or play the game on a huge LCD TV or take a clear view of the mighty Atlantic from the hotel window. Betsy Hotel also boasts a rooftop solarium, a spa and swimming pool, and Betsy Beach on the beach, ready to serve breakfast in the sand.

    Legendary Eden Rock Resort's Miami base has undergone a rebuilding of several million dollars, which included the addition of two new restaurants, a twenty-one story tower that features twenty-eight-two rooms and fourteen two-room apartments that are fully equipped with amenities. Look for a new spa and fitness center in Eden Rock to become a favorite among the guests. Take advantage of a wealth of unrivaled services and amenities at this Miami (FL) hotel. The hotel offers the following amenities: 24-hour room service, a lift, a hotel that has received a costly high-dollar facelift over the past years and is therefore becoming the center of Miami for conventions hosting. But the average traveler will also appreciate Fontainebleau with its rich decor, rich chandeliers and chessboard marble floors. Fontainebleau is best known for its Rat Packers in Miami, and is also home to a massive nightclub and pool lounge. Book early if you want to stay in Fontainebleau – most of its 1,504 rooms and suites have plenty of time.

    These are just some of the options that you might encounter when booking a cheap airfare to Miami and a hotel contract; there are many others. In fact, Miami has hotels for every budget – from airport hotels and discounted hotels to $ 1,000 per night facilities that cater to your every whim.

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    Загуба на усещане за пениса – Чувствителността на пениса може да бъде възстановена

    Когато кожата на пениса непрекъснато се подлага на дразнене, разтриване, триене или друго незначително, хронично нараняване, кожата реагира, като образуват по-дебел и по-трайният външен слой, за да предотвратят по-нататъшни наранявания. Докато това въздействие върху кожата е по-забележимо по ръцете и стъпалата на краката, същото се случва и с ерогенната кожа на пениса. При честата мастурбация или секс, дразнители на околната среда или само постоянното опетняване на дрехите, външният слой на пениса става десенсибилизиран, което води до загуба на усещане за пениса. Добрата новина е, че чрез използването на продукти за лична хигиена, съдържащи витамини и минерали, специфични за пениса, и след няколко прости предложения, загубата на усещане за пениса не трябва да означава края на сексуалното удоволствие


    • Стареене – При възрастта на мъжете, невронната чувствителност във всички части на тялото започва да намалява. Зрението, слуха и чувството за вкус са засегнати, като се започне още през 30-те години, а кожата на пениса не е изключение. Повечето мъже съобщават за известна степен на намаляване на чувствителността на пениса с течение на времето. Обрязване – Въпреки че някои мъже съобщават, че обрязването не засяга чувствителността им, често е обичайно обрязаните мъжки да изпитват усещане за загуба на пениса. Често се смята, че това е резултат от излагането на чувствителната кожа на глината (главата на пениса) на триене без ползата от естественото смазване, осигурено от препуциума

    • Мастурбация – Честото мастурбиране, особено сухото триене, кожата на пениса и да намали чувствителността на пениса. В допълнение, пенисът може по същество да стане прекалено свикнал да бъде стимулиран по "правилния" начин, което води до понижена реакция към други форми на стимулиране, като например при партньор

    • Слаба циркулация – циркулацията играе важна роля способността да изпитвате тактилно усещане. Например, заспиване с ръката под тялото може да доведе до временна скованост в пръстите. Тесни дрехи, затлъстяване и дори циркулиране могат да ограничат циркулацията до пениса и да причинят загуба на тактилна чувствителност.

    • Алкохолът и употребата на тютюн – алкохолът, както и химикалите в тютюна, могат да причинят поражения на нервната система и да намалят способността да се чувствате сексуално удоволствие. Мъжете, които пушат или пият редовно, са изложени на риск от загуба на усещане за пениса

    Възможно ли е да се възстанови чувствителността на пениса?

    С правилната стратегия, може да се възстанови усещането за пениса или да се формират нови нервни пътища приятна дейност за идните години. Ключът е да бъдете креативни и да се грижите за кожата на пениса с хранителни вещества, които са предназначени да поддържат здравата кожа и функциите на нервните клетки

    • Визуализиране – Сексуалната възбуда има почти толкова общо с визуалната стимулация, колкото и с допир. Вътрешно визуализиране на еротични образи, гледане на партньор или дори гледане на филми за възрастни може да допринесе за увеличаване на нервното усещане на пениса.

    • Избягвайте мастурбирането преди сексуални срещи – За мъжете, които изпитват загуба на чувствителност, се въздържат от мастурбация за известно време може да даде възможност на кожата и нервните клетки да се възстановят. Въздържане от мастурбация преди среща със сексуален партньор може да увеличи възбудата и да повиши чувствителността към пениса

    • Експериментиране с различни позиции – Промяната на натиска върху пениса чрез експериментиране с нови позиции може да създаде нови видове усещане и да увеличи чувственото удоволствие. Използване на позициите, описани в кама сутра, например, може да увеличи усещането за пениса и да увеличи сексуалното удоволствие.

    • Използване на пениса за здравето на крема – Използването на хранителна формула, съдържаща витамини и минерали за подкрепа на кожата и нервите, загуба на усещане за пениса и възстановяване на чувствителността, както и повишаване на общото здравословно състояние на пениса

    Избор на пенис здравна крема

    За да бъде ефективна, формула за здраве на пениса (като Man1 Man Oil) трябва да съдържа комбинация от витамини А, В5, С, D и Е, които работят заедно, за да поддържат кожата млада, гъвкава и възприемчива към стимулиране. Природните овлажняващи средства като масло от шейца предотвратяват сушенето и закалянето на кожата, докато аминокиселините като ацетил-L-карнитин осигуряват метаболитна подкрепа и работят за предотвратяване на стареене и клетъчно увреждане на кожата на пениса

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    How to make quality coffee at home

    Have you ever wondered how the restaurant gets to coffee so well?

    First, restaurants are in business to pamper you, so they devote much more time to perfection of good coffee. Sometimes I will remember the restaurant just because of my excellent coffee. So what are their secrets and how can you duplicate this recipe at home? You might be surprised that the French beer printing method may be a secret when it comes to this taste in the restaurant

    Most great restaurants use a press container, also known as a French printer producing an extremely rich cup of coffee.

