Increasing sales with travel incentives

Today's business environment has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, it can be a difficult task to sell. Just being aggressive no longer reduces it. Sales skills alone are not enough to compete when so many new products and services become everyday commodities. Consumers today are smart. You have to severely separate your business from the competition and lead each of your prospects and customers to think, "I'd have to be a complete idiot to trade anyone else … no matter what the price." They buy the best bargains and seem to want more than they paid for. Every online and offline industry needs a cutting edge cost-effective, powerful marketing tool that reaches all kinds of consumers.

Vacation and Travel Incentives are one of the strongest methods to attract businesses, keep profitable clientele, increase product awareness, increase employee productivity. Businesses who have taken holiday vacations in their marketing and promotional events have seen at least a 30% increase in sales on both sides of the purchasing and sales cycle. Businesses of all sizes and virtually any type of retail, wholesale, manufacturing, internet, service, distributor, or direct sales store will benefit from incentive travel programs

Why use incentives?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider using incentives:

· Knowledgeable, attentive employees represent 80% of the reasons consumers feel satisfied, according to PNC Bank Corp.'s survey.

· Less than one in four US workers work at full potential; half of all workers do nothing more than asks directly, and 75% of employees claim to be more effective in their jobs, according to the Public Agenda Forum.

· 70% of unfortunate customers left suppliers due to poor service, according to

· 5% increase in customer retention can increase customer lifetime gains by 75%, according to Loyalty Effect by Frederick Reichheld. . This is what the Incentive Federation found in a 2003 survey asking hundreds of businesses to take advantage of incentive promotions "Does Motivational Tourism Increase Sales Productivity and How Much?"

So what can we derive from these survey results?

The bottom line is loyal customers and productive employees are the foundation of a successful business. Keeping and motivating people permanently can be a difficult challenge. Vacation and travel incentives, a proven motivator, will achieve this goal.

Have Your Incentives Measured Up

Today's business environment requires a new breed of incentive programs. Many companies have already discovered that standard incentives just a few years ago do not reduce it with customers or workers in our ever-changing economy. Your choice of incentives must be widely referenced by the wishes or wishes of your clients and employees to measure and get the results you are looking for.

Hundreds of promotional companies offer incentive programs that are designed to trigger an emotional response and motivate people to take positive action. Surveys from businesses that use incentives that travel is the most interesting incentive where everyone wins is obvious. Your salespeople will make more sales, your clients will have an exciting holiday experience and your business will increase their profits

Why use travel incentives?

-Travel is considered the most effective reward

for the CMI e-mail survey result, 58% say travel is more efficient than cash or merchandise. Respondents surveyed consider traveling to be the most effective reward. (Incentive Travel Fact Book)

"Cash bonuses are necessary, but travel is a higher perceived reward," says Verizon's Porterfield. In addition, in a recent survey of US workers, 85% said they were motivated by holiday incentives.

– It did not seem to beat long-term results

In a survey aimed at stimulating a survey of purchasing practices conducted by the Incentive Federation in 2003, survey respondents believe travel and commodity prices are remembered longer than cash payments. In particular, 69% unequivocally agree with this claim. (IPC)

Porterfield added: "When people spend their money, it's gone. But the recognition that comes from our travel incentives lives on."

-Travel has universal appeal and high perceived value

] USA Today said in a recent survey that "93% preferred traveling over other incentives". This is because holiday travel is something that some or most people could not get for themselves.

-Travel is Desirable

Another question asked by the Wirthlin Worldwide Research 2003 questionnaire was: "Suppose the employer wanted to reward What would you consider most beneficial? "

88% – outlined a plan they plan and take with the escort to their destination of choice

5% – said planned trip and companion choice with their co-workers

5% – indicated the planned trip for them and their co-workers

-Travel has promotional value

Exciting and memorable program can be built with travel than you do

Do Travel Incentives Work?

