Lotus Car Show & History of the vehicle

Lotus is a British sports car produced in Norfolk. The company was founded by Colin Chapman in 1952. The company has an immediate success on both racetracks and sports sedans. However, like all car companies in the 1970s, Lotus also experienced financial difficulties and had many new owners.

When Colin Chapman died in 1982, the car has already established itself as the first car of the racing car. In 1966, the company was sold to GM and then passed through several other owners.

Lotus also made a name by providing engineering consultancy to other car companies such as Opal, Saab and Saturn. Lotus engineering has also helped create the words Cortina, Vauxhall, Dodge, Tesla Roadster, Toyota supra and Europa.

Lotus backs up its biggest success in the Formula One circuit, giving Ferrari a challenge for the Formula One championship for the past 30 years.

Today, Elise is represented on the North American market. Elegant, with a Toyota engine, this is a classic sports car. Other models in the US include Exige, which still has to make a name.

Lotus has today included the Aluminum Performance Crossover for its new mid-range cars. These highly efficient, V6-fitted front engines are available for some time in the US.

In 2007, Lotus decided to make some new car models in the United States. The models to be developed in the US include Excel and Spirit. For the future, Lotus Engineering is dedicated to developing a new generation of hybrid and electric cars. While there is a lot of buzz about the green, the current global downturn puts all the plans on the shelf.

Source by Eric Herskowitz