    The coffee pot is immersed in coffee for 3-4 minutes between 195 and 205 degrees F. It produces a stronger and much richer flavor than can produce an automatic dripping machine

    The disadvantage of French printing can leave a trace of coffee sediment. But a rich flavor rather than make up a small amount of sediment at the bottom of your cup.

    So first start quality mid-cold coffee, which is what most restaurants use. I can give you some good recommendations.

    Seattle's Best Breakfast Blend, Starbucks Breakfast Blend, or Starbucks Sulawesi Coffee are 3 great choices. They are full of coffee, yet very smooth tasting. They are some of our top sellers at PerfectCoffees.com and are well suited for French brewing.

    You want coffee a little lighter than coffee. Too fine sanding causes a hot cup of coffee. If your grinding is too rough, the coffee will have a weak taste. A quality grinder is the best thing you can do to improve the taste of French coffee.

    Remove the plunger from the pressing pot and place 1 rounded spoonful of coarse ground coffee every 6 oz. water into a pot.

    Coffee is 99% water, so use pure filtered or bottled water without chlorine and other minerals that affect the taste of coffee. five minutes before you drop it. It will give you 195 to 205 degrees of water that is ideal for cooking. Now pour 195-250 ° C water over the flour coffee

    Mix the coffee to achieve full saturation of the soil, then place the plunger on the pot and leave the coffee steep for 3 to 4 minutes. push the plunger slowly onto the bottom of the pot.

    Apply whole coffee in a pot after 3 to 4 minutes of immersion. Otherwise, coffee will become stronger.

    If you have a left, you can always convert it to a clean, preheated air pot or stainless steel thermos. This keeps the coffee hot for about an hour without hurting it.

    The French method of the brewery definitely takes more time, but it gives us the result we are looking for. Café with a quality restaurant in the comfort of your home.

    Copyright © 2004 PerfectCoffees.com. All Rights Reserved

    This article may be republished "as is" (unadjusted) if copyright bio-paragraphs (source field) and copyright are included. URLs in the source field should be set as hyperlinks if they are used on a web page.

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    Drivers License Numbers – How to search for a person with a license number for drivers

    Sometimes you may have to find someone who for some reason has difficulty finding him. It is possible that they simply move without a forwarding address, but it may also be that they deliberately hide. It does not matter – difficult to find difficult to find.

    The reason you are looking for a person does not matter. You may want to look for someone to contact an old friend. But you can also look for because, for example, they owe you money or you need their help on a legal issue. Or maybe you are looking for because you are going to hire someone who has to have a clean record for driving courses.

    The reasons why you have the license number may also vary. You may have your driver's license number because he has to give you a copy to say he has given you a check money or to sign a lease or apply for a job

    Whatever you have or why you are looking for if you have a driver's license number to someone, finding them or getting information about them can be much easier, though not necessarily free.

    While looking for people when you have other details, it can often be just by typing the information in (19659002). If you check someone's records for employment, you will have to access the records of the motor vehicle registry. You can ask yourself to record a car and other related information or use a third-party service. It is also the permission of the person who leads the show you want. You can make your request in writing or personally from the DMV Cabinet or Research Station

    . On the other hand, if you are trying to find someone and you do not have permission, you will probably have to use the private detective service or a specialized third party because such records are not only posted to anyone without permission. There are exceptions to the authorization requirement, for example for use in court proceedings, but the use of a third party (whether a detective, a lawyer, etc.) is likely to cost the money.

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    Young professionals – Can you deal with the truth? 10 career tips (this one never tells you)

    Yikes! Hey students and young professionals, the prospect of work this year for entry level positions does not look so good.

    So, the tips are for students and recent degrees (all 2.5+ M of you) who are not afraid to hear the hard truth about the American job. You may not like what you are reading, but if you really want to progress and find a job that makes you happy then you have to face reality. Think of it as a paper cut – you can apply the right care now or ignore it just to wake up and find it infected. What would you do? I work with hundreds of professionals who always tell me the same: "I would like to know these tips when I started." So please do not neglect the facts. Handbook # 1: You are the most educated generation to enter the workforce, but you also think you are the least prepared. Generation NEXT (Generation NEXT, also known as Gen Y & Millenials) is the largest and most educated generation to enter the workforce in the history of the United States (over 70 years) bachelor's degree and another 40% graduate degree plan). Unfortunately, you are also seen as a professionally immature and enormous challenge in the workplace. How did this happen? A Little Historical Perspective Helps to Explain …

    Years ago, the acquisition of a degree was a privilege and was done with intent. If you were lucky enough to go to college, you know what you've been studying and what your career will be before you start. You can expect a good starting salary and a bright financial future. You can also rely on a lifetime of work and career development from one firm. A gold watch and retirement package have often been your reward for loyal years of service.

    Fast forward today: there are thousands of colleges and anyone who wants to go can enter somewhere. In this way, the degree of college does not give you "legs up", it just allows you to "step up" to the starting line of careers. Inflation exceeded initial salaries, and the average student completed a $ 17 + K debt, but without the professional experience and focus of graduates years ago. Up to 4 out of 5 college students have to go home after school because they can not afford to live alone. In short, today college is more expensive, but the return on investment has dropped significantly. TYPE # 2: The other generations of the workforce have little sympathy for your situation. You are mistaken for being lazy, straightforward and arrogant. Do not validate these beliefs by ignoring their worries instead of working to overcome them. Other generations of the workforce believe you deserve "hard love". They are disappointed with your attitude in the workplace. Generations, before you worked hard, have paid their fees to jobs they did not like and now want respect for their professional marks of battle. Many of them had to pay for school themselves and had no opportunity or time to find a career they could be excited about. The pressure to pay bills and get out alone has forced them to make their professional satisfaction on the back of the burner. So they do not appreciate that you are criticizing or challenging the work they have created. These actions contradict the way they were raised in the workplace. And while nobody expects to follow your footsteps, you have to admit that work experience is crucial to developing your own knowledge and skills. We do not run until we learn to walk, do we? So, it's time to think that your views and opinions in the workplace are not yet fully developed. Before offering advice on how to improve the situation in the workplace, take the time to look at the different generations of viewpoints of those who were before you and make an effort to understand their point of view. The best employees know how to "manage". This means that you train those who are above you to get the desired results. The first and most important rule for mentoring is: "Ask, do not say". If you want to change the point of view of a person, you need to extend your point of view by asking questions that will provide you with a more complete understanding of their position.

