Top 5 tourist attractions in San Francisco

If you are traveling to San Francisco, you can be overwhelmed with all the sights you can visit and visit the museums. If you want to narrow your list to the top 5, here are some suggestions.

1) Alcatraz: This famous federal prison has been the subject of several films and is a must-see landmark. There are several companies that offer excursions daily. Tours include videos, prison history, and some of its most dangerous residents. You will also learn more about some of the courageous escapes of prisoners.

2) The Golden Gate Bridge: When it was built in 1930, it was the longest bridge in the world; today it is the ninth longest. It is 200 feet above the water and 1.7 miles long. The visit to San Francisco is not complete without at least touching the famous bridge.

3) Chinatown: San Francisco has the largest Chinese community on the west coast and the second largest in the US (New York is # 1). It is best to come in the middle of the day when all the shops are open and people turn around. After dark it becomes quiet and the shops are closed. Stroll down the streets, buy souvenirs or take a festival. There are also many guided excursions.

4) The Exploratorium: This science museum is sure to be a favorite for the whole family. Book at least four hours of your time to explore everything you need to see. You will learn new scientific principles that you have never known.

5) Golden Gate Park: This is the largest park in the city and is home to two prime museums: the Museum of Young Arts and the California Academy of Sciences. You can also tour the Japanese tea garden or the colorful greenhouse. There are hiking tours for those who want a pleasant walk around the area.

San Francisco is a bustling city offering modern temptations as well as rich historical culture. Be sure to ask your travel agent if any of the attractions above is available as an all inclusive package. You can also search online and buy tickets; just make sure you buy from a reputable company. If you visit museums or parks, check online or with the travel agent for hours of work. You do not want to be disappointed if you go to a museum and find it closed. Do not forget your camera; there are many sites to shoot at.

Source by Vivian J Wu