The ten best tips for the best trip along the way

There's nothing more fun than an old-fashioned journey. I love to go out and explore our country. I have been a "traveling traveler" for some time now, and although I love air travel, I love the journey because you can really experience the country. So it's time to get your favorite tunes ready and munchies ready and plan for your journey trip adventure with these ten easy journey trip travel tips.

1. Plan your trip. First, you have to determine where you will go and then plan your trip. Planning should not take long, but you need to know the route you are going to drive and the points of interest on the road you want to stop and explore. Half of the fun of the trip is visible on the site along the way. I like MapQuest my trip and make it as a basic plan to attack my travel trip. GPS is very popular these days and I recommend them, but you can not always rely on them when you hit construction sites or road accidents. That's why it's important to have a real map with you about the areas you're traveling on, and if necessary, plan alternative routes.

2. Make your hotel reservations before leaving. Part of the fun when traveling on the road stops where your heart wishes, but there is nothing worse than having no "room in the hospitality" of a trip. You may not realize there is a Comic Trade Show, a Strawberry Festival, or a convention in the city while you are visiting and there are no rooms to be taken. If you do not book your reservations in advance, you not only risk sleeping in your car, but you can not effectively manage your travel budget. If you are traveling with your family or a group of friends, consider staying in a hotel with all the amenities or even rent a temporary share – a great opportunity for families traveling on the road. Did you know that 90% of people who own a temporary property do not use it regularly? Many great deals can be found in some of the larger hotel chains that offer temporary use, and many even have a washing machine and dryer. For my trip to Scottsdale, I booked a fantastic 1-bedroom suite and a kitchenette that currently shares a property directly through the hotel for just $ 100 / night including a tax at the Sheraton Desert Oasis Villas

3. Before you go, tell your car a full ringtone or consider renting a car. One week before you go on your journey, take your car for a tune and ask their mechanic to make sure the liquids in the car are covered, the air pressure in the tires is best for driving on the highway and all the others The necessary concerns regarding your car are addressed. If you need something fixed, it is best to place it in a place that you can trust before traveling. Plus, it can be more expensive when in a situation where it is needed. Also, make sure that you pack a road safety kit only in the event of an accident. The kit for me includes my membership card for the Premier Membership. If you have a car that is no longer under warranty or has automatic help on the road, the American Automobile Association is needed as it will save you the luck in the unlucky event you have a breakdown and you have to drag your car. If you are at all concerned that your current vehicle is not a "travel worthy", then you might want to consider renting a car for your trip. I did this for my trip to Arizona, because I found a lot to rent a car and I had peace of mind when traveling.

4. Pack your own food and plan a picnic. Before I was addicted to stopping the joints for a fast-food journey. There was something that was fun on this trip, but since then I learned that I prefer to pack my own food for my trip. This not only keeps me healthy but also saves money, especially if you are traveling with your family. Also, if you plan on going further, you may find that there is a wonderful picnic picnic on your trips, and packing a picnic is much better than going through Drive-through. If you take a stop or a picnic or explore a cool look on the road.

5. Bring great music or sound books to you! Music is really the soundtrack of our lives, and every trip along the way needs a soundtrack. I think of my trip to Seattle every time I hear a song by Phil Collins from No Jacket Required because it was the main music I was listening to on this trip. I think of the port of Bahamas and the incredible walks along Pink Sands Beach every time I hear Wilson Phillips music. It's like having a theme song for every vacation, but listening to music even today will cause fun memories of wonderful trips. I also love to make books I want to read, but it's easier to listen to. Here are audio books and you can download them to your mp3 player, iPhone or other PDA device. !

