Qualification: Your roadmap to know how to attract women

If you want to be successful in trying to learn how to attract women you need to master the skill of the qualification. This is especially your way to let a girl know you are interested in her more than her appearance. All women love to know that you are attracted to it because of the way it looks; However, most women want to know that your attraction goes deeper and you are interested in it for the things she also loves.

Qualification is basically your roadmap for understanding if the girl you are trying to pick up is attracted to you. For example, if you ask her a personal question and she repels you and does not provide any real answer, she does not care about you. If you ask a girl a personal question like "what do you like in yourself", and it gives you a legitimate answer, such as: "I like being generous," then you can know about the fact that you are interested. If she did not care, she would not just answer this question. This way you can find out where you are in the dialing process and whether it will go further. Besides, you can determine by qualification how close you are to make her sleep with you. The more personal the questions she answers or wants, she comes close to her ultimate goal of taking her home. For example, if you ask a girl to hold your drink and she does it, you have gained some value in the relationship and have taken a step towards that goal. If she refuses to keep it for you, it's probably time to move on. As you continue the process, you will increase your value by asking more personal questions or more complicated requests. When you escalate your position, you are more likely to get the girl.

When it comes to understanding how to attract women, you need to know where you are in the process of collecting through a qualification. Test water, increase your value, and get her home home with a road map. Go forward with great confidence and you will surely get a positive result at the end.

Source by Jon Sinn