Top Three Swedish Movies From the 00s

Here is my three favorite films from the last decade.

Hata Göteborg

A movie where a group of adolescent boys has to chose which path they want to take in life. The violent one, joining a firm and fight other firms, or another one, in this case a rather cultural one, offered by a backpacker coming to visit the main character after being away for a long time. It’s authentic and has good acting and a believable script. “Hata Göteborg” comes from the firms chanting, since they don’t like the soccer team from Gothenburg…
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Four Shades of Brown (Fyra nyanser av brunt)

Four stories weaved together thematically to one movie. Even though (or perhaps because) it’s made by a group of comedians, it’s a real tragic one, but you still get to laugh a bit, or at least smile sadly. One of the stories is about Christer that burns his face in the crematorium for animals that he works in. The face gets totally distorted, and his friends and family can’t ignore his looks, the actor/comedian Robert Gustafsson won a Guldbagge (the Swedish equivalent of Oscar) for this extremely tragic but somehow funny role. The film also won prize for best directing, best actress, and best supporting role.
Day and Night (Dag och natt)

A different kind of road movie. Usually road movies is about unexpected events during a trip. Well, this one is well directed in more than one way. Almost everything takes place in the main characters car, he is a successful architect and family father, but he has less successful parts of his life of course. This day he drives around and picks up different persons that has played a part in his life, and talks to them for a while to clear things out, while he is trying to get to the end. The list of actors is about the most impressive I’ve seen in a film since Bergman, and it really pays of. It’s a dark and contemplating film, but never slow that you shouldn’t miss. The only on this list by a danish auteur, Simon Staho.
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Is there some film you think should be on this list that’s not? Since I haven’t seen every single Swedish film from these years yet, the chance is I get a new favourite!

Source by Sten Lennver

Luxury Hotels and Holiday Rentals

When you take your family on vacation, take them to the next level by booking a luxury hotel with the best accommodations. Whether you are talking about the Grand Hotel Barriere Enghiens Les Bains in Paris or the city center of Chicago, there is nothing better than the best accommodation to relax in everyone’s perfect memory.
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Most people are immediately turned off by the word luxury because they often come with wealth at a price. However, if you are sufficiently inventive, you will be amazed how these luxury hotels can be affordable. Some even offer discounts for future bookings and other benefits that will make your stay a perfect one.
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If you are traveling with family, there are luxury hotels that can all enjoy, from business father to slippers. Check out the hotel with one of those charming children’s games rooms, a pool for socializing or a casino. Some hotels offer childcare services so that mom and dad can join a romantic evening at the lake or at a club party without worrying about their children. safety.
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If you travel with your partner and hire some sparks, you can stay in a luxury hotel, where packages can include everything from complicated romantic dinners to sweaty saunas. In a luxury hotel, guests are always pampered and all they need is to make sure they have great connections, whether they share an intercontinental breakfast or together with laughing when they look at in-house stand-up comedy production.
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Of course, when you talk about luxury hotels, you can not expect anything that would be the best of all that is important from a comfortable bed to an exceptional meal. In addition, these hotels & interiors are usually such a work of art that reflects many artistic periods from Roman Victorian to modern art deko. Needless to say that the equipment will be great and it will be as if the holiday was a hotel stay alone.
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In addition, if you plan on enjoying every minute you have during your vacation, you will need a great place to re-energize at the end of the day to start another day. , itinerary feeling refreshed and ready. While it can be fun touring a new city and exploring it from end to end, it can be very exhausting. Here you definitely need to use the time you have to relax, which probably does not seem to be a luxury hotel.

