Due to Chile Vacations? 4 things to do in Santiago

Holiday Chile can be one of the most memorable ones you've ever had a chance. Before you book your flights and make your trips to Chile, take the time to learn about all the things to do in the largest city in Santiago. From the unification of all aspects of the Andes Mountains through excursions to ecotourism, to discovering the most beautiful wines in the country, discovering the unique things to do inside the city, there are a number of hiking and attractions in Chile to create an individual holiday.

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Siete Tazas (known as Seven Cups if you speak English) The National Park is located just three hours south of Santiago. The National Park gets its name from seven waterfalls sculpted by the Claro de Molina River. The park has predatory animals like a puma, which means it is recommended to go with a group. It is possible to find tours in which the groups will see each of the seven waterfalls and their cups. that the park is named after. If you plan to do any of these tours, it is good to put plenty of sunscreen, water and swimwear.


The Chilean ski season runs from June to October, which means holiday vacations in Chile are ideal for North America who want to ski in the summer months. Close to Santiago is El Colorado, where there are plenty of places to stay, restaurants, pubs, kids lessons and more. El Colorado also has 70 different ski slopes, meaning that there is a ski slope of each level of skill.

Searching for some of the best attractions in Chile in Santiago

If you plan to stay in the city, you still find a lot of different things. Chile's attractions include the Teatro Municipal Theater, featuring live ballet, opera, and games. Another popular attraction is the Museum of Monuments and Human Rights, which features the history of Pinochet and the home of Pablo Neruda. Think of it, ask your hotel staff for further recommendations to help ensure that you do not miss any of the best attractions the city has to offer.

Wine for wine lovers

One thing the country knows about is its wine. Chilean wines are famous all over the world and wine tours are essential for all wine lovers. Whether you are very well informed about different varieties of wine or just appreciate a delicious glass, consider organizing a tour of some of the most popular wineries in the area. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the assortment and then buy bottles to come back home to remember their holidays in Chile.

If you are planning a vacation to Santiago, you should definitely do a little exploration before you go. There are many different things, including wine-making, skiing and exploring the Andes Mountains and local national parks, not to mention all the different attractions that are in the city itself. Plan your vacation and the things you want to do to make sure that you do not come out once in a lifetime.

Source by Heidi T Creighton