    Here's what you need to keep in mind: Generation NEXT is known to be compassionate and socially responsible, you are worried about the world and you care about the people around you. Why not take the generations above you into your efforts to create a better world? Share with them your ideas and enthusiasm, but respect their knowledge and time spent in trenches. Evaluate your thoughts and think carefully about how you present yourself at work. Your opinions matter, but they will only be heard if you can formulate them in a way that connects you to those you want to influence. Learn to speak in their language, and all your ears will be upon you. TYPE # 3: DO NOT travel by road, backpack or "take a year without" without first thinking about your career. Those who delay playing often pay

    As graduation is approached, many students experience career pressure and think, "I did what I expected and now I deserve to do something for myself." However, rewarding yourself without organizing the least of your career plans before you leave can cause you to start looking for a job when you get harder to return. Here are some statistics to keep in mind: Post-school post-start-up work (from start to finish) is at least two months on average. The process of finding employment, interviewing, accepting and accepting a job offer, and then starting work, takes time. It is easier to manage this process when you are close to resources (ie Career Career Center) and a network of peers who are in the job. Too often, colleges give up their home until they have fun. They return home and suddenly find themselves alone without the help of their friends and school to help them. Add potential pressure on parents on your shoulder, ask for your progress and job search can become very striking. I once had an angry father who called me to ask for my son's services because, in his own words: "My son returned from a 7-month fun trip just to find out that he has no idea what I want to do or how did I get a job. What I spent $ 80K on college education for?!?! "This relationship between father and son was tense and most of my time teaching this new college garden was spent trying to made him fight to take no responsibility for his future. Do not get stuck in this position. You have to consider the consequences of your actions

    But if this is not enough reason to focus on your career goals before you leave, think about it: choosing to play in contrast to job search sends a clear message to employers regarding your professional priorities. Here's a real story, I was talking with a successful consulting consultant in March last year looking for an intern. She had just interviewed a young woman who had graduated the previous May and preferred to take a job as a bartender because in her own words: "I did not know what I wanted to do and I was not ready for a real job." The young woman impressed the manager with the energy and his appearance, but he was interested in the young woman's inability to communicate clearly how and why she is now ready to engage in a full-time professional position. The client chose not to hire this graduate and told me: "I think I'd rather wait another two months to get a trainee from the upcoming graduation course, so I'll know that the person she's hiring has a sense of urgency work and be successful. "

    Actions speak stronger than words, so you reasonably choose what you do after graduation. The best way to enjoy your leave after college is to make sure your professional game plan is in order before you leave. And when you come back and start looking for a job, be sure to include what you learned about yourself while you are in the adventure after college and how you plan to use this knowledge in your career

    TIP # 4: More grades do not mean more money! If you are not sure what to do, LAST thing you have to do is stay in school.

    A few years ago I was meeting a group of college students. I went to the room and asked every participant what they decided to do after graduation. As I arrived at a young man who seemed so confident, he replied: "I plan to go to the law faculty, take my MBA or get a master's degree in education." Considering it was April, and the graduation season was one month, I was very surprised. So I asked him: "Why school law?" His answer was disappointed, and then defensively toned: "Because I think I would like to like him." Needless to say, six months later, he was looking for a career career. I really want to do it, nor how to find the answer. I think many college degrees are like this young man. They believe education is a sure bet. His multilateral response a few months earlier was his way to make sure that everyone is impressed while he is secretly confused about what to do next. I'm just glad he does not force himself to go to school to save the face! Returning to school without a financially stable reason to go is a risky investment. to ensure career advancement when they offer the opportunity to build a specific set of skills for a particular job / career. Do not return to school unless you are sure you will use what you learn. a company that will pay for it. Do not believe me? Then look at these facts: some studies show that ½ of the people who receive advanced grades never see the financial return on their educational investment, while another study shows that approximately 40% of all the recipients of the graduation grades end up taking jobs that they could get without their extra level. TASK 5: Do not succumb to Cinderella syndrome. The sooner you break your reliance on acceptance, praise, degrees, rewards, and other bribes, the sooner you will find personally satisfying work that is professionally rewarding.

    Many Americans, especially young, are victims of Cinderella Syndrome, the idea that a day, a surprising event, will come and fix the situation. For example, those who are seriously in debt dream of winning the lottery, get an inheritance or even marry a rich man. Others who dream of professional success imagine that the "perfect" opportunity will eventually come into their own way and will be for them. The number of people between the ages of 14 and 28 who believe they will eventually be known and successful is stunning. And why not? The reality of television and the sensory impact of marketing images tell them that they can have everything and that they are designed for greatness.

    Still, here is the real problem: "NEXT's creation is raised in connection with the use of external stimuli as a way to make them do things." Focusing on the reward for everything you do, many NEXTers are already addicted to the awards that include praise and acceptance from others, but we both know that stimulus is a good word for "bribery." And when people are forced to meet the expectations of others who use bribes, they respond by putting the least effort to achieve the goal, do not believe me? Verify the book of Alfi Konin: "Awards awarded: The Golden Star Problems, A Praise and Other Briberies," and you will quickly understand why so little effort is being spent to identify a career in school today. a piece of paper to satisfy others In fact, students are encouraged to keep their open abilities and to meet their professional interests after graduation. Unfortunately, this has poor results. Some say that today's college will have 10 jobs in the first ten years of your life – you are becoming eternal job seekers who do not benefit from mentoring or career development due to job skipping. And as a career coach, who has increased three times only in the last year, I can say that your confidence will be weakened by shaking, desperately trying to find career satisfaction, but it feels like a personal failure. Still, the worst of all is that your income potential is also suffering. Being a specialist is what gives you greater potential for profit. The better you are in a certain set of skills, the more demanding you will be. However, years of career research without any calculated thoughts to develop critical sets of skills, which can ultimately be used as strengths of professionals, lead to the "wings of all trades, master of any" person. The story begins to repeat itself, the generation itself, who wants to stop his career and find a balance in work, confuses himself and lacks the necessary experience to take control. The career crisis (the same anger, depression and anxiety felt by people in middle-career crisis but in the first career stage) is increasing among Generation NEXT

    So why more students just do not choose a career and go? Well, given the number of career choices today and the lack of guidelines to help them increase their strengths and limit their interests, Generation NEXT is unable to identify and start a satisfactory career. Imagine being brought to a supermarket and saying, "Stay here without reading the labels, choose a food but choose wisely because you have to eat every day for the next three years," and now you will get the feeling of how it is a colleague who is looking for his first job today. And let's not forget that television is a reality and immersed in emotion for immediate conquest, your generation has the greatest strain to succeed at a young age in history. No wonder why, no matter how you say it, "career" is a four-letter word of Gen NEXT