Source by Tom Harrelson

The advantages of a spa holiday

When planning your next vacation, consider what kind of vacation you want, which will help you relax and give you the feeling that you have had a lifetime vacation.
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The first advantage of spa stays is that in the long run you can save money. Rather than staying in a hotel and attending a nearby day spa, you get everything you’ve got into one useful package that lets you choose treatments, stay in a luxurious and comfortable area, and you do not have to leave the ground when you want to be spoiled.
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You will also find that spa holidays give you the opportunity to relax. Spa treatments come in a variety of choices, so you can choose those that you feel will help you relax and feel carrot. This can include aromatherapy, massage and more. Treatments that are designed to give you a chance to lie down and relax because the muscle tension is reduced and you feel better.
You will also find that after staying in the spa resort, taking advantage of the spa packages, you will feel rejuvenated. When you come home and work, you will be ready to take the world of storms. You will have the energy you need with renewed strength to deal with everyday tasks with lightness and self-confidence.
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The spa packages are all included. The advantage is that you can choose your treatment before you arrive at the resort. Your times will be planned to fit your unique itinerary and needs to ensure that your vacation is the one you can enjoy and remember for years to come.
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In addition, you will find that spa packages offer the highest resorts offering comfortable and luxurious accommodation. The guest rooms will be filled with modern conveniences you know and expect, with their own bathrooms where you have the place to rest and relax, the perfect place to lie down at night and a refreshing feeling when you wake up in the morning.
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You will also find that the use of spa stays will help you detoxify. It provides the body with time to recover after months of hard-working people living in the city, full of dangerous chemicals, and allowing you to cleanse your body, ready for the next few months of hard work.
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A package of spa stays helps relieve stress, which is a benefit to them when looking for a perfect relaxing experience. Massage and many other spa treatments will provide relief stress relief to help you get back into the game when you return to work.
Your circulation will improve and your sleep will improve, other benefits that you may not realize you will enjoy when choosing packages of spa stays.
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When choosing spa packages, it is important that you get the most out of the resort and spa and make sure you get the best experience and treatment you deserve. The center should serve as a table to provide you with a number of top-notch procedures to help you identify those that give you the best benefits and advance.

In addition, you do not automatically choose the cheapest price. Rather focus on quality of rooms, facilities and services and spa treatments. This will help ensure that you get the best holiday experience, get the relaxation you need, and return home to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Source by Regg Bickford

Prepare for your next trip

Walking trips are good if you want to stay fit and discover new and great places. In order to fully enjoy your journey, you need to think about many things. The first thing you need is to get to know the location. You can do this by collecting maps for the area you are exploring. You should not be wasting, especially in remote areas where things can be dangerous. You can find thousands of online resources for organizing travel trips, finding famous hiking trails and downloading maps. Your next step is to go to 1 or 2 workouts. You can do this by going to the specific places where you intend to walk, or you can prepare your body for the trip by going to similar terrain.

It's fun to plan a trip for hiking, so be careful not to overdo and forget the critical details. Being on a trail is such a terrible time to understand that you have forgotten something important. Before you start any preparation, you should make a list of all the things you have to carry with you. This could ensure that you have every insignificant thing you have to bring with you for the trip. There is a great chance to forget something if you come to the very end.

Proper clothes should be taken into account when planning travel trips. A description of a pair of hiking shoes are the most important things to think about. Sometimes you will cross rough terrain, and without the proper shoes you will risk hurting yourself. Buy a good pair of hiking shoes and break it for about 2 weeks before planning your trip.

The time of higher heights will not be the same as the sea level. When planning your trips, explore the advanced weather forecast. If you expect cold weather, then you have to pack windproof coat and a few gloves. We also recommend layer dressing. It's more convenient to remove extra layers if you feel warmer than adding layers if you get cold. On a pedestrian route, when you get the chill, you will have it for long distances. In conclusion, planning travel trips can be fun, but it should also be considered seriously.

Source by Ben Marcus

Make money from your holiday home

My thoughts are based on giving your guests the best holiday holiday and in return you get the highest rate of return (financially and emotionally rewarding). I believe that you treat your guests (tenants) with respect and you will feel special, in the same way as with your family and friends, with your recreational property being treated with equal respect and possible damage should be minimized. It will help you with repeated tenants and excellent recommendations for your home.

Renting a Vacation House is different from renting a year-round: In most cases, the owner can earn more income than the annual rental from income with lower possible damage from short-term rental income. For example, if you would charge 1,000 dollars a month for monthly annual rent, you would earn about $ 12,000 at the end of the year. However, if you rent your holiday home weekly for $ 1,000 as a holiday rental, your possible gross income could be $ 52,000 at the end of the year. Of course, it will depend on the location of your property. Can it be used all year round as a holiday rental or seasonal? Is it a favorite place? What are the attractions in the area?

Equipment: My basic rules: Any equipment that you would expect when you are on vacation is what your guest (tenant) would expect as well. The more you provide, the more your rents will stand out from others. Your guests will remember all the accessories you have provided. And the more you give, the more you can charge and the less your guests will have to bring with you. I always recommend to provide towels, bed linen, toiletries, cleaning (at your own cost) washing machine / dryer, barb-que, beach chairs and cleaning supplies. Some owners think that the tenants will "take home" extra, but I never did.

What else to provide: Some owners leave a bottle of wine or a basket full of goodies and brochures for attractions in the neighborhood and always contain a welcome book with a list of instructions on how to use everything in their home and include renting a rule.

