Top 5 tourist attractions in San Francisco

If you are traveling to San Francisco, you can be overwhelmed with all the sights you can visit and visit the museums. If you want to narrow your list to the top 5, here are some suggestions.

1) Alcatraz: This famous federal prison has been the subject of several films and is a must-see landmark. There are several companies that offer excursions daily. Tours include videos, prison history, and some of its most dangerous residents. You will also learn more about some of the courageous escapes of prisoners.

2) The Golden Gate Bridge: When it was built in 1930, it was the longest bridge in the world; today it is the ninth longest. It is 200 feet above the water and 1.7 miles long. The visit to San Francisco is not complete without at least touching the famous bridge.

3) Chinatown: San Francisco has the largest Chinese community on the west coast and the second largest in the US (New York is # 1). It is best to come in the middle of the day when all the shops are open and people turn around. After dark it becomes quiet and the shops are closed. Stroll down the streets, buy souvenirs or take a festival. There are also many guided excursions.

4) The Exploratorium: This science museum is sure to be a favorite for the whole family. Book at least four hours of your time to explore everything you need to see. You will learn new scientific principles that you have never known.

5) Golden Gate Park: This is the largest park in the city and is home to two prime museums: the Museum of Young Arts and the California Academy of Sciences. You can also tour the Japanese tea garden or the colorful greenhouse. There are hiking tours for those who want a pleasant walk around the area.

San Francisco is a bustling city offering modern temptations as well as rich historical culture. Be sure to ask your travel agent if any of the attractions above is available as an all inclusive package. You can also search online and buy tickets; just make sure you buy from a reputable company. If you visit museums or parks, check online or with the travel agent for hours of work. You do not want to be disappointed if you go to a museum and find it closed. Do not forget your camera; there are many sites to shoot at.

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Why Travel Solo – My Travel Cause Solo

Many of you who are reading this article think about why solo travel … you are crazy while others read this together. Like all travel needs, individual tastes, interests, and goals will care for every person traveling.

I personally prefer to travel alone, but it's all about the type of trip you take and what you plan to do … There are obviously moments in which group or couple travel is unavoidable, and of course it will still be be a great experience … all trips are. These times can be team breaks, events such as weddings or corporate events and clear for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon where I will assume you prefer not to travel alone.

Maybe you do not have a partner or maybe you do not know someone you want to travel with … but you know with all your heart you want to go, you have to go. The people who said they would not stop your trip? If so, why? Concerns about safety, this is the unknown? These questions may be in your mind, but think about it this way … does not this make you more exciting? Would not you feel more successful if you did it yourself?

Let me explain why I'm traveling alone and the reasons for it.

Avoid the drama of others

Drama is often inevitable, as all people, including myself, have some drama in their lives. However, from my experience below

A few years ago I invaded Europe and in about a week I met a group of friends for about a month. During this time, the couple who was traveling with us had a bad interruption, which in turn almost made another connection. That night, as this couple fought, the bags were cut off, the wallets were stolen, and because of the public outburst questioned by the police … and that was just the beginning of the drama, we were still experiencing Christmas afterwards. When the whole group of my friends left, I felt relieved and lifted my weight from my shoulders.

You may not want to travel alone, but if you are lonely, my recommendation is at least not to travel with a couple without at least a few other lonely people there.

Indifference of ideas

All passengers have their own ideas about what they want from their trip and so should. Compromise can be much easier in a couple and certainly travels solo, but in a group can be a nightmare. You may want to go to a museum where you always wanted to see where, like the others in your group, they just want to visit the pub.

Whoever has numbers or dominance will most likely win, which puts you in a loose situation. Yes, you can go and go to the museum, but then what your friends think about you and say about you later. You may also not be on the phone, be in another country without a SIM card, making it much harder to meet and find out when others will return, etc.

I remember the trip took us only 2 hours from the home with six boys and we had one of the worst weekends away. Some of us wanted to go on shrimp, others wanted to go somewhere else for fishing, and some of us just wanted to go to the hotel by the beach and drink. The problem was that we were all stubborn because we had only one car and two sets of keys, which sparked arguments to the left, right and center. If you travel with other people, especially for long periods of time, you have to make sure that your travel buddy is a person with whom you can live in close quarters, no matter how long you are traveling. We all have friends we know are good friends, but you can never live with them, maybe they are confused, maybe happy and the list goes on. If you can not live with them … what makes you think you can travel with them?

Bonus for the traveling solo is also that the others you meet on the road and you are the man you always wanted to be or at least be able to interact differently with others. I really believe that you meet a lot more people when you are traveling solo, because you have more reason to talk to others and you will meet more people with you, because there is no indifference to what to do.