    So what's the solution? Exit and find what you are looking for, then build the plan to do it yourself. I guarantee you will get faster (and more fun to do) then your peers who choose to wait Prince Charming. Generation NEXT can start using its expertise as a professional student. It's time to get to your career as you would do math. Search for resources and do your homework. Create informational interviews and talk to people you respect professionally. Get the facts in order to be able to focus on a two-year professional development plan that involves raising the skills defined in a particular industry that excites you. You do not decide on life or death or long-term commitment, but you need to establish a smart short-term professional goal and follow it. The career path is full of spins, but avoiding the road without having at least some destination may lose you, not to mention, waste valuable time and resources. TIP # 6: Do you have a Career story? If not, then plan a longer, more stressful job search.

    Do you want to impress the recruiting managers? You should then be able to formulate your professional strengths and short-term goals within 30 seconds or less. This is called "Career History" and the more compelling it is, the better the chances of hiring. Like or not, you sell your services when you're looking for a job. So you have to consider the situation, judge yourself and then make a brief summary of what employee you are and what you want to achieve professionally in the near future. The key to the great career story is simple: be honest, be authentic, but most of all worth it! I have my clients write their Career History and share it with several professionals who respect them. Тогава те приемат обратната информация и я включат, за да могат да репетират историята и да я предадат на паметта. Не подсказвам, че тя се разкъсва като линия от една пиеса, а по-скоро се научава докъде е лесно да се изяснят и да се разговарят. Силната история на кариерата говори за твоите познания за себе си и вашето желание да бъдеш професионално успешен. Назначаващите мениджъри наемат хора, които знаят как ще добавят стойност към организацията си от първия ден. Споделете с тях как ще бъдете ценен актив и работата ще бъде ваша

    СЪВЕТ # 7: Търсенето на работа с пръскане и молитва е за хора, които желаят да се споразумеят за това, което е на разположение. Станете активни, създайте мрежа и ще получите достъп до горещите задачи, за които никой друг не знае

    Средният кандидат за работа трябва да изпрати над 100 автобиографии, за да получи дори един отговор. Автоматизирането на процеса на търсене на работа е наводнило ръководителите на наемане с толкова много хартия, те са принудени да бъдат агресивни в методите си на "изрязване". Просто типо или странно форматиране на резюмето ви може да ви приземи в "не" купчина за секунда. Раздразнително, но вярно. И ако автобиографиите ви намират в купчината "за разглеждане", знайте това: Мениджърите наемат личности, но личността на кандидата е силно намалена и често се тълкува погрешно, когато се ограничава до предаването му чрез един лист хартия. ФАКТ: 93% от комуникацията е несловесна. Това означава, че автобиографията ви само по себе си има ограничен капацитет да ви представя ефективно. Ако искате да намерите чудесна работа, трябва да се свържете "на живо" с хора, които могат да оценят вашия потенциал и да ви насочат към правилните възможности

    Как може да стане това? Създайте информационни интервюта с хора в компании и позиции, които ви интересуват. Не искате работа, а по-скоро събирате данни за това как да качвате работа като тяхна. Това е най-добрият начин за изграждане на първата ви професионална мрежа. Някои статистически данни казват, че 80% от работните места се запълват чрез препращане. Кой ще ви насочи към вас? Ако сте срамежлив или чувствате, че ще наложите на тези хора, позволете ми да променя вашата гледна точка: Кое лице не иска да отнеме няколко минути от деня си, за да обсъди как те станаха успешни? Освен това опитни професионалисти знаят колко е важно да правят връзки. Кой знае? Препращането към работа може някой ден да им помогне в собствената им кариера. Така че, направете своя кариера в отлична форма и започнете да я споделяте със света. Опитайте се да създадете възможности да се срещнете с хора, които могат да споделят своя опит и знания и с вас. И скоро ще усъвършенствате правилния начин да получите вътрешната следа за онези работни места, които никога не се публикуват, а също и за добрите! СЪВЕТ # 8: .

    Вълнението за всяка нова работа изчезва с течение на времето, но връзката с правилния мениджър може да ви държи ангажирани, оспорвани и ускорено на успех. Когато търсите работа, помислете за мениджъра. Можете ли да видите, че сте научили много от нея? Каква е тяхната кариера? Как са стигнали до позицията си и какво бихте могли да спечелите, като сте под ръководството им? Най-важното е, че виждате себе си достатъчно удобно, за да получите критична обратна връзка от тях и да споделите вашите професионални тревоги с тях? Ето още една причина да изберете работа въз основа на мениджъра. Хората често се отнасят до "офис политика" на работното място. Те са навсякъде. Естествено е средата на различни личности да има конфликти и различия в мненията. Така че офисната политика винаги ще съществува. Голяма част от успеха на работното място се свежда до това, което познавате и как работите с тези политики. Намирането на мениджър, който уважавате и които сте готови да поемете, ще ви помогне да се ориентирате в тази политика и да се издигате в една организация. ТИП # 9: Искате ли квантов скок от кариерата си? След това научете се да се справите с трите C … сега!

    Вашето поколение е защитено и насърчавано с положително подсилване през целия Ви живот от добре планирани родители, които искат да сведат до минимум излагането ви на болка, неуспех, разногласия , както и други негативни преживявания. "Всеки получава трофей" и "вие всички сте специални" мантри, които сте слушали, са били предназначени за изграждане на доверие, но този подход за отглеждане на родители има недостатъка да не ви позволява да "кожата на коленете" и да изградите способността си да се справяте с емоционалната въздействието на трите C: конфликт, критика и предизвикване на разочарование. Ето какво трябва да знаете от тази гледна точка: да постигнете успех в кариерата си и по-важното в живота си ще трябва да: A) работите в силно конфликтни ситуации, б) да получавате и интернализирате критиките, и В) да приемате, че ще разочаровай, защото просто не можеш да угодиш на всички през цялото време.

