Reasons Government is needed

Government is an organization in a community or political unit that has the power to adopt and enforce laws and to maintain peace and order. The government is necessary because it is considered to be the leadership of an organization, community or political entity.

Laws are important because they determine the behavior of citizens. It determines which are legal or illegal. Without law, an activity can not be known if it is a crime or not. The legislative role of the government creates a code of conduct for those who follow.

Another role of the government is the maintenance of peace and order. Police and the fire service ensure the prevention or minimization of crimes such as murder, theft, arson, and so on. If a crime occurs, their role is to examine how the crime happened and capture the perpetrators.

The government also promotes harmony, despite fairness and equality. Once the crime is decided by the police, it is the duty of the judiciary of the government to return the perpetrator to the court for a fair trial and punishment. He guarantees that the right person will be imprisoned for the right reason.

It is also the role of the government to build roads, bridges, rail systems and other infrastructure. They are important because it makes movement easier and more convenient. This also makes business much easier as goods and services can be moved faster than the source of production to the market.

Another role for the government is to provide children with access to primary education for children. It is essential for children to learn how to read, write and count

Another role for the government is to collect taxes and ensure that these taxes finance the right projects that are beneficial to society. Money is needed to build public schools, roads and bridges and provide services such as social benefits, health care, unemployment benefits, and so on. Taxes are paid here. The government collects taxes on individuals and businesses so schools, roads and other infrastructure are

It is also important for the government to protect its security from threats. The role of the government is to have a military force to protect its territory from external threats such as terrorism, war and invasion. The police forces of the government protect citizens from internal threats such as civil disobedience, organized crime, lawlessness, rebellion.

Another role for the government is to strengthen relations with other governments. In the era of globalization, it is important for governments to work together to maintain world peace and prosperity.

Source by Kenny Leones