Travel Tips – Packing Light for a Carefree Trip

Travel tips in travel books and on travel websites often advise travelers to "light up". In my experience, these sources of travel information do not go far enough. If you are a budget traveler you are definitely not able to own from hoteliers, taxi drivers or other people you pay to drag your luggage around. You're probably more likely to slide it yourself – through airports, via metro systems, through and out of buses and airport shuttles as well as on the streets of the city.

It can not be exaggerated that too much weight can be the difference between a fantastic, exciting and exhausting journey that you can not wait to end. If your luggage is heavy, keep in mind that you can not carry your luggage down one more street than the landmarks and sounds of this exotic locality. My years of traveling in Europe, mostly by airplane, train, bus, metro system and on foot, taught me a few things. The lighter your luggage, the easier your heart is.

The traveling light does not mean lifting the traditional suitcases. The suitcases add extra weight and the suitcases are hard to carry. I find that holding a large object out of his handle, his weight hanging down from the end of my hand is the fastest way to the shoulder and back pain. Traveling light also does not mean pulling a suitcase that has small wheels on the bottom. Spend a few minutes while watching the tourists trying to control this type of unstable suitcase while moving and spinning on one side and see what I mean.

The traveling light does not mean wearing a backpack with predominant sizes. Unless you intend to make serious wildlife mobility and unpleasant camping, where you will have zero access to the shops, forget the overwhelmed backpack. Why break a heavy backpack through the wildlife of London when there are shops in every corner where you can get everything you need?

So, what should budget tourists wear, and how should they wear it? My advice is that you carry a small backpack for the day. This can be done if you think that before you pack and if you make a logical decision about what you can and can not live without and what you absolutely have to transport to your destination compared to what you can easily pick up when you arrive.

For example, if you regularly use prescription drugs, you will obviously have to carry an adequate supply with you. Wear a spare, and keep it, so you do not have to panic if your pack is thrown by a thief. Also remember to carry the recipe itself so you can prove that you are really transporting prescription drugs if you are stopped by customs or security officers. It is even better if you have a prescription that carries not only the brand name but also the chemical name if you need to show it to a pharmacist, doctor or customs authority in a country where your language is not spoken.

If you are traveling to a hot, tropical place, wear a bottle of sunscreen in any way – but buy a bottle that contains the amount you expect it to need during the trip. Do not load with a jumbo-sized container, two-thirds of which will continue to be with you on return. As a rule, for any toilet, bring (or buy on arrival) small pipes, bottles and boxes containing enough for the trip. Do not drag the weight you will return home with you, or you will only get a bottle of sunscreen that boasts with its neighbors on the shelves of the medicine cabinet that was next to Tahiti.

If two people travel together, whether they are part of a family or are friends who share the adventures of life, take only one set of toilets with each other. Wear separate toothbrushes, of course, but only pack one of the parts like deodorant and soap and then share them. Half the weight of your toilets will be eliminated simply, both of which do not carry duplicate types of items and, believe me, objects like these really contribute to the volume and weight of your luggage.

Ask yourself if you can live without extras like cosmetics, perfume and jewelery. Their combined mass and weight can be quickly added. Try a more natural look during your trip. This will save you daily time as well as save you daily stress on the arms and back muscles. As an extra bonus, the less stylish and brilliant you look, the less likely you will be at the goal of a cubier.

Forget about electrical appliances and electronic devices. You can live without a hairdryer or electric shaver and save not only the weight of these appliances, but also the extra load of adapters to suit the exits abroad and electric currents. Instead, wear a lightweight compact plastic razor or just let your beard grow. Later you may decide that it suits you and decide to save it! If you plan to fly, do not worry about packing razor blades or manicure scissors. They are no longer allowed on board, so they need to be purchased on the spot if necessary and then properly discarded before you fly home. I always find it practical to wear a small sewing kit for urgent repairs, but it does not mean a whole set full of colorful reels. This means a single needle plus a small spool with a pale thread and a dark thread together in a small bag.

Keep your clothes to an absolute minimum. Stick to basic clothing that is comfortable, casual and not easily wrinkled. Add it with some extra light tops and a couple of pairs of socks and underwear that can be washed multiple times in hotel rooms. A sweatshirt or sweatshirt for cool evenings and a thin plastic ponchon of rain and should be placed.

By sticking to a small wound on a person there are additional benefits that you will soon appreciate. You do not have to check the bags at the airport and risk losing them, you do not need to endlessly load and unload carts at the airport or train station and rely on your bags to make sure no one is deceived, plus everything is close With just one backpack, you will look less like rich tourists and then you will be less likely to be targeted by a pocket wallet or pocket while you are walking around the streets of the city and in the underground systems. Travel light and you can put less effort on your muscles, leaving you with more energy and more appetite to experience truly the wonderful places you visit. Travel lights and will be more likely to travel happily.

Source by Barbara Freedman-De Vito