    Как се подготвяш да се справиш успешно с тях. Започнете, като се съсредоточите върху това кои сте и как искате другите да ви възприемат. Определете личните и професионалните си цели според вашите собствени условия, а не някой друг, и след това отидете след това, което искате, знайте наградата за насочване към С, че среща по пътя ще служи само да ви направи по-силни. Време е да развиете критичните си умения в тези области. Помолете всеки успешен професионалист как се стигне там, където са днес, и те ще потвърдят, че изграждането на устойчивостта ви срещу 3C е ключът

    ТИП # 10: Приемайте уравнението, използвано от най-професионално доволните хора в

    Работил съм със стотици хора, които са професионално успешни, но лично нещастни. Всъщност, аз бях самият аз. Затова питам всеки, който познава подобно нещо, да обмисли следното: "Наистина ли може да го наречете успех на кариерата, ако ви струва щастлив живот?" Бързо осъзнах, че в нашата професионална логика има нещо неправилно. Така че проучих ситуацията и научих, че никоя друга култура в света не поставя толкова голямо внимание на кариерата като определящ елемент на тяхната лична стойност, отколкото в Америка. Основаваме много важни решения за живота на нашата способност да отговорим на въпроса "Какво правиш?" За по-добро или по-лошо, ние сме едно общество, което разграничава индивидите и определя колко уважение ще дадем на човек, въз основа на това, което правят за работа. И все пак ви предизвиквам да се запитате следващия път, когато се срещнете с някой, който изглежда професионално успешен: "Но дали те са успели в живота?"

    Така че, как намирате удовлетворението от кариерата и успешния живот? Прегръщате и преследвате кариерата си, като използвате следното уравнение като основа на това, което правите: ОПИТ = УЧЕНИЕ = GROW . Удовлетворението идва от растежа. Растежът възниква, когато се учим. Обучението идва от преживявания. Намерете неща, които ви позволяват да се "загубите в момента" на преживяването и ще намерите работа, която не се чувства като работа. Хората, които обичат това, което правят, ще ви кажат, че се събуждат всеки ден и очакват да "преживеят" това, което кариерата им предлага. Проактивно потърсете възможности да се научите на работа и ще достигнете нови нива на успех и удовлетворение. Бъдете благодарни за възможността да работите, да станете творчески във вашите начини да се ангажирате с нея и най-вече да се развълнувате от способността си да разширявате знанията си чрез опит и кариерата, която удовлетворява, ще бъде ваша

    Source by JT O’Donnell

    How to calculate the ideal shoulder size – everything starts with your height

    If you imagine the idea of ​​the body and the size of the body, you probably had an image of broad shoulders and narrow waist (or at least you should have this image in your head). But what you may not be concentrating on is the exact size of your shoulder compared to your waist.

    To calculate the ideal size of your shoulders, you first need to know your ideal waist size. BUT, to find out your ideal waist size, you have to start with your height. The calculation is from the height to the waist to your shoulders.

    Your ideal waist size will be between 45% -47% of your height. In other words, if you are 70 centimeters high, you are ideal waist is between 31.5 – 33 inches

    This calculation is based on bone structure and low fat. Once you have determined your ideal waist, the next calculation is your shoulders.

    Based on all samples and physical attraction studies, we know that the ideal waist to shoulder ratio is the ratio of 1: 1,618. Returning to our example of a height of 70 inches and 31.5 – 33 inch waist, your idea of ​​the shoulder circumference will be 1.618 times greater than your waist or 51 – 53 inches

    . the waist is in its ideal range. In other words, placing the waist, which is 50% of your height and shoulder, which are 1,618 times larger than this, will not result in the proportions you are looking for. In fact, it will be very difficult to make your shoulders to such an extent that you can make up for most of your waist. This will also lead to a shorter look that is not ideal. Your best proportional body shape should start with your height, otherwise there is no way to determine what waist size and shoulder size are too thoughtful and too thin

    Follow this measurement model, starting with your height -> ideal waist – -> ideal shoulders and you are on the way to building your best proportional body.

    Source by John Barban

    Suspension parts: Know your vehicle

    Imagine traveling in your car and encountering a great destroyer in the middle of the route you have to go through. You feel uncomfortable because you are aware that your vehicle has a poor suspension system. However, if you have installed effective suspension parts, there was no need to worry about collisions or other similar obstacles. The parts of the suspension can help you easily cross the obstacles along the way.

    Let's check the different parts of the suspension

    Control arm: This is also known as a carrier. The shape of this part of the suspension is almost triangular. It looks like "A," so it's sometimes called "A". On one side, it is attached to the steering wheel with a spherical joint and the other side is attached to the shoulder with a bush.

    Bush: A small but important part of the suspension system. The sleeve is mostly made of synthetic rubber to separate its two metal parts. This synthetic tire helps the metal parts co-ordinate smoothly. It also helps hanging parts move freely when driving with a big boom, for example. There are also polyurethane shrubs on the market that are more durable.

    Spherical bolt: Spherical bearing is a spherical bearing. It is usually used to connect the steering bolts and control arms. It is a very important part between the steering and suspension and is responsible for safe operation. The difference between these and standard spherical bolts is that no lubricants are required for sealed spherical bolts as they are already lubricated while standard spherical spheres normally require normal lubrication but they can cause loss of control Sway Bar: ] Rolling rails are also known as stabilizers. In the vehicle suspension system a lever beam is used to reduce the lungs caused by uneven road surfaces. It also helps the vehicle to "grab" on the road so that the driver can drive the vehicle well, even when cornering or in bad road conditions Idler Arms & Pitman Arms: Raising the shoulders and the pitman depends on the steering wheel support. A shoulder is mounted on the opposite side of the pitman arm of the central link. Helps to keep the center link at a suitable height by securing the other end to the vehicle frame. Pitman's shoulder helps to steer the wheel because one of its ends is attached to the steering wheel.

    Here are just some of the parts of the auto-suspension. The suspension system has many more large and small parts. Adjustable bushings, center joints, sliding joints, strut struts, pole joints, connecting edges, wheel hubs and the like are also components of automatic suspension. Without understanding these parts, you can not fully understand your suspension system.

    Source by Mark A Waltzer

    Top 9 Teeth Whitening Myths Busted and Frequently Asked Questions

    Myth 1 – Tooth whitening destroys tooth enamel

    Basically it's not true! Professional suppliers of tooth whitening products mainly use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as active ingredients in teeth whitening gels. Chemical hydrogen peroxide (HA) is a bleaching agent that converts to water (HO) and releases an oxygen molecule (O) in the chemical reaction process.

