Safety kit for road vehicles

Spring and summer are a travel season, but travel in the cooler months also has its dangers. Before you hit the road, here are some things you need to think about.

What should every vehicle have in its safety kit?
• Packing or sleeping bag
• Extra clothes and shoes
• Emergency precious food
• Bottled water application
First aid
• Candle holder with extra batteries
• Fire extinguisher
• Oil and antifreeze
• Paper towels or rags
• Roadmap, Compass, GPS
bed and shovel
• Mobile phone charger

to charge your mobile phone. Often this may be your rescue rope for help, and your charger will not work after your car's battery is dead.

When planning a long trip or a trip to an unfamiliar territory, it is also important for friends or family to know where you are going and when they are expected to arrive, call them and update them on the road so if you can not sign up, they know to follow suitably.

Prepare yourself for a good night's sleep, a good meal, and a few minutes looking for the route online or on the map will help you feel more relaxed, alert and ready to challenge.

Check the tire pressure, oil, brake fluid and antifreeze / coolant levels, as well as all the windscreen wiper and windscreen wipers.

Fill the fuel tank before you are empty, if you lose, you will appreciate the extra fuel.

Consider a mechanical check before take-off to get a car in good shape, tranquility is invaluable! Preliminary testing will include much more than a look at tires and brakes. This is a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle from the front. This will include things like checking the spare wheel for the correct pressure and seeing whether the socket and the nut are in place, and all the usual checks. Be sure to tell your service provider why you want the inspection and what driving conditions you expect to meet.

Although this list is not exhaustive, it gives some starting points to help you plan to arrive without worry.

Finally, enjoy the trip, stop and smell the roses and grab the view!

Source by Scott Waddle