How to plan a great fishing trip on Lake Nipping

For anyone living in South Ontario, Lake Niping is a great choice as a fishing trip destination. There are several other lakes in the province that can offer the variety of species, quality and size of the fish offered. There are several things that are an important part of the planning process when planning a fishing trip to Lake Nipping.

Lake Nipping is one of the most accessible lakes in Ontario. It is easily reached by major provincial highways from all directions. It is less than 4 hours from Ottawa via Hwy 17 and only about 3.5 hours from Toronto using Hwy 400 and 11. Nipissing Lake is also centrally located and makes a large group for groups whose members are located in the province.

Lake Nipissing offers several quality fishing areas. Western Lake is popular but far farther from major city centers like Ottawa and Toronto. The area of ​​Clander Bay / South Beach / South Bay offers the best combination of fishing and accommodation anywhere on the lake. Depending on which type of fish you prefer, there are several different locations that will best suit your needs. The island chain that leads from the main lake in the South Bay is one of the best places to catch the Pickerel and the North Pike. This section offers a nice variety of variations in depth and lighting conditions that attract rollers, as well as numerous hiding places where the pike will wait patiently for their prey.

There are over forty different fishing resorts and lodges along the South Coast. The solution between them can often be a difficult task. By looking at a topographic map of the area, you should be able to determine which resorts are closest to areas that look promising and start from here. If you do not have your own boat and you have to rent, then you will need to make sure that the fishing resort or accommodation you are considering is available to the boats. You should also make sure that your chosen location has other amenities such as a fire pit, barbecues, decks (if possible at certain times of the year) as well as easy access and good facilities for docking and cleaning of fish. [19659002VazhnoedaseuveritechenositevaditsiiaksesoarikoitodaotgovaryatnavashitenuzhdiMuskiesiSevernaPikenad30lbssarutinnoulovenivezerotoNipissingiakotarsitezaulovnaedinottezichudovishtashtesenuzhdayatotpodhodyashtooborudvaneNyakoipopulyarniprimamkivklyuchvatobichayniteprimamkinaLundberg"Stalker"iBondyLureCo"Biletitezahranene"[19659002] The best fishing on Lake Nipissing is usually in late May and early June and in September. At this time of year, the weather on Lake Niping can be extremely varied, so it is best to bring a variety of clothing options and make sure you have light, comfortable rain gear.

Whether you are looking for a small, family fishing trip or going out with the boys to catch a Musketeer Trophy, Lake Nipping is your best fishing destination.

Source by Jason Broughton