These are four of the main reasons why I travel alone, but there are many more personal reasons, such as my independence, when my goal was to go back to Europe and do it alone. Escashism is another great cause for me sometimes with work and the same old practice you need to escape from daily grind and get only time.

Solo travel is not for everyone, and it's not about any kind of trip, but if you're on holiday and experience, then there really is nothing like a solo journey. You will not only meet more people with the same thoughts, you will be the ones you want, get independence and a sense of satisfaction, as well as avoid the absence of ideas, live in close quarters and avoid the drama of another while enjoying what you want to do on your dream holiday. That is why I travel alone.

Source by Daniel Hardie

One crazy day on the coral island of Pattaya, Thailand

A speedboat without upholstered seats, 4 frightened passengers, and possible kidnapping!

After our motorcycle trip from Centera Grand Resort to Bali Hai Pier, I was looking forward to the relaxing Ferry trip to Coral Island. We had a bottle of vodka, orange juice and everything needed for a relaxing trip. As my friend Drew and I drove along the quay to the ferry, a man approached and offered a boat boat for a tour of a 600-lap tour totaling "$ 20.00". There would be no time for relaxation while drinking vodka on a ferry, we decided instead to take the charter boat.

As we were led to the charter boat, I noticed that the boat had definitely seen her better days! About 8 additional passengers also headed for Coral Island. We were sitting in the front of the speedboat and we got very old life jackets. I noticed some of the passengers giggling and chatting with the captain, which I assumed was because of the hot pink life jackets we were given. Since we started our journey to the island, it quickly became beautiful, it would not be a relaxing trip. The ocean was cracked, the captain was moving full throttle, and our seats were wooden, with absolutely no backing. After I dropped air from one of the waves and slammed my tail into the seat and sat in front of my shoulder, I quickly realized that I had to keep the bottle of vodka and be very careful not to break. After 20 minutes of pulling my ass over the rough seas and keeping the bottle of expensive life, I thought we had reached our destination. We pulled up to a very large boat and quickly began to jerk. The captain had trouble securing the lines, causing the two boats to jump into each other. After several intense moments, the captain managed to protect the lines. He quickly hurried away from the rest of the passengers, dangerously from the back of the boat, to the bigger boat. Assuming this is our destination, we went to the back of our boat to get on board the bigger boat. We approached the last two remaining passengers, but the captain began shouting and waving everyone back and looked angry. Without giving any explanation, the captain shot the engines to the ocean. I only grew tighter when I looked at the local Thai ladies and noticed they were concerned about the expression on their face. As we head toward the ocean, I look at Drew and try to talk. Drew was getting more concerned about the minutes and basically neglected my attempt to talk. As I am more concerned, the boat suddenly leaves the banks and hundreds of boats and other passengers are looking around. We were safe, we were not kidnapped, and we would finally open the bottle.

Finally a bottle and relaxation!

On leaving the speedboat and walking to the beach, we were met by a woman who took us to some lawn chairs. The chairs were placed under large tents all the way to the beach. The cost of a lawn chair is 100 baht each "$ 3.00" and it comes with a small table. There were grocery stores and souvenirs, including various shops offering various activities. At this point, our only concern was to add more alcohol to our system. We sat down and made several shots, bought a chicken barbecue and reluctantly agreed with my first and last manicure. I'm not a big fan of the people who touch my legs, and the lady who accidentally cuts a chuck on her little finger with scissors did not help the situation. Besides pulling a hammer out of his little pull, which Drew found humor, Coral Island was a great escape from Pattaya's madness. We relaxed, ate food, went swimming and drove some motorbikes across the island.

When the appointed time came and went to get our speedboat, we wondered if we were left on the island. After an hour from our time of departure and without seeing the other two passengers, I decided to relax in a dining chair and watch Drew squirtle on the beach. It was about 90 minutes past the departure time when the charter boat finally arrived.

Perfect collapse to complete the perfect day!

After a fun and relaxing day on Coral Island, we went back to Pattaya's madness. We arrived at Bali Hai Pier and took off the speedboat with only 200 baits between us. We were halfway to our hotel and every 20 baht short for individual motorcycle taxis. We decided to put our money together and take a motorcycle for 200 baht. Based on the events of the days, I had to know that this will not end smoothly, but sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

Source by Phillip Whitehair

How to plan a great fishing trip on Lake Nipping

For anyone living in South Ontario, Lake Niping is a great choice as a fishing trip destination. There are several other lakes in the province that can offer the variety of species, quality and size of the fish offered. There are several things that are an important part of the planning process when planning a fishing trip to Lake Nipping.

