Top Three Swedish Movies From the 00s

Here is my three favorite films from the last decade.

Hata Göteborg

A movie where a group of adolescent boys has to chose which path they want to take in life. The violent one, joining a firm and fight other firms, or another one, in this case a rather cultural one, offered by a backpacker coming to visit the main character after being away for a long time. It’s authentic and has good acting and a believable script. “Hata Göteborg” comes from the firms chanting, since they don’t like the soccer team from Gothenburg…
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Four Shades of Brown (Fyra nyanser av brunt)

Four stories weaved together thematically to one movie. Even though (or perhaps because) it’s made by a group of comedians, it’s a real tragic one, but you still get to laugh a bit, or at least smile sadly. One of the stories is about Christer that burns his face in the crematorium for animals that he works in. The face gets totally distorted, and his friends and family can’t ignore his looks, the actor/comedian Robert Gustafsson won a Guldbagge (the Swedish equivalent of Oscar) for this extremely tragic but somehow funny role. The film also won prize for best directing, best actress, and best supporting role.
Day and Night (Dag och natt)

A different kind of road movie. Usually road movies is about unexpected events during a trip. Well, this one is well directed in more than one way. Almost everything takes place in the main characters car, he is a successful architect and family father, but he has less successful parts of his life of course. This day he drives around and picks up different persons that has played a part in his life, and talks to them for a while to clear things out, while he is trying to get to the end. The list of actors is about the most impressive I’ve seen in a film since Bergman, and it really pays of. It’s a dark and contemplating film, but never slow that you shouldn’t miss. The only on this list by a danish auteur, Simon Staho.
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Is there some film you think should be on this list that’s not? Since I haven’t seen every single Swedish film from these years yet, the chance is I get a new favourite!

Source by Sten Lennver

Luxury Hotels and Holiday Rentals

When you take your family on vacation, take them to the next level by booking a luxury hotel with the best accommodations. Whether you are talking about the Grand Hotel Barriere Enghiens Les Bains in Paris or the city center of Chicago, there is nothing better than the best accommodation to relax in everyone’s perfect memory.
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Most people are immediately turned off by the word luxury because they often come with wealth at a price. However, if you are sufficiently inventive, you will be amazed how these luxury hotels can be affordable. Some even offer discounts for future bookings and other benefits that will make your stay a perfect one.
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If you are traveling with family, there are luxury hotels that can all enjoy, from business father to slippers. Check out the hotel with one of those charming children’s games rooms, a pool for socializing or a casino. Some hotels offer childcare services so that mom and dad can join a romantic evening at the lake or at a club party without worrying about their children. safety.
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If you travel with your partner and hire some sparks, you can stay in a luxury hotel, where packages can include everything from complicated romantic dinners to sweaty saunas. In a luxury hotel, guests are always pampered and all they need is to make sure they have great connections, whether they share an intercontinental breakfast or together with laughing when they look at in-house stand-up comedy production.
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Of course, when you talk about luxury hotels, you can not expect anything that would be the best of all that is important from a comfortable bed to an exceptional meal. In addition, these hotels & interiors are usually such a work of art that reflects many artistic periods from Roman Victorian to modern art deko. Needless to say that the equipment will be great and it will be as if the holiday was a hotel stay alone.
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In addition, if you plan on enjoying every minute you have during your vacation, you will need a great place to re-energize at the end of the day to start another day. , itinerary feeling refreshed and ready. While it can be fun touring a new city and exploring it from end to end, it can be very exhausting. Here you definitely need to use the time you have to relax, which probably does not seem to be a luxury hotel.

