How to calculate the ideal shoulder size – everything starts with your height

If you imagine the idea of ​​the body and the size of the body, you probably had an image of broad shoulders and narrow waist (or at least you should have this image in your head). But what you may not be concentrating on is the exact size of your shoulder compared to your waist.

To calculate the ideal size of your shoulders, you first need to know your ideal waist size. BUT, to find out your ideal waist size, you have to start with your height. The calculation is from the height to the waist to your shoulders.

Your ideal waist size will be between 45% -47% of your height. In other words, if you are 70 centimeters high, you are ideal waist is between 31.5 – 33 inches

This calculation is based on bone structure and low fat. Once you have determined your ideal waist, the next calculation is your shoulders.

Based on all samples and physical attraction studies, we know that the ideal waist to shoulder ratio is the ratio of 1: 1,618. Returning to our example of a height of 70 inches and 31.5 – 33 inch waist, your idea of ​​the shoulder circumference will be 1.618 times greater than your waist or 51 – 53 inches

. the waist is in its ideal range. In other words, placing the waist, which is 50% of your height and shoulder, which are 1,618 times larger than this, will not result in the proportions you are looking for. In fact, it will be very difficult to make your shoulders to such an extent that you can make up for most of your waist. This will also lead to a shorter look that is not ideal. Your best proportional body shape should start with your height, otherwise there is no way to determine what waist size and shoulder size are too thoughtful and too thin

Follow this measurement model, starting with your height -> ideal waist – -> ideal shoulders and you are on the way to building your best proportional body.

Source by John Barban