A real estate broker or leased owner? This is strictly personal preference. If someone used real estate brokers, I would recommend you get some links to them. I would choose a company that has been for many years. Make sure you have a complete overview of your duties and fees and how to deal with extraordinary events. Find out who will meet your guests at the time of arrival and who will take care of cleaning the house. if they provide cleaning, this is an additional charge or is included in the initial charges. You have to know who cares about what and how much will be charged for each item. However, managing your own holiday rental is not really that difficult if you have an established system.

What to charge: There are ways to set these fees. Comparing rental for your area and what you offer can help you determine what you should charge. Be sure to include additional costs, ie Cleaning the unit and consumables.

Long distance rental challenges? Find the right person to check your property and decide who will clean your holiday unit. How can you access this problem? If you have a plumber, an electrician or a maintenance person you trust, you can ask them whether they want to check the holiday property regularly. Ask what their fee is and see if they can include a maintenance fee. And if they are also available for emergency calls.

Employ person for cleaning: You could use local cleaning or ask the neighbor you trust if they were interested in doing you as a business opportunity for them. Ask the other homeowners they use. Always get acquainted and look at them.

Potential problems and how to avoid them: Most homeowners are worried about possible damage in their second home. However, if you take the necessary measures and careful planning, you can avoid most of these questions.

Source by Marie R. Ferguson

Masturbation Holidays: Taking a break from Solo Sex

Incorporating masturbation into a mix of sexual life is always a good idea, but sometimes it can also pay to take a little vacation from solo sexual activity. Sometimes there may be a reason for the penis, such as giving a member a well-earned rest, but there may be other reasons why to go to the "no fap" period.

Correct Amount

There is an endless debate among men about what is the "correct amount" of masturbation you should get involved with. Many years ago, of course, people learned that if they did too much, they would blind or weary their hairy palms. Nowadays, men know it's not true, but the question of how much is too much is still in the air.

One reason is that there is no specific answer that would apply to all people. For example, some people would say that masturbation once a day is too much every day – and for some men it will be true. Some men have found that masturbation at this frequency is more than they feel comfortable or more than they have time or cause their penis to be strange

But in some men everyday masturbation is exactly what they need . They have a very high sexual ability, or find that daily self-sacrifice helps to reduce tension or just use the feel of your penis in your hands. In the case of masturbation frequency, there is no answer for one size. Everyone has to figure out what is too much for him. However, however, the frequency with which a person is masturbated may be so frequent that he can relax from solo-sexual activity. Why?

– Health Reasons Sometimes it's all that friction and friction can not only make one's manhood happy – it can also make it pretty pain. It is always possible to get too many good things, even if it is so good. This may take a break to allow the penis to rest and return to a first-class shape.

– Habits In some cases, one finds himself in a situation where he regularly cuddles not only for the pleasure he brings, but because it has become a habit. If this is the case, one may want to take a vacant masturbation to get out of the routine. This gives him the opportunity to explore other entertainment options. When returning to masturbation, "routine" can be gone and can actively engage and enjoy more experience

– It saves Many men who know they will engage in partner sex want to quit masturbation a few days before a likely encounter. (19659002) Duration

So how long should masturbation be allowed to happen (and / or their partners)? This of course depends on the person. For some boys, it may be enough to skip a day. Another man might prefer weekly abstinence, while another may want to go months between sessions.

Men who go on a masturbation vacation to rejuvenate the health of the penis may also consider further steps to keep the member healthy. The most important of these is to regularly use a top penis cream (health care professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) . When all of these pounding leads to raw, painful masculinity, regular use of the cream that contains moisturizing ingredients can help. A soft softener cream such as shea butter and a natural hydrate, such as vitamin E, can soften the skin and thereby help maintain and improve elasticity that relieves pain. Rough and frequent manipulation can cause some de-sensitization, so use of a cream with a high-quality neuroprotective element such as acetyl L-carnitine is a must; it can help repair the peripheral nerve damage and keep the penis feeling more full of stimulating feelings.

Source by John Dugan

Vacation rental on the beaches of Destin Florida

There is nothing like spending a holiday and watching the soothing waters along the beach. Vacation Rentals Destin Florida offer the perfect combination of beach activities and a comfortable and relaxing environment for you and your family.

The experience of the coastal breeze along the beautiful Destin beaches makes it a favorite destination for many travelers. Destin is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the United States due to its long stretch of white sands and emerald water beaches. Adventure water sports allow you to dive into crystal clear sea water. Destin is the ideal location for your special holiday. The mild weather in spring and autumn is the best time to visit Destina.