Lake Nipping is one of the most accessible lakes in Ontario. It is easily reached by major provincial highways from all directions. It is less than 4 hours from Ottawa via Hwy 17 and only about 3.5 hours from Toronto using Hwy 400 and 11. Nipissing Lake is also centrally located and makes a large group for groups whose members are located in the province.

Lake Nipissing offers several quality fishing areas. Western Lake is popular but far farther from major city centers like Ottawa and Toronto. The area of ​​Clander Bay / South Beach / South Bay offers the best combination of fishing and accommodation anywhere on the lake. Depending on which type of fish you prefer, there are several different locations that will best suit your needs. The island chain that leads from the main lake in the South Bay is one of the best places to catch the Pickerel and the North Pike. This section offers a nice variety of variations in depth and lighting conditions that attract rollers, as well as numerous hiding places where the pike will wait patiently for their prey.

There are over forty different fishing resorts and lodges along the South Coast. The solution between them can often be a difficult task. By looking at a topographic map of the area, you should be able to determine which resorts are closest to areas that look promising and start from here. If you do not have your own boat and you have to rent, then you will need to make sure that the fishing resort or accommodation you are considering is available to the boats. You should also make sure that your chosen location has other amenities such as a fire pit, barbecues, decks (if possible at certain times of the year) as well as easy access and good facilities for docking and cleaning of fish. [19659002VazhnoedaseuveritechenositevaditsiiaksesoarikoitodaotgovaryatnavashitenuzhdiMuskiesiSevernaPikenad30lbssarutinnoulovenivezerotoNipissingiakotarsitezaulovnaedinottezichudovishtashtesenuzhdayatotpodhodyashtooborudvaneNyakoipopulyarniprimamkivklyuchvatobichayniteprimamkinaLundberg"Stalker"iBondyLureCo"Biletitezahranene"[19659002] The best fishing on Lake Nipissing is usually in late May and early June and in September. At this time of year, the weather on Lake Niping can be extremely varied, so it is best to bring a variety of clothing options and make sure you have light, comfortable rain gear.

Whether you are looking for a small, family fishing trip or going out with the boys to catch a Musketeer Trophy, Lake Nipping is your best fishing destination.

Source by Jason Broughton

Six amazing places to book your skiing in Zermatt!

The beautiful and majestic Swiss Alps are the place where you will discover the amazing skiing landscape of Zermatt. The adventures and opportunities that the expert and beginners expect during the winter months are unlimited. Here we have a list of six of the best places in Zermatt to plan your skiing trip around:

Arosa: This is in the east of Switzerland and is popular during the summer months and winter months. It is complete and rich in history and tradition, creating an experience you will never forget. Best for a long stay, so you can take over everything and more than 50 miles of terrain that is perfect for a full skiing adventure in Zermatt. The clean air and the majestic slope give the experienced skiers a challenge and for the lovers of nature the relative isolation is superb.

Gstaad / Saanenland: This is the ski resort that will provide you with experience without extraordinary difficulty. Here are the courses that are best suited for beginners and intermediate skiers. The slopes are not as wild as some of the other slopes, but it is expensive skiing in Zermatt which can make it impossible for families.

Murren: If you are looking for picturesque skiing in Zermatt, this is where you can book your reservation. Sitting in the Lauterbrunnen valley, high on a rock that is 5,400 feet up, you will reach the Gondola lift only. Walking routes and sleds are one of the best in Switzerland.

Klosters: Home in the eastern part of Switzerland, located on the river Landwasser. Here they offer a number of slopes that are ideal for the beginner skier and if the mountain is yours, you will not find a better place than here.

Laax / Movies / Fleet: A combination that offers many summer sports for the winter months, ski and snowboarders will have many competitions to attend and / or participate. There are more than 130 square miles of skiing opportunities in Zermatt, making it the main weights for the cross country skiing crowd.

Saas-Fee: In southwest Switzerland, near Zermatt is where you will find the House, the highest mountain in Switzerland. Ice-making is an attraction and year-round sports activities, this is the ski resort of Zermatt, which even includes summer skiing in some areas.

There are many blue slopes for classification that are ideal for intermediate skiers and advanced ski enthusiasts. And if you are a beginner, there are some smaller slopes and ski schools.

Source by Audrey Thompson

Dutch Slip roads drive me crazy!

When you have to adapt to the local roads abroad, but these Dutch roads make me mad!

I visit the Netherlands (not on Michael Jackson's playground, but somewhere often called Holland) often for a business trip. After departing at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, I have to take an hour and a half (up to 2 hours) north to my base for the week.

Exiting Amsterdam and the bustling ring roads is the main challenge for starting the drive. Then the roads become relatively more relaxed and usually have two roads (two highways). I think most of the 3 motorways in the Netherlands are around Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

However, the challenge of driving abroad does not end there. Burning roads are, in my opinion, nuts.