Source by Tom Harrelson

The advantages of a spa holiday

When planning your next vacation, consider what kind of vacation you want, which will help you relax and give you the feeling that you have had a lifetime vacation.
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The first advantage of spa stays is that in the long run you can save money. Rather than staying in a hotel and attending a nearby day spa, you get everything you’ve got into one useful package that lets you choose treatments, stay in a luxurious and comfortable area, and you do not have to leave the ground when you want to be spoiled.
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You will also find that spa holidays give you the opportunity to relax. Spa treatments come in a variety of choices, so you can choose those that you feel will help you relax and feel carrot. This can include aromatherapy, massage and more. Treatments that are designed to give you a chance to lie down and relax because the muscle tension is reduced and you feel better.
You will also find that after staying in the spa resort, taking advantage of the spa packages, you will feel rejuvenated. When you come home and work, you will be ready to take the world of storms. You will have the energy you need with renewed strength to deal with everyday tasks with lightness and self-confidence.
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The spa packages are all included. The advantage is that you can choose your treatment before you arrive at the resort. Your times will be planned to fit your unique itinerary and needs to ensure that your vacation is the one you can enjoy and remember for years to come.
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In addition, you will find that spa packages offer the highest resorts offering comfortable and luxurious accommodation. The guest rooms will be filled with modern conveniences you know and expect, with their own bathrooms where you have the place to rest and relax, the perfect place to lie down at night and a refreshing feeling when you wake up in the morning.
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You will also find that the use of spa stays will help you detoxify. It provides the body with time to recover after months of hard-working people living in the city, full of dangerous chemicals, and allowing you to cleanse your body, ready for the next few months of hard work.
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A package of spa stays helps relieve stress, which is a benefit to them when looking for a perfect relaxing experience. Massage and many other spa treatments will provide relief stress relief to help you get back into the game when you return to work.
Your circulation will improve and your sleep will improve, other benefits that you may not realize you will enjoy when choosing packages of spa stays.
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When choosing spa packages, it is important that you get the most out of the resort and spa and make sure you get the best experience and treatment you deserve. The center should serve as a table to provide you with a number of top-notch procedures to help you identify those that give you the best benefits and advance.

In addition, you do not automatically choose the cheapest price. Rather focus on quality of rooms, facilities and services and spa treatments. This will help ensure that you get the best holiday experience, get the relaxation you need, and return home to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Source by Regg Bickford

Make Your Disney World Vacation Affordable – 4 Tips for Saving Money

If you are dreaming of taking your children to Disney World this year, you might wonder how you can make your vacation as affordable as possible. The good news is that if you know where to look, there are a number of ways you can save money on your Disney vacation.

1. Traveling during the value season

The easiest way to save money on your vacation is to visit during the value season or off season. At certain times of the year, Disney offers a quote in hotel resorts that offer thoughtful savings. Another bonus to off-peak times in these periods is that crowds are less important to see and do during your stay.

2. Staying Out of Work

Another alternative is to stay in a hotel nearby. Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista and International Drive are just a few miles from Disney World Resort and rooms are less than $ 69 per night.

If there are more than three people in your side, you can consider renting a private home in Kissimmee. You will have much more space without spending much more than you would in a hotel room, and with kitchen equipment you can save money on food during your vacation. Many houses also come with their own swimming pools, ideal for chilling after a day in the parks.

3. Use Disney Vacation Planner

It is possible to search for discounts on the Internet, but one of the best ways to save money when booking your vacation is to use a vacation planner in Disney. These agents have access to the latest Disney World discounts and help you book your vacation at no extra charge. Even better, if the discount is available after you have booked your trip, you can use it on your booking and save even more money!

4. Saving Money on Park Tickets

Many people lose hundreds of dollars on tickets to the amusement park because they don't take the time to think about what they actually want to do on vacation. Ticket options may seem confusing at first glance, but once you understand the pickup and mix approach, you can customize your ticket that suits your family's plans without wasting money.

There you have, four ways you can save money and make your dream Disney World vacation more affordable.

Source by Clare Swindlehurst

Vacation Rental Deals – Pros, Cons, and Budgeting

Vacation, rentals, deals are all important things when it comes to vacationing holidays. And we look to him – we all want to go on vacation, but we don't want to spend our hands and feet. After all, we all know that there is a point where we have to do both – save and relax. So how do you get both of you?

Rental stores are not nearly as heavy as you might think. And we face him – they have LOADS professionals!

Do you really like to get up early for breakfast on vacation? Most people don't – but hey, free breakfast! However, if you are renting your house for a week or two while on vacation, not only will you spend less than you should if you were in a hotel, you would buy every meal in the nearest restaurants, but you also have the chance to cook your favorite favorites Maybe there are several dishes that you have not cooked for a while that you all taste!

And seriously? Would you rather go halfway in a hotel room where there is no privacy at all, or would you rather have a big house instead? The answer is obvious! Last but not least, do you really want to get stuck with a lot of crazy kids who intend to stay up to four hours, without any signs of stopping, and without any idea of ​​decency and consideration?

But there are several disadvantages.

I mean, maybe you wanna wake up pretty soon. Or depending on continental breakfast is what really makes your vacation. Or maybe the price is a little bit more. However, whenever you realize it or not, there is a way to solve the problem.

