Female Female Victims Travel Tips

Before planning and planning

Researching your destination is vital and the time spent in the survey is never lost. Explore the culture and get a general idea of ​​the country. Is this a Muslim country? If so, then make sure you pack the right clothing, think about how to dress and mix. Are there strict laws about how a woman should behave? As individual travelers, we may disagree with specific views about the country, but it is extremely important to be a reputable traveler in a foreign country to avoid trouble. Is there a culture of victims of "burning" in the country, is there a history of sexual assaults against women, all these questions need to be identified before departure. With previous knowledge you can plan to adapt to the environment.

Interact with your passengers

When you travel only on the trip, it is rare to stay alone when you are abroad (unless you are actively traveling alone). There will always be people who travel on the same "route" or travel alone in the same hotel or accommodation. Friendships and looks are formed, formed through the mutual interests of travel and adventures. These new connections can provide additional safety, for example, through other people who look for you, other people you are traveling with, with new friends to share taxis and buses. Although you need to be open to new friendships, it is essential for your personal safety to keep situational awareness at all times.

Lose Jewelry

Try and avoid shiny or expensive looking jewelery and accessories. Good clocks, bracelets, necklaces and the like should be avoided.

Plan Routes

Whether you're coming from a bar, beach or museum, consider the route you're going to take. Avoid quiet areas, alleys or other perceived areas of risk. Always think about using a taxi and make sure it's from a reputable company that's recommended to you.

Do not be confused

Sometimes you need to think about what signals you can give and be sure they are not misinterpreted. Try to avoid long contact with strangers, talk too much and be too friendly. For example, sitting in the front seat of the taxi vehicle and sharing it with the return driver from the bar can give wrong signals in some foreign destinations. If you eat yourself, you might get a book to avoid inviting an unwanted conversation.

This is not about the real intentions of man; it's not about whether a woman has to stop her usual daily practice of smiling, talking freely and just being happy. Unfortunately, in different cultures, a certain behavior that we define as "normal" or "friendly" is interpreted differently. Changing the specific behavior is related to being gray and not getting too much unwanted attention. We can not discuss the rights and deviations of culture and practices in certain countries and regions just to adapt and reduce the risk to ourselves.

Follow your mind

The trick to avoid the danger is to prevent situations and allow yourself time to react. This comes down to training and practice, we strongly advocate training from professionals on how to identify the risk and react accordingly, but the good rule is: Follow your instincts. If something is wrong, there is a high probability that it is wrong. Advertise immediately to make sure you were right or not later on when you're 100% safe

We recommend and visualize

We recommend that women survive in situations allowing them to react and visualize their next actions to enable an effective response. What do we mean in this way? For example, we will use the fire of a nightclub. In times of life and death, knighthood is proven to take off the window 9 out of 10 times. The panic is set and a thumb may appear. If men and women panic, rushing to the one main exit from which all come, then men will overcome women, and the inevitable fragmentation and trampling will happen. What if you took two minutes as a single woman to prevent risk and visualize an effective response. In this case, the identified secondary fires are exited and visualized using an emergency situation. By preventing and visualizing the reaction in this case of a nightclub fire while everyone assaulted the main doors, a secondary exit could be used to ensure survival through thinking and planning, not by force and speed [19659003] Increasing Awareness

Awareness of people's environment is vital to early identification of threats. That's why we teach basic anti-observation to all our students. Criminals and hungers can pursue their victim for a short time before the attack to provide the best opportunity to attack. With increased surveillance and awareness, the chances of noticing an attack or threat increase significantly and allow a person to react.

Hotels and Security Accommodation

Choose locations wisely by exploring areas through travel forums, hotel websites, and more. Is the hotel or hostel well managed? Is the surrounding space safe to travel after dark? Is the hotel or hostel really good? This does not mean staying in a 5-star hotel anywhere; this could mean spending a few more dollars to be in a reputable area, but still in a luggage room. We can provide additional levels of safety for ourselves, for example when traveling, we recommend wearing a secondary door lock ($ 5 in value and enough to put in your pocket) providing this secondary layer of security. Also, never open the hotel door or the hostel unless 100% sure, even if the claim is hosted

Final Thought

Everything discussed above is just the tips and tricks of the trade. Throughout my life I have traveled extensively and I have been learning new ways to adapt and deal with situations. This is why we have developed our road safety courses. Experts from all walks of life are constantly trained to ensure excellence and be prepared. We believe it should be the same for travelers. Take control and you are responsible for your own safety through pre-training. Travel is one of the great adventures that life can offer; it's worth taking the time to prepare to eliminate potential threats and make sure you have a life experience

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