Travel advice for travelers


Book at least a week in advance. For the best discount on airfares, make a reservation one, two or three weeks before the departure date.

Keep in mind that flights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are usually cheaper

Try to choose the same airline for the whole trip.

Be sure to confirm your flight again 24 hours before departure. Request for the registration procedure and baggage

Consider packing in transparent plastic zipper bags for easy inspection. Plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the flight time. Do not leave your luggage alone at all times. You can be asked to turn on all your electrical and electronic appliances

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Budget airlines

offer cheap rates around the world . Book your flights online or over the phone using your credit card to pay

Most discount tickets for airlines are unchangeable and non-refundable, some offer changes to return dates with an additional fee. In the latter case, you need to make changes at least 24 hours before your departure.

Most airlines offer one-way flights without a price increase or penalty, which provides an excellent way to connect cheap flights, Plan to leave some time for the connection, delaying one flight will make you miss another connected flight.

Each budget airline has its luggage restrictions, make sure you have taught them before booking. Many of them allow very limited checked baggage for free, sometimes only 15 or 20kg (33 or 44 pounds), which are charged up to $ 15 per kilogram (2.2kg) extra weight

Large airlines often use vague airports. away from the city center. This may cost you extra money and time to transfer.


Make sure you catch the right train in the right place. Cities often have more than one station, so pay attention. If she is confused, ask for help.

Each car on the train is marked separately, usually added cars and falling here and there during the journey. Make sure the city of your car's label is your intended purpose.

Theft is quite common on trains, so stay vigilant and observable. For safety, secure the backpack to the luggage compartment

For night trips take a couch – a bed in a ward. Book it at least one day in advance. Tables, pillows and blankets will cost you extra money

For an average independent traveler who plans to see a lot of Europe, the best way to go is Eurailpass. Eurailpasses offer unlimited first-class trips to all public railways in 17 European countries. Most passes can be purchased from six months in advance to a week ahead. After you buy rail, you have six months to confirm it in Europe. You can validate your rail lines at any European railway station by presenting your rail line and passport to a rail ticket employee who will write on the first and last dates of your trip


(19659002) Try to be flexible about your travel plans, off-season cruises are almost always cheaper

With a four-day cruise in the middle of the week instead of the popular three-day cruise on the weekend you can get this extra day with Bra price.

Choosing the right cruise. It is entirely according to your taste. The most popular destinations among the first cruise ships are the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera, where you can dive from one paradise island to the next. More experienced travelers choose Alaska or Canada, where you will experience glazing and gorgeous whales. Cruises to Europe with a few days of transatlantic travel, cultural shock and rich coastal excursions are recommended for the most experienced cruise tourists.

Length of the cruise. The 30-day weekend, the four-day average week, the weekly and two-week cruises are the most popular.

The cabins are described as internal (without windows) or outside (with windows, higher prices). If you plan to spend most of your time in your cabin, choose the largest room you can afford. The standard cabins have two single beds that can usually be converted into a king-size bed, and the beds in other rooms can not be converted into a bedroom

Car rent

with a mileage; day course with a limited number of free miles per day; daily rate with unlimited mileage; and a percentage that has a free mileage over a prolonged period of time. Cars are economical when they are hired out of the week with unlimited mileage. Daily prices are usually quite high, but there are some good 3-day deals. Prices vary from company to firm, from month to month and country to country.

Your age may affect the course. Younger tenants (below 25 years of age) can get extra money by having to buy more expensive insurance. Some companies will not hire a person under 21 years. There are also maximum age limits that vary from company to firm. If you are outside the lower and upper limits, look at a leasing vehicle that has less age restrictions. Leasing a car gets a lot of taxes and insurance and it's a lot for people who need a car for three weeks or more. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Italy are popular car rental locations.

All rental cars require a valid driver's license. Some car rental companies check the driver's records and deny the car to a bad driver. Some international countries may require an international driving license

We wish you a successful and safe trip!

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