You see, if you have a budget and play your cards correctly, you can do one of two things – the first to get a discount. The second is saved before you search.

When budgeting, you must first have an idea of ​​how much you can spend and how long you plan to save. In the face of the more you save, the better your chances are, the really nice vacation rentals!

Start by learning about discounts. If you manage to get all the money at all, even if it's just because you booked it a year in advance, PURCHASE! Going on holiday off-season could also be an opportunity for you to get discounts!

Then start saving. Sure, you have a deal, but you still need money for everything else. Make sure you have everything that is right and estimate – and start building your disposable income. This means that any other that you do absolutely nothing has to go directly to this account.

Then look at where you can cut corners just a little. You may not realize it, but the more you save on trifles, the easier it is to get great things! Stay this way until you reach your goal. If you can, pull a few hours of overtime. Remember, holiday loans can help you, but you have to help yourself!

Source by Jame Edwards

Vacation Rental Marketing – Internet and Social Media

The growth of the holiday rental industry is a direct consequence of the Internet phenomenon. It has never been easier to reach potential tenants and advertise vacancies. The trick is to know where to spend time and money for maximum effect. Following is basic information about internet marketing.

If you don't have your own vacation website, you're missing a boat. Even if you are listed in a property manager or in a directory that is important to your property. You can design your own basic website or pay someone else to put it together. Make sure you use the best possible images for your website. Paying a pro is well spent money

I really like the blog format pages. You can use a blog to write about your property, local events and accommodation specials or packages. Search engines look like blogs better than static websites. You will need to register a domain name using the appropriate keywords and get your site hosted by someone who sends your new site to the search engines. Quick online search reveals a lot of tech savvy people who are willing to help you.

The next step in internet marketing is social media. Post your website and blog entries to your Facebook profile or, better still, put a page for your property and invite all your friends to "want" it. Build your fan base by searching for your previous guest profiles and invite them to follow you. We will help you with the crawl process using Facebook courses.

Grab your camcorder and tour your assets. It doesn't matter if the quality is a bit rough at first. A collage of photos with background music and / or voice is all you need. Add it to your YouTube account and think about other related videos (local events, activities, places of interest, etc.). The more videos you create, the better. Imagine a few videos on your website and update them with each season or add new equipment.

You now have original content relevant to your vacation that you can use for the internet and social media marketing. Use your blog as content for Facebook or Twitter and add video and images to everything (search engines love pictures and video).

This is a brief overview of a very important topic. I'll dive deer into internet / social media marketing in future roles. Happy Renting!

Source by Doug Meeder

 Find Out Distance Cities and Become Happier While Traveling by Car

Life is about motion. We move all the time literally and figuratively speaking. Traveling makes our lives more interesting. It's scientifically proven that people who travel are the happiest in the world. It's time to inject some happiness and hit the road even for a short period of time. New places, interesting stories, sightseeing and even weekend country getaways can be energizing and refreshing. We are looking for exciting experience. For some people, even little trips can be life changing. Do not sit around and wait for life to come. It will not come knocking on your door. Small things and happy moments can only be created by ourselves.

Enough with stimulating speeches. Let's move to the practical side of the deal. Traveling by car requires some preparation. Do not say & # 39; no & # 39; after that phrase. It's not that bad. If you are not planning the type, you can just grab your bag and try adventures with spontaneous road trips. But at some point we need basic information about simple tips, eg driving distance between cities, approximate time of driving, visual map with marked routes, petrol calculation and even weather forecast. Does not sound that important? Well, believe me it is. You'll start asking these questions at some point and will need answers. It's good that there's an interesting suggestion.

The internet is a great creation. You can find all the useful information there. It's good to stumble upon some simple and understandable resources once in a while. A few minutes of your time can save you some trouble. Do not neglect research things mentioned in the previous paragraph, such as: distance between cities, map, weather, petrol. You can travel light or pack some heavy bags, but remember to take with you some important things: driving license Obviously, wallet with money / cards, phone charger, of course your cell phone (even if you are not a fan of cell phones on and you can also enjoy good music without a good trip. All other items are less important and it's up to you.

Traveling by car is fun, but let's not forget about caution. While driving you are not only responsible for yourself but for those who travel with you and for other people driving along. Safety is important and you should never neglect it. Pay attention to the road in front of you. It's also good to switch driving duties with your companions. If you travel alone for a long distance, consider stopping for some rest or even for the night. Stay safe, cherish life and health.