6. Do not forget to pack your child's bag of boredom. One thing I learned from the production of "The Mommy Travel" TV, Emily Kaufman, is that if you are traveling with children, you have to make sure you have a lot of fun while traveling. She calls this bag of boredom. Do not forget to pack a little kid kid music that kids like, along with fun travel games that include magnetic games. DVD players are an option for really long trips and while your child is not prone to car sickness. Of course, electronic games will keep your kids occupied, but I would encourage you to limit the time of these toys, especially if you are traveling through some great landscapes. This is an excellent chance of dressing up as a family and your child's memory for the trip will be lost if they are lost in Game Boy

7. Do not forget that a trip is as much for the trip as for the destination. One of my favorite trips all the way was the day my niece Jessica and I spent 52 miles on the Road to Hannah on Maui Island in Hawaii. I will never forget that the leadership said, "Remember that Hannah is not a destination but a trip." Hannah is about 52 miles from Kahlu, but a typical trip to Hannah takes at least three hours because the road is very winding, with about 620 curves over 59 bridges, of which 46 are only one strip. This wonderful journey is an unforgettable trip, flowing through a lush tropical rainforest with falling waterfalls, black sandy beaches, scenic lava rocks, fresh areas and tropical hills. Jessica and I stopped at least ten times, including one picnic stop on this black sandy beach. We took pictures of waterfalls, delicious fruit stands and beautiful tropical flower gardens. You have to treat your vacation trip in the same way that we made our way to Hannah: Enjoy your trip as a trip and not a destination

8. Make good use at every stop. I like to plan my stops for fuel, food and toilets so I can use my time effectively and not waste time by doing three stops instead of one. Probably the most important thing is that every time you stop, make sure everyone in the car uses the toilet (even if they think it does not have to be right then). This will reduce stops that you will only do for this purpose. Also, if you travel with children and just have to stop for the toilet, I recommend stopping at Starbucks. Parents can get coffee or ice tea, the toilets are clean and there is not much distraction for children (like toys to buy) that may have a truck or gas station. Use the Starbucks store locator on your website to help you plan your stops before you leave. Become a "good egg" and make a purchase at Starbucks while you are there

9. Avoid problems. When traveling on the road, you must be on the street. Do not be the object of crime by leaving your valuables on the seat in your car (DVD players, Game Boys, etc.) and do not advertise that you are traveling with a pillow and blanket travel anywhere. When you park your car, hide your values ​​and comfort for travelers. If you are proactive in keeping the "I Am a Guide" indication clearly hidden, every thief or thief should just walk right to your car. Other street wise considerations are always to park where there is good traffic to the light and the stairs, and make sure your windows are curved and the doors are locked when you leave your car. You may also want to buy items like "Club" if you like this additional safety insurance. Finally, when you drive, watch your speed. Acceleration allows you to get a ticket and, more importantly, it reduces your time to react if need be. If you are a driver, you are responsible for your passengers. When you see signs that say "speed limitations are suppressed," believe them. Other good driving tips include avoiding peak hours, especially in larger cities, and whenever possible, turning into driving with other people in the car. You will also want to avoid driving at night if you are not familiar with your surroundings.

10. Get Go City Card and save up to 55% of the attractions and theme parks in your holiday destination. Last year I was flying my 8-year-old niece Alexis and 10-year-old nephew Tyler in Los Angeles for her spring break (of course, using SamWest Airlines Reward Miles) and took a trip to San Diego. Then I found the money that saved the Go City Card for San Diego. With this card, I've saved hundreds of dollars at a reception in Legoland, Wildlife Park, San Diego Zoo and other attractions, including a Pacific Whale Watch, just by purchasing a San Diego map

Instead of paying for each local Attract you pay a price for up to 40 attractions (depending on the city you visit) and you can create your own experience, adjust your activities based on what you want to do while enjoying tremendous savings. For example, with the Go Los Angeles Card you can choose one, two, three, five or seven days cards at a low, prepaid price to access the 40 attractions included. This saves up to 55% compared to buying tickets directly at Universal Studios Hollywood, LEGOLAND California, Knott's Berry Farm, Paramount Studios, Queen Maria and many other attractions. Go City Cards are available in many cities and holiday destinations in the US including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Honolulu, Orlando, Miami, Ridge and even Toronto

Final Tips: Do not forget your mobile phone and make sure you're hands-free when you use it while driving. In many countries this is the law, but it is also downright dangerous. Always use your mobile phone "hands-free" when driving. Remember to update your software on your mobile phone before you leave because you do not want to charge higher rates for roaming charges. Finally, it's a good idea to send a copy of your route to other family members or friends in case of an emergency – this is a particularly good idea for women traveling together. Now, drive safely and have fun!

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Source by Marianne Schwab