Of course, holiday at the beach usually involves plenty of beach and ocean activities. Destina beaches are competitive in the world, and Destin offers much more than just beach activities. Playing golf, fishing and shopping are other things you can do when you visit Destina. You can decide for a cruise if you want to spend time on the water without getting into the water. You can choose a trip that offers a wonderful view of the ocean. These cruises include various sunbathing, dolphin cruises, cruise dinners and lunch cruises. You can watch the dolphins sinking in the water and out of the water from a very close distance. These cruises also offer many activities, such as bird feeding and various thematic activities. Besides watching dolphins, you can enjoy a wonderful view of various sea birds, fish and other marine animals.

Destin is renowned for its great variety of fishing, including fishing on the coast, deep-sea fishing, sport fishing, bay and light fishing. Usually fish caught include plaice, triple tail, marlin, sword fish and red fish. You can also go fishing and fish to eat from your hands, just make sure you do it under the supervision of a professional instructor. Here you will find some of the best dining venues with a fascinating view of the Destina harbor and an exclusive collection of fine wines. A wide range of traditionally cooked seafood is easy to find in Destin. Many restaurants offer delicacies such as fresh seafood, steaks and grilled food.

Beach holidays are the best way to spend your holiday. You can choose from a variety of condos, beachfront houses and beach chalets with spacious rooms that allow you comfort all the way. These rentals are close to many tourist attractions, shopping, eating and dining. You can choose an apartment that has elegant furniture and a splendid outdoor outlook including a swimming pool, tennis court, barbecue and fitness center. These condos also offer a private beach along the beautiful coastline. Staying in a great place like this is the best way to relax and relax during your holiday. You can also opt for a beautiful modern beach house with plenty of rooms and a private pool that is just a few meters from the beach. The stunning beach chalet with nicely decorated rooms along with a clubhouse and a sun terrace offers a more comfortable trip. These rentals are fully equipped with a TV and DVD player, wireless internet and outdoor speakers.

If you're planning a holiday on Destiny beaches, make sure to do your research to find the best accommodation for your holiday. Accommodation Destin is often the most advantageous offer of accommodation for an unforgettable vacation.

Source by Richard Caren

Cheap Holiday Packages: A Guide to Affordable Travel Packages and How You Can Find It

Travel plans are not as complicated as they used to be. There are many useful websites and online tools that provide hotel booking, ticket selection and rental of simple processes. Finding cheap holiday volumes is easy and straightforward. You can browse through packages that are already built or customized by your own selection from different flights and hotels. Usually there is a possibility to include car rental in the bundle.

To make sure you get a good deal, use only a reliable and trusted online travel website. Its navigation and search functions should be easy to use. You should be able to enter the dates you plan to travel, your local airport and the destination city. When searching, you should be able to search only for tickets, flights + hotels and flights + hotel + car hire.

Of course, you can always check packages that are already tied together unless you have specific plans. Last minute trips include return flights and 2 to 5 nights at a budget hotel. If it's a cruise you're after, there are usually last-minute offers of the shipping lines offered as well.

While some cheap holiday packages include only tickets, room and meal or two, there are still some that offer benefits such as access to the spa and nearby attractions. Read the package carefully to find out what's in it. Do not put money on a package that offers a lot of things you probably will not need.

The cost of cheap holiday packages

Where exactly can you go? Which destinations offer the cheapest holiday? It depends on factors such as the season, whether it is a tourist season in this area, weather, airlines, market fluctuations, and so on. If you are looking for "cheap travel packages" or something similar, most Caribbean and Mexican destinations are most likely followed by Vegas, Florida, California and Hawaii. Yes, sometimes it is even possible to find cheap accommodation and discount tickets to Hawaii!

If you have not yet decided on a specific destination, find packages for a topic you are interested in, such as golf package, beach break, outdoor adventure, spa and relaxation trips, ski resorts, etc., you will be given advice on affordable trips that you will surely enjoy.

Wherever you want to go or what you want to do, start looking for cheap holiday packages today. Keep in mind that these prices are usually per person.

Do you have coupon code online? If it is not, it is time to get it. It's the best way to get offers for cheap holiday volumes. Use the page to view all current offers or search for flights, hotels, car rental, cruises and more.

Source by George Botwin

10 important tips for traveling with your dog

Most dogs like to go on an adventure, and the trip with their owners makes it even more fun for everyone! Their nature is to explore new places and meet new people. However, frequent travel with your dog can be difficult. There is the problem of housing and transporting the dog above all, but even after you pass through this problem, others arise, such as dealing with your dogs in the cabin, etc. Many people think that taking their dog with them is too much hassle. This article is to convince you otherwise, even if you just feel it will be easier to travel without your dog then in a kennel or pet services while you're away. Taking the services of a professional pet manipulator to care for your dog while you are away is often the best choice for your dog, but it is also more expensive than the kennel. If you decide to go with a kennel then do some research, first find one that is clean and comfortable and is managed by people who really care for the animals in the kennel. Some kennels will even allow you to carry goodies like a sleeping rug for dogs, a toy or two, and your own food. Whichever way you will take, you will need to make sure that your dog is up to date for all shots and immunizations, as this is necessary for any kennel reception.

