Linha Do Douro: The best rail trip to Portugal

Road trips can be fun and are a good way to quickly see a large part of the country. But if you are considering a Portuguese holiday, then you should definitely consider leaving behind the car. Portugal has one of the best trains for trains in Europe – a tranquil and winding trail that runs from Porto to Pochingo along 120 km from the river. If you have taken advantage of the cheapest flight options to Porto and want to see a part of the country, this train will climb to the Spanish border along the Douro River, will definitely consider

This is a fascinating historic railway route that once crossed the border in Spain, where it was possible to get a service to Salamanca or Madrid at the height of rail transport. Now many twigs are closed but this is still an amazing route with more than 20 tunnels, 30 bridges and 34 stations. Trains run from Porto three times a day. It is possible to make a return trip, which costs about 13 euros per day, even if you make the most of the trip, why not spend your time and stop at some of the fascinating stops along the way? 19659002] The Linha do Douro ride is ideal for combining hiking. You can start a day or two tour around historic Porto before jumping on the train. There are many useful stations that provide access to some areas that are ideal for hiking, enjoying the magnificent outing. To get to the best part of the line, on the Duro Gorge, you can change the RĂ©gua trains when you come from Porto. Some stations are just havens on platforms that are used by local wine producers (this is Port of Port wine), although you may be interested in getting off to one of them. You can walk in the lovely vineyards along the Douro River, away from the well-worn tourist trip.

Interesting stops along the route include the beautiful harbor that produces the city of Pinhao, which is a good base if you feel like taking a river tour or hiking through the surrounding vineyards and hills. Do not forget to hike from Pinhao to Mirador in the small village of Casal de Loivos – the sights from here are among the best along the Douro. You can also go to the Sabbass to see Magellan's home.

Tua, another station, is a stop for river cruise boats and has good food. Then Pozinjo – a pleasant harbor with many amenities. If you really want to experience what this region is about, you have to make sure you spend at least part of your stay in a traditional quart – wine-producing properties are often diversified into tourist accommodation and some of them can be rustic and delightful.

Come on the Douro River and explore the possibilities on foot and by train.

Source by Elizabeth Waddington