Six amazing places to book your skiing in Zermatt!

The beautiful and majestic Swiss Alps are the place where you will discover the amazing skiing landscape of Zermatt. The adventures and opportunities that the expert and beginners expect during the winter months are unlimited. Here we have a list of six of the best places in Zermatt to plan your skiing trip around:

Arosa: This is in the east of Switzerland and is popular during the summer months and winter months. It is complete and rich in history and tradition, creating an experience you will never forget. Best for a long stay, so you can take over everything and more than 50 miles of terrain that is perfect for a full skiing adventure in Zermatt. The clean air and the majestic slope give the experienced skiers a challenge and for the lovers of nature the relative isolation is superb.

Gstaad / Saanenland: This is the ski resort that will provide you with experience without extraordinary difficulty. Here are the courses that are best suited for beginners and intermediate skiers. The slopes are not as wild as some of the other slopes, but it is expensive skiing in Zermatt which can make it impossible for families.

Murren: If you are looking for picturesque skiing in Zermatt, this is where you can book your reservation. Sitting in the Lauterbrunnen valley, high on a rock that is 5,400 feet up, you will reach the Gondola lift only. Walking routes and sleds are one of the best in Switzerland.

Klosters: Home in the eastern part of Switzerland, located on the river Landwasser. Here they offer a number of slopes that are ideal for the beginner skier and if the mountain is yours, you will not find a better place than here.

Laax / Movies / Fleet: A combination that offers many summer sports for the winter months, ski and snowboarders will have many competitions to attend and / or participate. There are more than 130 square miles of skiing opportunities in Zermatt, making it the main weights for the cross country skiing crowd.

Saas-Fee: In southwest Switzerland, near Zermatt is where you will find the House, the highest mountain in Switzerland. Ice-making is an attraction and year-round sports activities, this is the ski resort of Zermatt, which even includes summer skiing in some areas.

There are many blue slopes for classification that are ideal for intermediate skiers and advanced ski enthusiasts. And if you are a beginner, there are some smaller slopes and ski schools.

Source by Audrey Thompson