Holidays are good for business

The summer is coming with him and our most favorite holiday season. However, a surprisingly large number of US workers, whether full-time employees who receive benefits, business owners or other self-employed professionals, will not be able to rest and this year they will get rid of this summer or another season. [19659002] There are many of us who seem to think that the distance from work responsibilities again and again signals a lack of discipline or determination to work. Many of us boast about the number of hours we work every day, and more is always better. Could it be the inheritance of Puritan ethics?

In addition, American companies as a whole are indifferent to providing paid free time compared to their counterparts in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Latin America. Even in the United Kingdom, where hard work and Puritans are born, who enjoy the enjoyment of entertainment, small and large employers traditionally provide their full-time employees with three paid holidays for Christmas, while US companies usually provide only one paid holiday

. the most important holidays in the Christian calendar, but in predominantly Christian America is not allowed at Easter. On the other hand, paid holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday are standard in Latin America, New Zealand, Australia, and the European Union.

The Center for Economic and Political Research states that 25% of US workers do not receive any paid leave of any kind – sick time, vacation or holiday. An increasing number of companies employing mainly low-wage workers limit the number of hours their employees receive in order to keep the benefits of

as much as possible. We are the contributor of ourselves in a counterfeit practice. According to the Glassdoor recruitment and placement, 75% of employees who are entitled to paid leave do not use all their benefits in the given year.

Oxford Economics, a global forecasting organization (part of Oxford University), found that 13% of managers are less likely to support employees who use all their holiday days and that employees who know fewer holiday days earn on average 3% more salaries than employees who use all the holidays provided.

Nevertheless, Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, is considered to be the trend leader who advocates an offer of unlimited vacation to employees. He believes leaders should trust their employees to make sensible decisions about when and how many holiday times and to balance the needs of society and their personal needs.

Full Contact, a software company in Denver, now offers $ 7500 bonuses to employees if they actually leave the city when they are on vacation. Conditions apply. These employees must refrain from using gadgets such as mobile phones or computers, and also refrain from sending emails and texts. Employees can not work on holidays.

Finally, Jim Moffatt, CEO of Deloitte's Mega Consultancy, explains the benefits of holidays and says, "When I separated my daily work, I needed time with my family, but I could also concentrate on a better idea of ​​where we are (Deloitte ) were and where our business is going. "

Are you still convinced? It's not easy for free entrepreneurs and Solopren to do their free time, but that's why you should get out of town for a weekend trip this summer, if possible. Your clients will be better served when you are relaxed and ready to deliver the solutions they need.

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Source by Kim L. Clark