Cycling in France for highly recommended overseas adventure travel

If you want a holiday that will be relaxing, healthy, very entertaining and take you somewhere new, try one of the great cycling holidays that France can offer.

Read and I'll give you some good reasons for this choice.

Perhaps you have a picture of someone who is working up a steep hill, their bike is loaded with a weekly luggage, eyes only for the next car that can take you every minute. It is this image that avoids people from the idea of ​​cycling vacation, but it really does not have to be that.

Cycling in France is a way of life. It's nothing that the world's largest cycling is taking place in France. The French enjoy cycling, not just as a sport but as an exclusive leisure activity.

There is a network of brilliant cyclical ways called "Voies vertes," which means "green ways", and that is what makes French cycling holidays so good.

They are a system of safe and beautiful routes through the French province, especially for anyone who does not use a motorcycle. You will see pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists, rollers, old and young, but you will not see a car. Is not that fantastic? You can travel miles by these special procedures, which are usually set up in places like canals or where a railroad has been used. Often they will take you along well-established paths and an old pilgrimage route.

To be used by as many people as possible, the slopes are not too steep, they are wide enough for everyone to pass safely, and the access to them is really easy from the cities. They are fantastic for experienced or for those of you who are new to cycling in France.

There is even a new set of "blue ways". which are quiet, urban roads that connect to the network of green roads to make your cycling as safe and enjoyable as possible. By using these routes you will help local people and give something to the local economy. Along the way, old railway stations often turn into tourist information desks or hostels and thus provide jobs in rural areas.

So, as I said, you will have a relaxed, healthy and safe vacation without having to worry about accelerating the drivers. But what about working with a luggage? Well, this is not the case either.

If you book an organized holiday, your last problems disappear. There are specialized companies that organize great cycling holidays in France that leave you with nothing but a walk and enjoy the view.

Their opinion is that in France cycling holidays should be as much a feast as possible so they can take care of anything that can make it difficult. They plan the route and provide you with maps and guides for what you can see on the road. They take your luggage and take it to your next stop. They book all your nights at local guest houses and hire a decent bike.

What if you do not speak a word in French and you find the prospect of being outside the country with little translators. Well, there are tours for you, so if you need something, there will be a guide who knows the country and speaks the language. You will also have colleagues from the group who will share their experience with a glass of wine in the evening.

Overseas adventures do not mean danger or risk because it also means new and wonderful experiences in another country. This means going home, enriched by a new culture and way of life. All this and another thing is what you get when you decide to cycle in France.

Source by Robert Marriott