Vacation Rental Marketing – Internet and Social Media

The growth of the holiday rental industry is a direct consequence of the Internet phenomenon. It has never been easier to reach potential tenants and advertise vacancies. The trick is to know where to spend time and money for maximum effect. Following is basic information about internet marketing.

If you don't have your own vacation website, you're missing a boat. Even if you are listed in a property manager or in a directory that is important to your property. You can design your own basic website or pay someone else to put it together. Make sure you use the best possible images for your website. Paying a pro is well spent money

I really like the blog format pages. You can use a blog to write about your property, local events and accommodation specials or packages. Search engines look like blogs better than static websites. You will need to register a domain name using the appropriate keywords and get your site hosted by someone who sends your new site to the search engines. Quick online search reveals a lot of tech savvy people who are willing to help you.

The next step in internet marketing is social media. Post your website and blog entries to your Facebook profile or, better still, put a page for your property and invite all your friends to "want" it. Build your fan base by searching for your previous guest profiles and invite them to follow you. We will help you with the crawl process using Facebook courses.

Grab your camcorder and tour your assets. It doesn't matter if the quality is a bit rough at first. A collage of photos with background music and / or voice is all you need. Add it to your YouTube account and think about other related videos (local events, activities, places of interest, etc.). The more videos you create, the better. Imagine a few videos on your website and update them with each season or add new equipment.

You now have original content relevant to your vacation that you can use for the internet and social media marketing. Use your blog as content for Facebook or Twitter and add video and images to everything (search engines love pictures and video).

This is a brief overview of a very important topic. I'll dive deer into internet / social media marketing in future roles. Happy Renting!

Source by Doug Meeder