BC Golf Holiday – 5 Courses to play for Sake's interests

British Columbia is home to more than 300 golf courses – and how can you narrow your list and choose where to play? Read information about record records of BC or just interesting golf courses – maybe not the best list for planning BC Golf Vacations, but some great options to consider.

Highest Elevation: Golf Course at Sun Peaks Resort

Located 1200 meters above sea level, the golf course at Sun Peaks Resort is one of the reasons why you are planning on golfing in BC. At the top of the magnificent panoramic mountain views, you will love how thin air allows your ball to travel further and how the altitude offers a cold retreat from the summer heat of Okanagan, BC.

The most prestigious (expensive) golf course: Capilano Golf & Country Club

Located in one of Canada's richest postal codes, this member of West Vancouver is one of Stanley Thompson's architectural workshops. Play 18 holes, bordered by harsh mountain landscapes and sparkling waters, follow an ultra-exclusive club lunch and have a great day on the daaaahling .

The Most Popular Golf Course: The Harvest Golf Club

An apple keeps the doctor away, but what does he do for your golf game? Find the Harvest Golf Club in East Kelowna where their motto is "Choose how you play". This course boasts rich fruit trees with apples, peaches, pears, cherries and apricots that encourage golfers to enjoy while playing. Does not this sound like a great way to spend the summer BC?

Best golf hole: Greywolf Golf Club

Par 3 Hole 6, better known as "Cliffhanger" at Panorama Greywolf golf club, invites golfers to walk carefully through the alpine valley to the green 172 meters. He voted best in the Par 3 Hole category according to the golf prize score, the best golf hole in BC from the Vancouver Sun and one of Canada's top ten holes from The Globe and Mail, that's definitely one golf experience.

The Greatest Greens: Predator Ridge

BC Golf vacation should not be without a few challenges. With this in mind, look at Predator Ridge – a beautiful 27-hole golf complex, located outside of Vernon, known (or feared) for its clever greens. Golf Canada contributor, Chris Baldwin shares:

"Every green you do not have on the triangle at Predator Ridge is the cause of the Tiger Woods pump – heck, maybe even one of those who win the LPGA jumps to the lake."

The most beautiful golf course: Furry Creek

The most beautiful golf course with the funniest name (in my opinion), Furry Creek is located between Vancouver and Whistler, near the highway. Surrounded by similar views of the fjord, steep mountains rising from the edges of the water and coastal islands with dense vegetation, it is no wonder that they continue to receive appreciation as the most landscaped and beautifully landscaped BC golf course.

Source by Clay Haeber