If you decide that you and your best friend will stay together and travel together, here are 10 tips that will make your trip safer and easier:

1. Buy a good, solid dog carrier. Do not even consider traveling without it. If you fly, many airlines will offer you to sell one of them, but they can be very expensive. Visit your local pet shop. When making your reservations, check out the pet policies of your pet. Some airlines require the dog to be in the luggage compartment, while others will allow you to keep the dog with you. Know this before paying for your ticket.

2. Never leave your dog in a hot car, even if you turn the windows down. A car in the sun can reach temperatures of nearly 200 degrees, causing a heat stroke and even death of the rest of the pets.

3. Always use a strap and stay with your pet at all times. The dogs are very curious and in new places they can try to escape and explore.

4. Never leave your dog unattended in its carrier. Theft or kidnapping of your dog is a very real opportunity.

5. If you rent a car for long journeys or travel by train, remember that your dog needs to have enough cooling to stay safe and secure. Look for cars and cabs with air conditioning.

6. Before you leave your house, make sure your dog has a clear and effective identification. Be sure that identification provides a way to get you while you are still away from home.

7. Do not forget to carry dogs with food, toys and other things to be happy. Bring bottled water as well.

8. Get a certificate from your veterinarian that shows your dog is relevant to all immunizations.

9. Attach a puppy for first aid to the trip.

10. Make sure your dog has a chance for a potty every few hours. When in strangers such as this, your regular schedule for your dog will be interrupted and you will not want to have any unpleasant problems. If you are traveling to a theme park, check with your staff about the setting of your dog to put them on. Most will have areas around the park to use.

Here's 2 Bonus Travel Tips Abroad:

1. Contact the embassy in advance to find out what specific rules the country may have with regard to pets.

2. Often you are required to provide different certificates from the embassy or consulate. Take this in advance to be safe.

Now that you know how to have a safe and fun trip with your best friend, you can plan this next break without worrying!

Source by John Vanderbeck

Tips for planning your vacation

Again this is the time of year when you want to spend good time with your family. Are you planning an exclusive holiday abroad? Surfing the internet for the best hotels makes you nervous? Can not decide which hotel to choose, because all hotels will show the perfect image of themselves? Was he never in the hotel destination? Are you looking for discount hotels that offer you the best holiday packages without burning a hole in your pocket? Be worried because all your concerns and problems can be solved very easily. Just remember some tips and make sure you have your dream hotel.

Review customer reviews and customer reviews

What does naturally recall when it is a holiday? Of course! Hotel – a decent place to stay! Planning a holiday with friends or family is always special that you want to enjoy for the rest of your life. What is the best way to create memory for the duration of your stay at a hotel that will give you the comfort and feel of home away from home. The task of searching for what hotel you are looking for can be totally daunting because every hotel guest presents the best picture that may not necessarily be true. However, you can get some idea of ​​the hotel by comparing star ratings and customer reviews posted on the top 2-3 pages. As you pass through your customer reviews, you can easily judge whether reviews come from real customers or are processed by hoteliers because other features listed on the hotel details page should substantiate their ratings and ratings.

Hotel Chains and Services

If you are not sure about the hotel facilities provided and avoid choosing to drive, always go to hotels according to your needs and budget. If you want to stay in luxury hotels that offer world-class services including concierge, shuttle service to the city, laundry, airport transfers, internet access, etc. You can choose the best luxury hotel near public transport. For those who do not want to spend the luck on accommodation, you have a choice of budget or discounted hotels with mild equipment and facilities. If you are looking for a business trip, look for hotels that provide meeting rooms, conference rooms. But if you are on holiday or on vacation, choose hotels that offer outdoor activities, organize trips, events and are close to tourist destinations.

Destination Guide

All the best travel websites have a good guide to destinations that include travel, accommodation, food, shopping and attractions. Choose your hotel so that the destination is centrally located, easily accessible to the subway station, shopping complexes and tourist attractions. When searching for hotels you can look at nearby restaurants and menus and specialties. However, if you are budget aware of going to hotels that suit your budget, but also offer the best service.

Exclusive prices and discounts

Accommodation plays a vital role in traveling. Choosing the right kind of hotel according to your budget will decide the future course of your trip. Pre-plan your trip and enjoy the exclusive rates and discounts offered by the hotel. Find hotels that offer seasonal discounts and take the advantage of ordering the hotel at the lowest prices. If you want to travel during a specific event, check out hotels that offer event discounts. Make sure you stay and remember to use various irresistible prices and discounts offered by the hotel.