According to the Incentive Travel Facts survey of 2003, travel incentives increase sales by an average of 15%. In addition, half of respondents said travel incentives meet 75% – 99% of their goals. (Incentive Magazine)

Where can I use Travel Incentives for

Sales Incentives – To Increase Sales

In a 1998 Special Promo Magazine Special Report it was noted that LifeUSA attracted new representatives and sent a sharp increase in sales by abandoning its an annual cash event incentive program that would allow a more inclusive campaign that gives away goods and travel. The end of the program was that policy writings exceeded LifeUSA's initial target of 700%. 10,000 certificates were issued and it was more than twice what the company planned. (Copyright IMA)

Employee Incentives – Motivate, Maintain and Reward Loyal and Effective Employees

A small retail store in Maryland, Target Appliance, has used travel incentives. "Five years ago, we introduced the first sales incentive for sales staff," says President Daryl Gamerman, "and since then we have only lost employees for retirement. volunteers for extraordinary work because they know it will help them qualify for a great trip

Customer Loyalty Incentives – Build Loyalty and Customer Trust

The Garco Building Systems Frequent Builders Program offered individuals travel prizes. five years ago Garco grew by 15 to 25% compared to industry standard by 2-3%, in 2000 the company grew significantly by 37%. "The construction program played," there is no doubt that it helps build customer loyalty, "says Loomis

Referral Incentives – For Developing Contacts or Promoting Recommendations. will be gi in free shipping to the Bahamas or to Mexico. “Is one of the many ways to use incentives to get these recommendations for every company need.

Purchasing Incentives – Increase Cash Flow and Earn Money In Advance

& # 39; Prepay Annual Service Contract for Free Resort for 7 Days and 6 Nights Accommodation in a Destination of Your Choice. & # 39;

Perky Member – Sell New Accounts or Member Ships

& # 39; Join our golf club and we will send you and escort to Las Vegas with tickets and hotel free, free! & # 39;

& # 39; We will send you and your companion for a free 3 day / 2 night holiday in more than 30 destinations when you open a check or savings account with us.

Encourage response to product or service. 19659002] & # 39; Send us our questionnaire, send you and your companion to Orlando near Disney with a free hotel & ticket! & # 39;

We'll give you a free vacation 3 days / 2 nights to Orlando when you test our all new 2002 Honda Hybrid.

Improve Participation

Create New Markets

Foster Teamwork

Build Traffic

Set Events

Business Gifts

Consumer / User Actions

Cash vs. Travel incentive?

Cash as a motivator is considered an unemployed award and is widely used. All human behavior seems to stem from one of the two hemispheres of the brain: a left-minded, linear-minded left; or a law that works in terms of images, emotions and feelings. When companies offer money as a motivator, they solve performance problems in terms of a rational left brain. However, material rewards are often more motivating because they appeal to the true brain of the images. (Copyright IMA)

Based on Wirthlin Worldwide Research, "How did you spend your last cash reward?" was asked.

The following results have been obtained:

29% – accounts

18% – do not remember

15% – never received money

11% – Family Gifts

11% – Household Items [19659002] 11% – Savings

Although its value is specific and could be used to purchase a lifestyle, most likely the money will be charged to a pile of banknotes or stored in an escape current account where it will be soon. it will cease to exist. And with the disappearance of the price for money, it is a memory of its origin, which leaves no trace of psychological branding. “

Joe Devlin of Mitsubishi Fusco Truck of America Inc. he quoted: "Cash goes straight into the pockets of people and needs it to complement their salary, but our paths give us a competitive edge, a big part of how we motivate dealerships to sell more than one product. Incentive Travel Fact Book

In 1994, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company sponsored an incentive campaign to improve tire sales. Two groups were created; one was offered cash rewards, and other equally priced selection of goods and travel-related rewards. The life reward group and travel rewards exceeded the cash reward group by almost 50%. It was the first documented evidence that cash as a motivator is not as effective as travel or goods. (Copyright IMA)

The use of cashless incentives such as travel distinguishes a corporate campaign from cash compensation packages. Programs do not become an expected part of employee income. Incentive surveys show that organizations are using incentive travel because they create lasting memories for participants and generate positive curiosity across the organization. Since they have no impact on compensation, it is easier to use incentives as needed, without giving the impression that people are being paid wages when no program is in the facility. (Copyright IPC)

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