Six ways to capture travel with your photos

As scrapbookers, we take pictures of everything. With mobile phones, it's easier and easier to click and post. We recently made a trip from northern California to the Glacier National Park. It was twenty hours in every direction. Here are some of the funniest ways we took our trip: 1) Take pictures while you're packing. Do you put everything on the bed and then put it in your suitcase? How do you pack the car? They are just as important as the trip and the destination. Shoot the packaging, suitcases, car and boot.

2) Use the GPS function of your camera. We used the camera instead of our phones, so we were not tempted to publish that we are away from home. It's also easier when you have a second pilot who can take pictures while driving. When you arrive home, you can put the pictures on the card and print them. Or use a physical card and print miniature pictures that were taken while driving.

3) Taking road signs and "Welcome" signs are common and funny. But what about the unusual signs you see on the road? Or signs of a restaurant? You can take pictures of your odometer at the beginning and end of the trip to document the total mileage.

4) Consider shooting the other stops or gas stops you are doing. Family members leaving the car, stretching and / or yawning. To enjoy snacks or meals at these stops are part of the story. Is there something unique about the rest? We found a couple of free coffee and cookies available.

5) Thinking about food – what about the pictures of the places you eat during a trip? Do you mainly go through it? Or sit down, relax and have dinner? Maybe you have a stack of empty packs on the back of the back seat or a full trash container indicating food travel on the road. Have you packed a cooler? If so, what did you put in there? And Bonus Idea:

6) Document the end of the trip. Picture of the big pile of laundry or the dirty car or even a sleeping baby in the backseat. from the park. What photos will you take on your next trip?

Source by Karen Siegel Fitting