    Oxygen particles penetrate the rough surface of your tooth (though they look smooth, they are microscopically coarse, rodlike like crystal structures) and decaying particles of coloration. I love to explain this by presenting TV ads that show how an oxygen scrub dust removes stains from your clothes

    "Bleach" hydrogen peroxide is not the same as home-made bleach containing ammonia or other low-acid, acidic teeth whitening and can be swallowed within limits. In fact, our own bodies produce hydrogen peroxide naturally!

    Acid products can remove enamel from your teeth. Look for tooth whitening products using hydrogen peroxide that is pH-balanced, which means they do not have low levels of acidity. By setting the acidity in perspective, you should be aware that daily orange juice is shown in laboratory tests to soften (and potentially erode) tooth enamel many times more than a professional hydrogen peroxide-based teeth whitening gel if used properly

    Myth 2 – teeth whitening is not safe

    Not true! Cosmetic Teeth Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide has been used for over 100 years. Most recognized dental organizations around the world support tooth whitening as a safe practice when simple safety steps are followed. Any professional supplier of tooth whitening products will include adequate instructions for safe use of their product

    Tooth whitening safety usually focuses on 2 main issues: Exposure to gums to the gums and soft tissues of the mouth or lips; the sensitivity of the teeth. Both can be minimized by using professional products and minimizing the time the white gel is exposed to gums or teeth

    As with any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks. Fortunately with professional teeth whitening, all the side effects that are observed are temporary and non-permanent. As with most cosmetic procedures, you may have to have some discomfort to make it look better. Sometimes I call this "Pain of Pain"

    Myth 3 – All whitening gel is the same

    Not true! The two main professional options for gel include carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Both produce the same active ingredient hydrogen peroxide, but urea peroxide acts SLOWER on the teeth and is recommended for use only with a light-accelerator (I will talk about it later) or for night-time purposes. Concentrations of urea peroxide contain approximately 1/3 of the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. By way of example, 35% urea peroxide is approximately equal to 12% hydrogen peroxide.

    As hydrogen peroxide is an unstable chemical that reacts immediately, it is more expensive to manufacture. Many traders offer only products based on urea peroxide. Stabilized hydrogen peroxide, although the most difficult and expensive to manufacture, reacts immediately on contact with teeth and is best suited for the treatment of long-lasting teeth bleaching without accelerator light

    Myth 4 – Tooth whitening accelerators do not work [19659002] It's not true! Except in some cases. There are companies selling only household bleaching kits for home and some dentists who say that LEDs and other gas lamps are just tricks and do not work

    There are many studies that show that using professional accelerator light actually accelerates oxidation (oxygen release and chemical bleaching reaction) of the tooth whitening gel. This is especially true with bleaching gels containing urea peroxide, which react much more slowly chemically

    Ask yourself how many dentists and cosmetic dentists offer "in the office", "front", "instant bleaching" treatment? Many of them! Now why would they offer this treatment if the accelerator lamp does not work? From my own professional experience, there is no doubt that the Blue LED Accelerator professional lamps allow for faster teeth whitening using a carbide peroxide gel. In our own studies and observations, which work with thousands of customers and compare the results with the same gel over the same time period with and without the LED acceleration lamp, we are sure that there is noticeable improvement in light under these conditions.

    But not all light accelerators are the same. Some dentists use older technology lamps such as Plasma, UV and other technologies. These technologies work in a light spectrum known to cause heating or burning of the skin tissue and heating the surface of the tooth to release the oxygen in the gel, unfortunately this could mean UV damage to the mouth, gums and lips. There are also mini handheld LED lights that you often see in TV commercials – these are just toys and do not have enough power to have any effect

    Another case where the accelerator light does not work is if the supplier uses it to hold the gel against the teeth, and this tray is colored, is a Silicon Impression tab or a pre-filled foam tray. These types of chucks do not allow light to pass through them and result in no bleeding effects

    Modern professional tooth whitening lamps use light blue LED light at a certain frequency that excites the release of oxygen from the chemical and accelerates the teeth whitening process. They are often called "Cool LEDs" or "cold" light accelerators, as they do not heat the teeth or surrounding tissues. As a result, they are completely safe and the technology is FDA Apparoved.

    Myth 5 – You have to go to the dentist to get professional results for bleaching

    Not true! Today you can buy professional teeth whitening products in Australia that you can use at home or as a service with professional accelerator light and help, not just the dentist

    Dentists have the right to use a lot of teeth bleaching gels above 16% hydrogen peroxide and up to 35% hydrogen peroxide. With these strong sides of the whitening gel, the real risks are the sensitivity of the teeth and the gum injuries. Therefore, dentists use a special barrier for chewing gum, which they apply to your gums before applying strong gels. Usually, the dentist will get better results for bleaching at the same time as non-medication treatment, but there are costs that need to be considered, both financially and with increased teeth sensitivity, when using stronger treatments only for dentists

    years the dentist had a teeth whitening cosmetic product monopolized because the professional teeth whitening technology was too expensive for everyone else. Today, the price and availability of professional tooth whitening products means you have a lot more opportunities and opportunities.

    Myth 6 – Tooth whitening from countries other than the United States, Australia or the UK is dangerous

    Not true! Above all, in this modern world, you may not even know, but the products that look like a good American or Australian brand are probably made in China. This is true for all types of products and technologies worldwide due to the simple economy.

    There are many brands of teeth whitening products on the market. You do not have to worry when they were made because it DOES NOT HAPPEN. The active chemical, hydrogen peroxide is the same throughout the world. Since hydrogen peroxide is also used as a disinfectant, bacteria can not live in this chemical and will always be safe (ie free from germs and bacteria) to put the gel with hydrogen peroxide in your mouth, regardless of where it comes from or how

    If the hydrogen peroxide gel passes its use by date or chemically leaked, you will immediately find out why the gel converts a milky white color that indicates it has already been oxidized and will no longer be effective in bleaching

    Myth 7 – To get the best results for bleach Anne, you need a custom tray teeth

    Not true! While dentists offer special mouthwashes that cost a lot of money, there are also many home bleaching kits that provide heat-resistant mouth protectors that will also work evenly. Fully customizable trays may be a little more comfortable to wear, but they should be because in general dentist teeth whitening teeth sets require you to have a tray in your mouth for long periods of time, There are other products that do not need a dentist who require only short-term use, so no matter how less comfortable for the mouth.

