Prostate dosing – the best position to stimulate the prostate

The act of stimulating the prostate gland so that men can reach orgasm or ejaculate is called tomatoes of tomatoes. This can be done for medical reasons or just for the pleasure and pleasure it brings. We need to understand what the first milking of the prostate is before we get on with this topic.

Let's first talk about medical reasons, doctors use this technique to ease the pain felt by people who have a prostate disorder. They also use prostate milking when they need to get a sperm sample from paralyzed patients. They soon found that there were more benefits that could benefit from prostate milking. One of these benefits is the lower probability of getting prostate cancer.

Doctors explain that when men are ejaculating or having a normal orgasm, not all semen is released. There are remnants of the semen left behind and provided it is in the right position; they can develop into prostate cancer. I'm not saying that these remnants are the only culprit for prostate cancer. I'm just saying that they contribute to the chance to have one.

Let's move on to something very fun. As I mentioned earlier, another reason for prostate milking may be due to the ecstatic sensation that men give us for some couples. Although it can be considered a taboo, we can not deny the fact that it really brings a higher level of satisfaction.

Many couples even testify that doing the case not only gives men pleasure, but it also brings great pleasure to both sides. Considering this, did you know that there are different positions in doing this? Do you know what position works for you? If you are not familiar with the various positions of milking the prostate, let me teach you some. Later you can determine what works for you. Keep in mind that there are some things you need to remember before you make any of these positions.

First of all, breast flushing can only be done by you or your partner's help. Second, you have the freedom to use your fingers or an adult toy. Just make sure you lubricate before inserting anything. Finally, have the right hygiene when doing this because you have to touch or exert pressure on the sensitive areas. Read and enjoy.

• PERMANENT VACATION POSITION 1: STANDARD FETAL POSITION. Do this by lying on your side and bending your knees. Place your knees as close as possible to your stomach. As you are in this position, you can easily reach your anus or perineum.

• PLACING THE SMALL POSTS 2: LOSE ON YOUR RETURN AND USE BEDS. Put your finger or your toy before you are in this position. Also remember that you should do this slowly so as not to damage the membranes in the anus. You can also place a pad under the tiny back, so that you are comfortable in this position.

• POSITION OF MOUSE POSITION 3: ALL FOUR. You can start by kneeling on a soft surface. You could do that on the bed or anywhere you may like it. You can experiment on this position. You can try to stretch your hands far ahead of you. You could also try and argue back for a while.

There are still other prostate milking positions that you could try. Your imagination and creativity will be the only limitations. Keep in mind that although the pleasure is good, it is still better to be safe.

Source by Martin Stonehaven