Rail connections and songs

I've always thought that part of the railroad is just like another, but that's not really the case. According to the US Federal Rail Commission, there are 5 classes of rail lines, depending on how many cross-connections exist. Class 5 route has the most crosses while the class 1 route has the least. There is also a difference in the number of crosses within each class of trails, depending on whether the track has a curve above 2 degrees.

Another thing I thought of the railways was that the trains could reach as fast as they wanted, as long as the route was clear and the signals were right, blocking traffic to protect trains and people from vehicles with a crossroads. This is not really the case. The track class imposes speed limits on the train ranging from 10 mph for a class 1 freight train to 90 mph for a class 5 passenger train.

To make sure that safety standards such as these are respected, the provisions have some teeth. A fine of between $ 500 and $ 11,000 may be imposed for violation. If the action is intentional or grossly negligent, the fine may be as high as $ 22,000.

I do not know about you, but now that I have become a daily train, I feel much safer knowing that someone has taken care of the potential problems and developed these safety standards.

I will cease to worry about missing the songs and reading my book.

Source by Derek Meeson