    Another problem with mouth shaping is that the gap between the teeth and the surface of the protector is so small that only the thinnest layer of whitening gel can be placed between them. The problem is less chemical = less bleaching result, so you should more often use mouth and gel protection for longer periods of time to get a good result

    Myth 8 – All teeth are the same. to be like a "Hollywood smile"

    Unfortunately, some people have unrealistic expectations and can be disappointed with the results of teeth whitening. This is not because professional teeth whitening products do not work because they always work to a certain extent. This is because they fail to understand that each person's teeth are unique in the mineral composition, which means that tooth whitening will result in a different result for every person. If your teeth are more yellow than someone else, your results will not be as white, no matter which product you use, how many times you try to whiten your teeth, or what is the strength of the gel. Some people have a deep coloring of antibiotics, tetracycline, etc., which can not be easily removed and can never be completely eliminated. Also, there are people with genetic gray or blue torn teeth for which hydrogen peroxide bleaching does not work, as well as yellow or brown shades

    People see Hollywood stars on TV and movies and believe they can kill their teeth to look like movie stars. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Chemical whitening of teeth has its limits of effectiveness and will not lead to pure white color (for most people) you see on movie stars. Does that mean movie stars are only genetically happy? No, it means that movie stars have often paid thousands of dollars for porcelain ovens to make their teeth clean and white. Of course, you also have this opportunity if you have the money, but the bleaching of teeth with hydrogen peroxide usually makes a noticeable difference in whiteness and brightness of natural teeth, at a much lower price than veneers

    Myth 9 – If I have caps, crowns, veneers, or dentures so as not to get rid of your teeth

    Not true! While hydrogen peroxide only bleaches natural teeth, it cleans all surfaces, including artificial surfaces of caps, crowns, veneers and dentures. Some dentists say that hydrogen peroxide can weaken the bond of some of these artificial substances or attack the metal components, but you should consult your dentist for your specific case before bleaching your natural teeth if you are concerned

    to whiten your natural teeth FIRST if you want to get caps, crowns and so on. This is because the dentist can combine the color of the artificial substance with your already white natural teeth, thus achieving a whiter smile.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Tooth Whitening:

    The problem here is that there is not enough strong chemical concentration and it's not focused on your teeth long enough to make any noticeable difference in the whiteness of your teeth. The only real "whiteness," if you can call it, which is made of toothpaste, is actually the abrasive action of the toothbrush or paste against the tooth enamel. This scratching takes away the tooth enamel and also removes large pieces of coloring material on the surface of the tooth, but not the small particles of coloration that make the teeth yellower. This is the same thing with "Tooth Cleaning", which only acts as a fine sandpaper to remove tooth enamel while it is washed and will cause increased teeth sensitivity during prolonged use of tooth enamel teeth

    . significant damage caused to tooth enamel by smoothing the teeth over time, in equilibrium this is better than the effects of dentifrice

    Do not be fooled by these expensive "whitening toothpastes" – they do not make a noticeable difference the whiteness of your teeth abrasively remove the enamel from your teeth and better spend your money for something that does not work

    Which is suitable for teeth whitening

    Usually recommended rules to define people who are suitable for teeth whitening are

    • More than 16 years (due to the potential development of teeth before this age may require parental consent)
    • Not pregnant or nursing (this is an additional safety measure to protect babies from being able to absorb enough hydrogen Peroxide from normal tooth whitening to harm your baby)
    • There are no known allergies to hydrogen peroxide. If you have ever developed skin irritation when bleaching your hair with hydrogen peroxide, you may be allergic. But if you do not know you are allergic, it will become apparent during the first few minutes of the teeth whitening treatment, and you can simply stop the treatment. All side effects, no matter how awkward they will disappear after a few days without permanent disability.

    Besides these conditions, tooth whitening is not recommended for people with diagnostic illness, cavities, leaking seals, recent oral surgery, or other dental conditions. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you visit your dentist before using a professional tooth whitening product

    People with gray or blue color of their natural teeth can not benefit so much from tooth whitening using hydrogen peroxide. Yellow or Brownish Tint

    If you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, any hydrogen peroxide whitening on the chewing gum will be painful and may cause some bleeding from the gum line. As a result, I do not recommend teeth whitening until these problems are controlled by your dentist. Interestingly, reports show that hydrogen peroxide can kill bacteria that cause gingivitis, thus preventing further damage. What are the dental bleaching risks? However, some of the potential complications of these treatments include: Bleaching: The bleaching gel that comes into contact with chewing gum tissues during treatment may cause inflammation and / or bleaching or whitening of gums, gum line or internal lips. This is due to the unintentional exposure of small parts of these tissues to the bleaching gel. The inflammation and / or bleaching of the gums is transient, which means it does not last, and any change in the color of the gum tissues will change within two hours, usually within 10-30 minutes. Persons with a history of mouth ulcers may develop temporary mouth ulcers that usually disappear within a few days of treatment. Although it is more common in the treatment of dentists using very strong whitening gels, some people may experience some sensitivity of the teeth for a period after bleaching treatment. Хората със съществуваща чувствителност, наскоро напукани зъби, микро пукнатини, отворени кухини, изтичащи пломби или други стоматологични състояния, които причиняват чувствителност, могат да установят, че тези състояния увеличават или удължават чувствителността на зъбите след козметично избелване на зъбите

    ИЛИ СТЪКЛО: Някои хора могат да развият бели петна или ивици на зъбите поради калциевите отлагания, които естествено се срещат в зъбите. Обикновено те намаляват в рамките на 24 часа След козметично избелване на зъбите е естествено цветът на зъбите да се понижи до известна степен с течение на времето. Това е естествено и трябва да бъде много постепенно, но може да бъде ускорено чрез излагане на вашите зъби на различни оцветяващи агенти като кафе, чай, тютюн, червено вино и др. Не трябва да ядете или пиете нищо освен вода през първите 60 минути след избелване на зъбите и избягване на оцветяване на зъбите в продължение на 24 часа след това (консумирайте и пийте бели или прозрачни храни по това време). Резултатите от избелването на зъб на базата на водороден пероксид не са предназначени да бъдат постоянни и могат да продължат до 2 години при използване на професионално лечение. За да постигнете или поддържате цвета, който желаете за вашите зъби, може да са необходими вторични, повтарящи се или докосващи лечения

    Как да постигна най-доброто избелване на зъби

    Преди да отговоря на този въпрос, трябва да мислите за резултатите от избелването на зъбите от едно лечение, като компромис срещу потенциалните странични ефекти на едно лечение. Най-добрият отговор е балансът! Балансирайте потенциалните резултати с потенциалния риск от странични ефекти. Най-високите концентрации на водороден пероксид дават най-добри резултати в най-кратки срокове, но също така имат най-високи потенциални странични ефекти. Моята препоръка е по средата на пътя – не е най-силната и не е най-слабата, за да постигнете равновесие на резултатите и риска.

