One crazy day on the coral island of Pattaya, Thailand

A speedboat without upholstered seats, 4 frightened passengers, and possible kidnapping!

After our motorcycle trip from Centera Grand Resort to Bali Hai Pier, I was looking forward to the relaxing Ferry trip to Coral Island. We had a bottle of vodka, orange juice and everything needed for a relaxing trip. As my friend Drew and I drove along the quay to the ferry, a man approached and offered a boat boat for a tour of a 600-lap tour totaling "$ 20.00". There would be no time for relaxation while drinking vodka on a ferry, we decided instead to take the charter boat.

As we were led to the charter boat, I noticed that the boat had definitely seen her better days! About 8 additional passengers also headed for Coral Island. We were sitting in the front of the speedboat and we got very old life jackets. I noticed some of the passengers giggling and chatting with the captain, which I assumed was because of the hot pink life jackets we were given. Since we started our journey to the island, it quickly became beautiful, it would not be a relaxing trip. The ocean was cracked, the captain was moving full throttle, and our seats were wooden, with absolutely no backing. After I dropped air from one of the waves and slammed my tail into the seat and sat in front of my shoulder, I quickly realized that I had to keep the bottle of vodka and be very careful not to break. After 20 minutes of pulling my ass over the rough seas and keeping the bottle of expensive life, I thought we had reached our destination. We pulled up to a very large boat and quickly began to jerk. The captain had trouble securing the lines, causing the two boats to jump into each other. After several intense moments, the captain managed to protect the lines. He quickly hurried away from the rest of the passengers, dangerously from the back of the boat, to the bigger boat. Assuming this is our destination, we went to the back of our boat to get on board the bigger boat. We approached the last two remaining passengers, but the captain began shouting and waving everyone back and looked angry. Without giving any explanation, the captain shot the engines to the ocean. I only grew tighter when I looked at the local Thai ladies and noticed they were concerned about the expression on their face. As we head toward the ocean, I look at Drew and try to talk. Drew was getting more concerned about the minutes and basically neglected my attempt to talk. As I am more concerned, the boat suddenly leaves the banks and hundreds of boats and other passengers are looking around. We were safe, we were not kidnapped, and we would finally open the bottle.

Finally a bottle and relaxation!

On leaving the speedboat and walking to the beach, we were met by a woman who took us to some lawn chairs. The chairs were placed under large tents all the way to the beach. The cost of a lawn chair is 100 baht each "$ 3.00" and it comes with a small table. There were grocery stores and souvenirs, including various shops offering various activities. At this point, our only concern was to add more alcohol to our system. We sat down and made several shots, bought a chicken barbecue and reluctantly agreed with my first and last manicure. I'm not a big fan of the people who touch my legs, and the lady who accidentally cuts a chuck on her little finger with scissors did not help the situation. Besides pulling a hammer out of his little pull, which Drew found humor, Coral Island was a great escape from Pattaya's madness. We relaxed, ate food, went swimming and drove some motorbikes across the island.

When the appointed time came and went to get our speedboat, we wondered if we were left on the island. After an hour from our time of departure and without seeing the other two passengers, I decided to relax in a dining chair and watch Drew squirtle on the beach. It was about 90 minutes past the departure time when the charter boat finally arrived.

Perfect collapse to complete the perfect day!

After a fun and relaxing day on Coral Island, we went back to Pattaya's madness. We arrived at Bali Hai Pier and took off the speedboat with only 200 baits between us. We were halfway to our hotel and every 20 baht short for individual motorcycle taxis. We decided to put our money together and take a motorcycle for 200 baht. Based on the events of the days, I had to know that this will not end smoothly, but sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

Source by Phillip Whitehair