To get the best travel deal, you can always check out different websites that list hotels and their rates. Compare the rates of different websites and choose the best one that offers the lowest prices.

Your choice of hotel can either make or break a trip. So try carefully to follow the above tips and make your holiday unforgettable! The ball is in your hand!

Source by Kylie D

How to pack for your next trip!

Packaging for your trip – for women .

What to pack and how to pack it, two of the most frequently asked questions about holiday planning. It seems that most people are now beginning to pay attention to their packaging with the new restrictions and costs associated with the adoption of airplane provisions (weight reductions have decreased and inspection costs have increased).

For most people, people are happy booking packages and even go to specialized travel agencies to book safaris or other adventures, many go to the independent route and book it themselves, so although there are still many questions related with planning the trip in terms of actual travel, more and more people are asking for packing!

So, which are the best tips?

Let's start with what you pack your blessings into investing in a lightweight case of good quality, or a hold type, or suitcase that's your preference. Because you do not want to wear it, even if you pack light, take something with wheels and make sure it is stable on these wheels!

Now let's take a look at what you're going to do in this extreme case! Questions you need to ask before you decide. Where am I going, hot, cold, variable?

  • How long will I be on a weekend, a week of a month?
  • What kind of travel, business, pleasure? Will there be activities swimming, surfing, golf, walking, climbing, hang gliding?
  • Who am I going with, family, friends, work collections, romantic partner?
  • The time of your destination will dictate a lot about what clothes you pack, other considerations are if a trip to a beach or camping / hiking will make mistakes? If so, who and what should I do to counteract them?

    Consider whether you need "smart" clothes, casual or mixed. If this is a business trip, you may need intelligent and casual business. Take a look at your wardrobe and arrange the colors you have by aiming for a basic block color like black, gray or white, then you can add them in brighter colors and blend and combine.

    One basic pair of black pants can be the basis for business and casual intelligent, changing rings with tops and accessories, not much, though, packing light, remember! Shawls are a good way to change the changes, except that they are lightweight and easy to pack. A regular gray or black dress can be dressed in a jacket, scarf or lightweight vest. Trousers with top and jacket, top, scarf and sweater can give you many different looks.

    All basic colors and many pastels work well with these three basic colors, so you will certainly not be gloomy! Scarves come in countless designs and two must see through you most cases, bright bold one-color pashmina shell will see you during the day and evening for more dressing occasions, something with decoration will dress up your main shift, add jewelery and a small evening purse and leave. Oh, that's right, shoes !! We can not forget the shoes! Every elegant sandal, flip flops and business boots should be sufficient without walking, in which case you will need your leisure shoes, boots or trainers, the choice is yours.

    Let's see what we have so far:

    • Black pants.
    • Gray shift dress.
    • White shift dress.
    • 3 top – different colors. 1 jacket.
    • 1 sweater.
    • 3 pairs of shoes. But what if the business is not in the agenda and you are just for a holiday on the beach, planning to hang around the pool and dip some sunshine, or lie on the beach and dip in the sun, sit at the beach bar and dip in a little sun!

      Trip Checklist

      Passport – make sure it is valid! Take 2 photocopies, leave one at home with the emergency contact, take the other with you and store it in a place other than your actual passport. On the beach and in the bars, etc. carry the copy, not the original.

      Take copies of all important documents and save them in separate places, so if you lose a batch, you still have the information.

      Before you make a list of all the emergency numbers you may need, they may include the number you need to call if your credit card is stolen and the emergency number in the country you are visiting in case of accident, sickness or crime. The number of the local consulate or embassy, ​​though very rarely needed, when you do, you want to convey them.

      Chargers for your phone, iPod and any other electronic entertainment devices you may have (eBook reader, PSP, Nintendo, etc.).

      Travel Documents – Airplane, Boat, Train Tickets, Visa, Car Rental Voucher, and all medical certificates for proof of vaccines, where applicable.

      Driving license if you rent a car, make sure it is the original, not the photocopy, if you own a 2-piece driver's license, you will need both parts. If your driver's license is not in Latin characters (Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Kanji, etc.), you must also carry an international driving license.

      If you rent a car and you will be the leading driver, you will need a credit card on your behalf, with sufficient credit for the car hire company to "hold"; deposit. Do you take any medications? Do not forget to bring enough for your trip and do not forget to carry an original pack in the event of an emergency (where you may need to replace them). Also put an emergency medical kit, painkillers, plasters (especially greasy bombs), antibiotic cream, diarrheal pills, digestive pills and, of course, vitamin C!

