Safety tips when traveling by car for the next trip

1. Always store these items in your car at all times, especially for the latest road trips: maps, jumper cables, charged mobile phones, signal missiles, flash, first aid kit, blankets, autoclub maps if broken, and some spare money hidden in your car.

2. Do not forget to plan your route carefully. Use websites like mapquest ( and Google Earth ( to plan your route. Also pay attention to the places you want to stop for breaks and filling with petrol. This allows you to know which ones are safer than others.

3. Always park in well-lit areas if you plan to arrive or leave after dark.

4. Do not park in an isolated or visually impaired area near walls or heavy leaves.

5. Use a parking or service garage, not free, especially if you drive alone.

6. As you drive to your car, watch out for suspicious people sitting in cars near yours.

7. Ask for a security escort if you are alone in a shopping mall. Do not worry, that's no inconvenience on their part, that's their job.

8. Take care of young men who have fun in the area (handing out flyers, trying to start a conversation, selling something, etc.).

9. If someone tries to get closer, go back to the restaurant you just came from (store, restaurant, etc.) and ask to be escorted or call someone from your store or mobile phone to meet you there.

10. Always tell friends or family where you are going and contact them when you arrive.

By following these car and road travel tips, you can effectively protect yourself and keep it safe.

Source by Michelle Annese