My favorite places to visit the Virgin Islands in the United States

The Caribbean is among the most beautiful places to visit the world. Among the Caribbean is the Virgin Islands of the United States. These islands are mostly owned by St. Louis. Thomas, St. John and St. Crowe. This article will focus on St. Thomas and some of his great activities.

If you are looking for golf while visiting St. Thomas, you need to book time at the Mahogany Run Golf Course. This golf course is located in the northern part of the island in an area called "mahogany", and is loaded quickly. So do not forget to call ahead.

The best beach of St. Louis Thomas is the Bay of Magen. Peaceful, with crystal clear water, this beach is where the locals go and with good reason. It is synonymous with relaxation.

If you leave Magens & Sunset and find yourself with a sweet tooth, do not look more than Udder Delight. This world-famous milk-mixing shop is located on the top of the hill just outside the Bay of Magen.

There are some wonderful restaurants at St. George. Tom, but the best restaurant award belongs to Thirteen. The Almond fish I had here was exceptional. Indigo is another great restaurant on the island.

To experience real Virgin Islands, plan to leave the island for a day to visit St. Louis. John.

ул. John is about a 20-minute ferry ride from St. Louis. Thomas and it's worth it. The beaches of St. George Ioan is even more beautiful. Go to the bay of Cinnamon Bay or Trunk Bay and check out the incredible coral reef while strolling with snorkeling.

Another great way to leave the island is to rent a boat for the day. You can walk around the islands and stop on islands such as Tortola and Yost Van Dicke.

Source by Kenneth Selig