      With restrictions on liquids in hand luggage and weight restrictions on checked bags, overflowing toiletries in bottles of 100ml, you can always buy more on your destination, this is also true for sunscreen and repellent insects. Although I would always take a hand disinfectant, toilet paper (small roll) and wipes, and aloe vera gel in my hand luggage.

      In view of these limitations, if you are staying at a hotel or self-service accommodation, check that they provide hair dryers, etc., if so, that's one less thing you need to wear,

      If you need glasses, take a pair of pairs, you just never know what can happen and you do not want to be captivated in half now, right?

      If you go to the hot side, pick up two pairs of sunglasses (in case of a break) plus a hat to keep the sun out of your head, it's surprising how many people, especially those with fair hair gets burned heads!

      If you want / need to take a cloth, take a microfibril, weigh a lot less, and also drain much faster.

      Do not take your best jewelry unless you are staying in a hotel where you have access to a safe and even then think twice because nothing can spoil a break faster than losing a favorite piece of expensive jewel, especially if it is emotional.

      Beach Trip

      Do you go to the beach? Then you have to pack a sun block! Add a little aloe vera gel for soothing sunny skin, dark glasses and a hat! Of course you will need some swimwear, sarongs work well on the beach and are so lightweight and easy to pack. Take a few exotic prints and they can double up as Party Time Dresses! will show you how versatile the Sangers really are and what more, they leave enough space in your case to bring home many great deals !

      What clothes to take, think about it, go to the glamorous nightclubs and restaurants, or relaxed bars and discos on the beach? Wrap as lightly as possible, take a wash and carry objects so you do not have to carry a lot of dirty clothes with you. Sarongs make a good choice for women because they come in many colors and patterns, are lightweight and easy to pack and so flexible that only a few can easily go from the beach to the restaurant.

      You can even make your own, in colors to suit your taste, sarong or pareo is about 6 feet long and the width is what you want it to be! If you want, you can wear them like a favorite lace skirt, wear them like a dress, or even jacket, how flexible is this? !!

      If the sarongs are not your thing, then consider making only some basic items that you can dress or with accessories, shift dress (yes, although this is not a business trip) always works well because it can be dressed or down if needed.

      As there is no business trip, take as many shoes as they take up a lot of space, weigh a lot and most of the time on a beach, finally wear your flip flops

      Beach bag to take all of you things & # 39; your own bottle of water to keep filling, not forgetting a good book or whatever you take on the beach until you're in the water or do not order another Mai Tai!

      Source by Jacqui Cooper

    How to choose the right travel bag for your vacation

    As exciting as traveling can be, it also comes with some stressful aspects. Hurling luggage can be wind, or it can cause tension on your travel experience. The first thing you have to do is consider your travel style and satisfy specifically these needs when choosing the right luggage for your vacation. In this article, we have compiled a list of important things to consider beforehand.

    Bag or backpack

    We focus on suitcases rather than backpacks in this article for the following reasons:

    • Comfort

    ] Manipulating at airports with a lot of people and transport while you carry a lot of weight on your back, not easy. Cases are much easier to handle with ease of transportation.

    • Wheels

    Simply pack your luggage. This is our main reason for picking up the trunk.

    • Organization

    Backpack does not give much organizational space. You will only have access to the most frequently loaded mechanism where you will be forced to remove everything to reach the item at the bottom. The case gives you a clear overview of all your companies as you unpack them or open them.

    • Impressions

    Wearing backpack does not look really good

    Hard or Soft

    travel luggage based on your passengers. For example; do you travel for business or pleasure? Do you plan to carry expensive items that could easily break? Fixed transmission is perfect for anyone who wears objects such as an expensive camera or if your vacation is in areas with harsh weather conditions. The hard case will offer protection to any object that is susceptible to breakage.

    Soft luggage is perfect for anyone looking for extra storage. These bags can expand, which is ideal for anyone who wants to take some souvenirs with them. Also soft carry cases are easily inserted into the upper compartment.


    One of the main things to keep in mind is never to buy a carrier that is larger than you can actually raise above your head. Furthermore, how long will your vacation last? Many people are able to survive with fewer objects than others, but when visiting a stranger's place, the smaller transfer is ideal. Before purchasing the shipment, please inquire about international and national requirements for specific air transport.