    Преди да предприемете професионално лечение за избелване на зъбите, зъбите ви трябва да се почистват професионално. Най-малко в зоната на усмивка, която е горната и долната 8-10 предни зъба. ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА, зъбите са непрозрачни, така че почистването на гърба на зъбите е много важно за цялостните резултати за избелване, които ще постигнете. Почистването на зъбите ще премахне всички излишни материали, залепени отвън на зъбите ви и ще позволи на водородния пероксид да работи най-добре при избелване на естествените ви зъби равномерно.

    Използвайте професионален гел за избелване на зъбите. Много аптеки, телевизионни реклами и интернет компании насърчават продукти за избелване на зъбите, които използват 3% или 6% концентрация на водороден пероксид. Те просто не работят добре при избелване на зъбите и всеки ефект, който те отнема много време, за да се постигне. Сравнителната разлика в разходите не е толкова голяма между тези продукти от нисък клас и продукти с професионална сила, но изискваното време и усилие е. Препоръчвам 12% водороден пероксид, ако е наличен във вашия район, освен ако не използвате избелващо лечение с професионална акселераторна светлина, която може да използва 35% карбамид пероксид. Разбира се, зъботехническите тренировки за избелване на зъбите обикновено използват гел много по-силен от 12%, но внимавайте за потенциалните странични ефекти

    Не забравяйте, че ако зъбите ви не са толкова бели, колкото бихте искали след първото лечение, винаги може да Ви позволи известно време да наблюдавате венците и зъбите за всички странични ефекти, след което да предприемете допълнително лечение (а). При условие, че продуктът, който използвате, не е прекалено скъп, това е най-добрият и най-безопасен начин за постигане на оптимални резултати от избелването на зъбите

    Колко време издържа избелването на зъбите

    (19659002) Ако сте пушач или редовно пиете червено вино или редовно използвате други силно оцветени вещества, по-белите ви зъби ще се оцветят отново по-бързо

    няма абсолютен отговор на този въпрос, но като цяло, ако използвате професионален продукт за избелване на зъбите за пълното лечение, както е препоръчано, мо е да сте в състояние да запазите белите зъби до 2 години, ако сте наясно какво ядете и пиете (19659002) Повечето хора не са светци и водят живот, където се наслаждават на червено вино или къри и т.н. Това е добре, но ако искате да запазите по-белите си зъби, трябва да ги изчеткате 60 минути след това сте употребили храната или d пързалка. Изследванията показват, че не трябва да бъркате веднага след хранене, защото киселината, образувана в устата ви, когато ядеш, прави зъбния емайл по-мек и абразивно измиване на зъбите през този период може да бъде вредно

    Също така препоръчвам употребата на зъби за избелване на зъбите. Те прилагат тънък слой водороден пероксид към зъбите по всяко време или на място и ще изберат всяко оцветяване близо до повърхността на зъба (ако концентрацията е достатъчно силна). Избелващата писалка активна съставка работи само за 30 до 60 секунди върху зъбите, тъй като слюнката я измива, така че изберете избелваща писалка, която използва водороден пероксид (не карабамид) и е професионален гел за здравина. Избелващите писалки обикновено не са подходящи за премахване на по-дълбоките петна. Имам проблеми с чувствителността на зъбите, може ли още да избел зъби? Може да използвате десенсибилизираща паста за зъби за около 1 месец преди избелване на зъбите и ако чувствителността е намалена, можете да използвате всеки продукт. Но имайте предвид, че чувствителността ви вероятно ще се увеличи отново по време на или след лечението, затова предлагам избирането на средно силен избелващ гел, където можете бързо да го премахнете, ако дискомфортът стане непоносим

    Другият вариант е белият избелващ гел. Това ще работи за по-дълъг период от време, но понякога също така повишава чувствителността, тъй като времето, необходимо на зъбите за постигане на добър резултат, вероятно е най-добрият вариант по мое мнение. най-малко 12% концентрация на водороден пероксид. Тъй като можете да нарисувате гела върху специфични зъби и тъй като гелът се измива от слюнката за по-малко от минута, това може да доведе до най-добри резултати, с най-малко дискомфорт

    Какво трябва да направя веднага след бяло моите зъби

    • Изплакнете гела от зъбите и устата си без да поглъщате.
    • Измийте зъбите си в рамките на 60 минути, като използвате паста за зъби, съдържаща флуорид, за да уплътните зъбите
    • Не яжте и не пиете оцветени храни или пушете най-малко 60 минути
    • Ако имате чувствителност към зъбите, използвайте десенсибилизираща паста за зъби
    • Ако имате мравучкане в венците си, закупете от аптеката препарат, предназначен да успокоява венците. Това ще ви помогне да предотвратите формирането на язви в устата (ако сте предразположени) и да намалите дискомфорта и продължителността на всяко потенциално дразнене на дъвка.

    Простото правило за най-доброто избелване на зъби

    Концентрация на водорода Пероксид (Съпротивление) + Време на зъбите (Време) = Резултати (Ефективност)

    Когато факторинг във Времето, трябва да разгледате и последствията от времето:

    • Повече усилия, което означава, че може да не завършите пълното лечение
    • Повече неудобство
    • Стига достатъчно активна съставка, която да реагира химически през този период от време. Тоест оставянето на избелващ гел върху вашите зъби в продължение на 24 последователни часа няма да помогне, защото водородният пероксид нормално напълно реагира и прекара в рамките на 20 минути.
    • По-продължително излагане на венците на венците. Триенето на предпазителя на уста често може да предизвика дразнене на дъвка
    • По-продължително излагане на избелващия гел на венците. (19659073) Не забравяйте, че има граници на белотата, постижими с естествени зъби, и те ще варират според генетиката на вашите зъби, начина ви на живот и състоянието на вашите зъби по време на избелването

    Повече информация и Избелване на зъби на продуктите могат да се изтеглят чрез изтегляне на целия доклад

    Source by Gavin J Harrison