Christmas holidays and holiday tips

Short days and long cold nights, Christmas is on their way. If you are willing to escape from the cold Big Christmas and spend a holiday in some of the Far East countries, under the sun and enjoy Christmas full, here are the two best options.


Thailand attracts the largest number of tourists and visitors in Far East Asia. Making Christmas holidays in Thailand means exploring and enjoying the fascinating landscapes along with a varied and rich culture.

Thailand is highlighted by a stunning memorial, exotic beaches and the natural beauty of nature that attracts many tourists all year round.

Suitable for all tourists from those looking for a budget Christmas holiday for those looking for a luxury vacation.

Thai people lead a very traditional, contemporary lifestyle. During Christmas, the climate is dry and clean, without any signs of showers or humidity. So very ideal climatic conditions for enjoying big Christmas with photos

If you want to see elephants playing football, you have to visit Thailand before Christmas. This traditional Thai festival is known as Elephant Roundup and is worth seeing.

Christmas in Thailand have a wide range of activities such as trekking, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and parasailing

Thailand Christmas cuisine includes a very tempting and pleasant range of cuisines with various seasonings and herbs. You can try different chicken, beef and pork together with salads, noodles and vegetables on the basis of fried rice or cooked rice.


Singapore is an ideal, pleasant and idyllic place to spend this Christmas holiday. Lion City has a very unique combination of cultures so your holidays are exotic.

When visiting Singapore, you must visit the city of China, Marina Bay, Little India and Sentosa Island. Little India is an Indian marketplace with small stores selling Indian goods at a much cheaper price. The island of Sentosa has ten of the most popular attractions, including the most famous dolphin lagoon. This island also has three beaches named Palwan beach, Siloso beach and Tanjong beach.

You can see a magnificent view of the dazzling fairy and pipe lights along each street of the city. But you can experience the best view of the Orchard road.

Christmas in Singapore is celebrated with great enthusiasm and the main attraction at Christmas is the festive events that take place. Such events usually include party countdown, dancing, live performances and various purchases and events.

You can also be part of a colorful and lively showcase of decorated lit ships. You can also enjoy shopping on the famous Orchard road in Singapore and Marina Bay.

If you are interested in learning about ancient civilization, then Singapore has something for you. It has well-known art galleries and famous museums. Some of them are Asian Civilization Museums and Royal Selangar Pewter Museum. Both museums display different cultural and archeological Chinese treasures

Visiting these destinations will be a wonderful Christmas gift for you and your family

Source by Sam Rosenberg