    Some aircraft allow smaller transport capacities, so it is best to always limit the purchase of the trunk, which is approximately 21 x 13 x 9, and focus on the weight of 15 – 20 pounds

    Here is a list of some popular carrier sizes:

    • The international shipping size is usually 18 to 20 inches
    • The most popular carry size is 21 to 22 inches – This is a great size that offers ample space, yet easy to lift. You can travel for one month without too much trouble.
    • If you are traveling with your loved ones, then the average size would be perfect. So consider buying 23 to 24 inches
    • For those who like more space, then 25 – 27 inches will provide you with plenty of places where you will have your souvenirs or clothing. Also, if you are on vacation with your family, you can easily customize all things into one of these suitcases for easy handling.
    • The size of 28 to 32 inches is simply too large for the travel case. It is very bulky and can be very difficult to maneuver. This size is simply the best for anyone who is about to move abroad, or someone thinks he will live in another country for a long time.

    Sometimes it would be better to buy two smaller suitcases than buying a large and heavy suitcase. Accept, you will have to pay extra, but it will cost it because you will not have to worry about filling everything in one bag or suffering overweight charges while traveling home with some souvenirs


    It is best to buy a bag with unique prints and colors. In this way you will find it easy to see on the luggage carousel. Also, you will not accidentally miss someone else's bag.


    Wheel options available in two variants; two or four. Two rounds are the most common, as these bags tend to be lighter and easier. You can also simply pull the bag on the stairs without having to lift it manually.

    The four wheels stand upright so you can easily overturn them in the crowded or shallow ways, such as inside the aircraft.

    Check the bags with safety wheels – this will be (19659002) Material

    Always make sure your luggage has waterproof materials or at least treated with a sealant on the inside to keep your things dry. This is very important because sometimes your luggage can be placed on wet, sticky or dirty surfaces by luggage handlers.

    If your bag does not have a moisture-proof sealant, simply put the top and bottom of the plastic bag case (the garbage bag or dry cleaning bag will be fine.) This simple trick will keep your clothes dry even if your suitcase dampens on the outside


    Buy a briefcase that comes with adjustable straps. These tapes will help your things safely and compress.

    Piggy Back Clip

    Have you ever seen those loop clips placed at the top of some travel bags? They are called a piggy bank and allow the traveler to attach the second bag to the second larger bag – so your items will remain safe throughout your travels.

    If Your Carriage Is Not Coming (19659002) Sections

    Separated parts are useful when you want to organize your stuff. For example; instead of placing a small shampoo or fluids with your clothes, put them in your outer pocket (to prevent your clothing from being destroyed in the event of spills). In addition, they will be easily searched for when it is needed.

    Source by Bob Tom

    Spectacular Resort Holiday

    Many travelers think that holiday stays are ideally suited for couples only. You will be surprised if you know how wonderful it can be for both family and children. Selecting a holiday resort that suits your needs is a challenging task, especially due to the endless variety you find. The most important thing you have to remember is that your center can really determine a lot of your experience at the destination, so it is advisable to choose it very wisely! Here are some of the most remarkable all-inclusive resorts where you will have the time of your life.

    1. Kingsmill Resort & Spa, VA

    Whatever the weather, this is an ideal holiday destination. Resort is a complete world with wonderful accommodations and unlimited activities for both adults and children. The Kingsmill boasts a stunning experience and claims to be home away from home. From the cottage to the holiday houses, tourists are attracted to the beauty of the surroundings. For golf lovers, this is an ideal place due to the amazing golf courses nearby. World-class spa facilities are also worth a try

    2. Club Med Ixtapa Pacific, Mexico

    If you are looking for an ideal place to stay with your family in Mexico, look forward. There is no better place to explore the miracles of Mexico. The magnificent gardens and wonderful experiences will make your stay more pleasant. The beautiful beach near the marked swimming area is the ideal place to relax for your vacation. The resort has amazing restaurants. It is also well-known for the amazing Flying Trapeze School. For a trapped enthusiast, it is certainly a wonderful experience that they should not miss.

    3. The Breakers, FL

    You can really understand what it is like staying at The Breakers as soon as you live it yourself. It is the perfect place to recognize the knot and for couples to spend a honeymoon because the privacy offered by this luxury accommodation is not like no other. For lovers of the beach, the experiences are endless and much more adventurous. From sunbathing and tasting the finest cuisine, it can become your dream vacation. The resort offers many recreational activities for all ages. While you're there, do not miss an ocean trip.

    4. BarceloLangosta Beach Tamarindo, Costa Rica

    The highlight of this resort is the stunning natural beauty of the nearby beach and the divine beach where you can spend a lot of quality time. The resort is ideal for couples and surfers because it offers adventure in the surroundings and surroundings. The resort's facilities include state-of-the-art world class facilities to ensure a pleasant stay. There is nothing better to experience the magic sunrise and the sunset of Costa Rica!

    Source by Robert G. Little