Cruise Vacations – Our top 10 reasons to choose Cruise

Anyone who has marvelous Cruise Vacations can give you one hundred reasons for your vacation time. Once you have taken a cruise vacation, you will know why. Travel has so much to offer a holiday, no wonder the voyages have become so popular.

We look at just ten reasons for choosing a cruise holiday. It may not be your top ten when you travel, but you will understand why we say there are hundreds of reasons!


There are hundreds of cruise ships and boats to choose from. Small charter cruisers on mega ships, sailing offers you a huge number of options. Then you can look at destinations and call ports according to your taste and wishes. From cruise to nowhere, you have almost unlimited possibilities for world cruise! Mega ships have a variety of dining areas that will delight you with a delightful kitchen. These boats also offer a wide range of activities and even evening entertainment. Choose a cruise holiday for your variety!

9. Cruise Holiday Value!

Holiday cruises offer tremendous value. With the price of your cruise tickets you get your efficient but comfortable stateroom with cleaning that seems never to end. The bulk service you receive is exceptional in terms of resorts. You will receive all dinner on board. In the case of mega ships this can mean a selection of elegant dining places with mouth watering the presentation. These floating centers provide a range of sports activities, ranging from volleyball and basketball to mountaineering and ice skating! And when the sun sets, the boats will turn into "central entertainment". From Broadway and vegas style shows in intimate lounges on rocking discos, mega cruise ships offer everything!


What is your idea of ​​vacationing activities? Is it water sports? Travel is certainly with swimming pools and beach resorts. And what about sightseeing? Are the historic cities of Europe intriguing you, or are the exotic harbors more appealing? Think of a cruise vacation! As for cultural lectures and educational tours? And what about golf on another island every day in the harbor? Does your holiday include a casino visit? Or is your dream idea to enjoy the sun and relax on the beach or by the pool? You guessed it. You can leave one of these holiday activities by selecting a suitable cruise!

7. Cruise for family holiday!

Cruise is fantastic for a family holiday of all ages! (See Family Cruise Holidays.) Many of the larger cruise lines and cruise ships offer special programs for children and teens. The kids get away from mom and dad and mom and dad for a while to relax and enjoy together. With all the activities available on board the ship, nobody should be bored. Add interesting and educational excursions to various extensions and they all receive awards for how others live. A special meal offer for children makes a menu. And on some boats there is a 24-hour pizzeria! Ice-cream stations complement the spell. Some cruise lines also offer a special coupon or ticket for soft drinks at a minimum price. Some boats also offer babysitting – but it is best to check them first. Choose a cruise for your next vacation!

6. Choose a cruise to feel new horizons!

Unfold your bags when you come aboard your cruise ship and that's it! On some routes, you will be calling every day in the new port. But you do not have to pack … unpack … pack … unpack … – you have the idea! Experience some of the best destinations the world can offer while relaxing and enjoying time between ports! Long at airports or shorter seats on trains or buses. Relax by the swimming pool, work out at the gym, enjoy your free time, read a good book – you decide how to use your time between fascinating and interesting ports. Sleep in your comfortable room in one harbor and wake up in a new harbor with an adventure ahead!


With a little exploration in advance, your cruise is as simple as a reservation … then you enjoy! Once you are on board, your time is your own – no pressure to be at that time and there at that time. Enjoy your vacation and return from your cruise refreshing (you do not need holiday leave). Do so – or little – as you like! Nearly all expenses are paid for a travel ticket. A little spending money is about what you need. Talk about simple – come aboard and everything will take care of you! Now it's a holiday!


For hundreds of years, romantic secrets have been discovered at sea. What would be much more romantic than sunbathing and sipping a glass of good wine on your private balcony? Maybe you are walking your arms in an elegant formal night with your better half dressed in nine. What about honeymoons for some of the most romantic ports in the world? Maybe a calm, secluded bay with a white sandy beach. Enjoy the other on the quiet table in one of the intimate lounges. Or dance to the night under the stars. Take a moment and get lost when using the spa services for two. Nothing should be more romantic than sailing!


For many people, nothing is more important for holiday fun than for service. If you receive a good service, you are satisfied. Be prepared to blow your socks! Most of the cruise lines are trained by staff in the art of customer service. Your peaceful steward or stewardess will do their absolute maximum to ensure that your stateroom is kept as you like. From bartenders to waiting staff to workers, the pleasure of every member of the cruise ship is to please. On our last voyage, our wine manager and table in the dining room were absolutely amazing. When you board a cruise ship, be prepared to pamper!


Many people will tell you that this is the number one reason to take a cruise. Fabulous menu options have your mouth watering. Then comes the presentation and you are definitely not disappointed. The main dining rooms are places of elegance and formality. Most ships have alternative dining options – some with a small shelter. There are usually informal dining options as well. Some boats have poolside bars and some have a 24-hour pizzeria, as mentioned earlier. Most offer a 24-hour diet. And do not miss the midnight buffet! Special offers may in most cases be pre-arranged. Packing a pair of elastic pants or pants – just for the case!

1. Because you deserve it!

The number of reasons for cruise holidays is that you deserve it! You work hard all year long for holiday and money. Recreational cruises provide you with tremendous value, diversity, comfort and joy. There are itineraries that will outshine almost every holiday traveler. Whether your cruise is a romantic holiday, a family holiday or a break from the bustle of everyday life, you deserve a fantastic getaway!

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Source by Brian Schmidt