Carless Holidays – A popular destination in the United States

The United States is a driver's paradise. You need a car to get almost anywhere. For those interested in a journey without fuel costs (not to mention the danger on the road), however, there are several holiday destinations with easy access without a cumbersome car.

New York City and Northeast Corridor New York's public transport system is unmatched in the United States. Once within reach of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (which includes all nearby airports and bus stations), you are literally by subway, bus or ferry away from city hotels, hotels and all the attractions that make NYC so special. Park your car in New Jersey or arrive at one of the airports and miss your escape.

If your thing is Amtrak, the only Acela high-speed train, America will take you from Boston to Washington, DC relatively easily. All major cities along the Northeast Corridor have comparable transport systems that in many cases stretch to and many times beyond the city limits. As a bonus, many Amtrak stations are located directly in the central areas of major cities.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City

In Las Vegas, taxis are plentiful, but the real pleasure is the possibility to walk from resort to resort (sometimes through an indoor walkway or tram) and many attractions are located inside. away from the desert fever. Las Vegas has many parking spaces, most in close proximity to resorts – especially along the lane and downtown Las Vegas. Once you park, you don't have to visit your car often if you plan to stay inside the city. The airport is very close to the lane – a quick taxi ride to get to your destination.

On the east coast, most resorts in Atlantic City are located along the extremely pedestrian Boardwalk (the world's first Oceanside Mall). Although cabs in Atlantic City are expensive and rich, Atlantic City Jitney and various casino-owned buses mean you rarely have to enter the cab. Also, the resorts are much closer to each other than in Las Vegas, so walking from one to another requires far less excursion.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland

Disney went out of his way to make all the cars but useless, thanks to its 47 square kilometer holiday paradise in Florida. The 14-kilometer monorail and the endless parade of Disney-owned buses mean that anyone (even those with mobility requirements) can easily reach anywhere in the resort. Airport transfers can also be free of charge if you order a package. Best of all, Disney Transport is free for all guests!

Disneyland Resort is considerably smaller in California, but with walking distance between resorts and most attractions, it is a place where a car is completely dug. However, Disneyland Resort has its own set of Disney transportation options.

Niagara Falls

Most attractions in Niagara Falls are located in a small section around the three largest waterfalls in North America, located between the United States and Canada. If you are visiting the summer, there are many wheelchairs that take visitors throughout the fall area and beyond. Even when visiting winter, most major attractions and hotels are so close together than walking is almost always an option. Just pack up – the winters along the Niagara River are very cold.

Mackinac Island

Not only is Mackinac a great place for a vacation without a car, cars are actually illegal anywhere on the island. Except for a few limited emergency vehicles, all transport is on foot, by bike or by horse-drawn carriage. It is a beautiful, picturesque place that almost looks frozen in history. The only drawback is the remote location of the island of Mackinac. If you can get to northern Michigan and get to the island, be prepared for the perfect car-free experience.

Key West

Tiny Key West has its own airport and public bus system. Flights to Key West (usually connecting from a nearby big city such as Miami) are available throughout the country. Key West's “Old Town” is the main tourist area and virtually everything in this neighborhood is within walking distance. If you're lucky enough to get a hotel or guesthouse in the Old Town, you probably don't even need to take the bus. The "New Town" is a few kilometers away and may require access to private traffic, but don't worry! Renting scooters is a very popular and great way to pass this small island. However, exploring the other Florida Keys will require a tour or private car, so you are essentially stuck in Key West until the end of your vacation.

Source by Dirk Vanderwilt