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Fishing is a very relaxing sport and hobby for people of all ages. For those who are passionate fishermen planning a fishing vacation are the perfect way to be able to spend their free time enjoying this activity. There are some great fishing spots for your holiday that will provide you with plenty of fish as well as some of the most beautiful landscapes you've ever seen.

If you like fishing for trout, then to Montana, it's a great fishing spot. You can choose to fish off the coast or rent a boat for a day to get on a hunt for these fish. There are plenty of camps, chat rooms and even hotels in Montana waters so you can choose the accommodation that suits you best.

Amelia Island towards the summit of Florida is a very common place for fishing holidays. Make sure you plan this trip well in advance, as accommodation and boats in the area are usually booked months in advance. You will find plenty of amazing fish because it is classified as a naval runoff. Some of the common fish that are found here include redfish, lime, trout and fruit. It depends on the time of the year when you hunted this place.

Idaho is a great holiday spot for families, so why not make some fishing when you're there? Salmon and trout are relatively rich in many different waterways in Idaho. The best waterway to explore is the Clearwater River in Lewiston. You will have the best choice here if you plan your fishing holidays in summer. Another great choice in Idaho is Lake Pend Orielle if you plan a charter trip. The water is very deep and very cold, so conditions are ideal for hunting Kamloops trout.

Many people do not realize that Alaska is a great holiday destination for fishing. Depending on the season when you travel there, you can either fish in open water or have ice fish. Either way, they're ready to catch big salmon and halibut. The best destination in Alaska for fishing is Sadie Cove and is only accessible by boat.

With so many great fishing spots to choose from, there is no reason not to plan an amazing fishing vacation. Choose the type of place you want to travel and the type of fish you are interested in. Once you have these two things decided, you can narrow your free time in fishing.

Source by Chris Jonas