Do not get me wrong, my general impression on the Dutch is good. I find most of them friendly. Some meet as self-conscious and restrained, but this is not universal. They all meet as organized and reasonable people. So why are the Dutch slip roads so blinking dangerous?

In most of the countries I travel to (including the United Kingdom and the United States) there is a fairly standard road-slip layout. You have one way that leads to the exit of the main road. Then down the road there is another road leading to the main highway with tram.

This traditional style can be found throughout the Netherlands, but certainly not like the overwhelming majority of crossroads. 2 in one, effectively the road leading to the highway is also on the way

If you imagine a semicircle road that touches the main road. By pointing the way you slip, you get into the main stream of traffic. At the same time, core traffic has vehicles that try to join your way while trying to get out of the main road.

On top of that you have a different speed from a two-lane highway. The Netherlands is like most other countries I visit, many people do not adhere to the speed limit, and that makes me afraid! Cars on the main highway, trying to get out, slow down their traffic to find a place to board an off road, you're crazy if you do not slow down because some of the slip ways are very short. I saw some about 100-200 yards to get out!

If you add to the mixed cars on the way to slip, trying to join the main highway. They speed up; so it's a real push and push to make it happen. Even the Dutch people I talked about agree to being mad. They say these roads cause many incidents.

Another disappointment with mine is the attitude of people when they are on slippery roads. In the UK, if you are on one of these roads and you are about to join a main road, you are not entitled to the road. These are the rules of slippage. Many people ignore this rule and simply piss their way, despite the faster traffic flow. This is very dangerous and can cause basic traffic to stop abruptly or even worse due to accidents.

I do not know the exact rules in the Netherlands, but there seems to be a race for positioning on and off road surfaces.

The first time I drove to Holland, I found this question a huge disappointment. I went back to Schiphol and met one of these intersections on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Traffic was very heavy, and people were queuing to get off the main road and people to queue. Traffic flowed, albeit at a slow pace.

It was a maniac, and somehow I could not get in the way of slipping. I missed my exit.

It was in the days before satellite navigation. With only written instructions, I had to try to get back. Sometimes it's not as easy as turning to the next junction, especially when it's a highway. It can not be said where a Dutch slipway can take you.

Driving abroad has its challenges. Different traffic signs that know the right of way (varying between countries), adjusting to speed restrictions, and so on. Dutch sliding roads make me mad. They strike me as badly thought out and dangerous.

Source by Steven Clare

Tips for happy trips with your best Furry friend

If you have pets, you probably consider them as family members. You might think to take your pet along with you on your next trip.

Millions of people take their pets with them every year. Some of these adventures are wonderful where pets and people get even more involved.

Others are not that big.

Fortunately, with little preparation and mind, you and your pet can have fun as well as safely together. Should you or not you? Your first decision is whether to take your pet or not. Your first priority is the safety and welfare of your cat or dog.

Here are some aspects to consider:

Does your pet have previous experience in the trip? If so, how do they deal with the stress of the trip?

What is the temperament of the pet? Does your dog or cat feel highly nervous or nervous or more relaxed?

What is the age and health of your pet?

Is your dog needing a medicine? Will you be able to stay on schedule when you travel?

If you are not sure about the level of your pet's health and stress, consult your vet for advice.

Your destination allows pets? (Here are some who do:

What kind of travel do you plan? Travel abroad to taste exotic international cuisine (for example: Sounds admirable but not for your pet. Plan a trip through your pet's eyes.

Pets and Open Road

Visit a road with a pet can be a joyful experience. It can also be tragic. Pets are lost every year when they escape the car while traveling and escape leaving the owners of their hearts. Most never recover. It is extremely important to take precautions against the loss of your pet and to ensure their safety.

Most agree that it is best for cats to travel with carriers. Cats are usually nerve passengers and keeping them in carriers is safer for them and you. Many people do not realize, however, that dogs should be in boxes or carriers, and for many of the same reasons. A pet in a back seat carrier and a safety belt is much safer in an accident than when traveling around. Pets in carriers do not distract drivers, except perhaps with strong sounds from time to time. And pets in the carriers can not escape when the vehicles stop and the passengers open their doors.

Pet travel requires a lot of stops. They have to walk around, drink water, eliminate and absorb the new sights and smells. Carefully secure your pets with a strap or harness before opening the car door. Offer plenty of water, but a little food until the end of the day to prevent the car's illness.

Animals should never be left alone in a vehicle. Temperatures rise in seconds and the interior of your car becomes a furnace that can cause irreversible damage to organs or death. Passengers have to alternate by using rest facilities, leaving a pet with a pet at all times.

Source by Lizzy Dixon