Source by OL Clarks

Adventure Route Guide 66

"Get Your Kicks on Route 66" was a popular song from the 40s, sung by Nat King Cole, who helped bring this long section of the road – Route 66 – to glory. Now you can get your own kicks on Route 66 if you enter the Route 66 Adventure manual as it will take you to many of the hidden and not so hidden gems along this path.

Route 66 was one of the first highways in the United States, ending in 1926. It runs from Chicago to California and travels through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. to Santa Monica, California. In the 1950s, after President Eisenhower signed a bill that provided for the creation of a "interstate highway system" and many large "super-highways," many people felt that the famous road was almost dead. But while these new highways challenge the reign of Route 66 and as the author of the Route 66 Adventure Handbook, it's been a while that the famous road fades away, fortunately, travelers have historically recognized the unique qualities of this famous route and now enjoys a revival.

Now, in its fifth edition, the Adventure Route Guide 66 is divided into heads from the state, moving southwest from Illinois to California. Each chapter includes many kinds of attractions, much more than I've ever seen in other travel books. And many of these attractions are spaces that are missed by other books, places that are as unique as Cadillac Ranch, where the car "shows" true Cadillacs, partially buried, "… which are said to be placed under the same corner as sides of the Great Egyptian Pyramids. "(page 290) In addition, each chapter also includes an" Additional AFF "section where attractions can be found just a short distance from the famous itinerary.The adventure route guide 66 is written in an easy to read / follow style and layout is easy for the eyes, making this book ideal for taking and referring to many times.There are so many things to choose from for travel visits to her pages that you want to start searching in the book well before the start of your journey. – a great selection of the many attractions in this book should be "Big Brut" – a giant, and I mean GIANT! ("the second largest ever built") – the shovel in Western Mineral, KS. A picture of Brut shows a car parked next to it, which gives you a good idea of ​​how big Brut is. And I have to mention all the pictures because this book is full of them – almost every mentioned attraction is accompanied by a good, clear picture. To make it even easier to find, under each photo is the GPS location of the attraction. If you are planning a trip to explore Route 66, whether you are fleeing a part of the road or an adventure that benefits from a full 2,000-mile route, be sure to take the Route 66 Adventure Handbook with you. you will not miss an attraction on this famous road.

Quill says: John Steinbeck calls Route 66 "The Road Road" in the Grapes of Wrath, and for good reason. Now, with the Route 66 Adventure Guide, you can explore this fantastic stretch of asphalt and enjoy all the unique jewels you can offer jewelry that others can not miss without the leadership. Take the book, jump into your car and start driving!

Source by Ellen F Feld

What is "Look and see the journey" – and how to prepare for it

A "View and Look at Trip" (or trip by type) is a service that is sometimes provided by singles or families traveling abroad under a contract for aliens. The purpose of this trip is for the individual or family to see, feel and experience the country and region in which they can move in the near future. Companies will only provide this service to those who have already agreed to be flexible in advance and open to such a move. Before you leave your new destination, you will be contacted by the relocation company that works with your business to discuss your personal needs and desires regarding your future life in the host country. Your specific needs may include, for example, an apartment close to the office or near the airport, as you will often be traveling to your new location or may include a three-bedroom house and an immediate proximity to an international school. high standards. Your personal wishes can include ocean and apartment views near shops and nightlife, or maybe a swimming pool in the yard and a mall with a supermarket nearby. Whatever your needs and desires, it is important to do your preliminary study so that the relocation agency can help you in the best possible way. Do not give up when it comes to expressing your wishes. The more detail you can give, the more likely the agency will help you determine your ideal home in the future.

If you are only one person, it will probably be relatively easy for you to find the right time to fly to your future destination and visit your prospective prospective office and explore your accommodations. If you are part of a family moving abroad, you will need to find travel time that is not only convenient for all family members but will also allow you to visit all necessary facilities such as children or schools at the right time. A trip planned during school holidays may not be an accurate picture of a given area, as the amount of traffic may be quite different from the usual daily buzz, construction works may be temporarily suspended, and kindergartens and schools closed or rooms

A typical look and see the journey lasts for a week. Upon arrival at the destination or shortly thereafter, a relocation agent will meet you at the hotel or at the place where you will be staying to discuss the program of the week. This program is naturally based on the needs and desires you have expressed earlier. However, if a misunderstanding has occurred, now is the time to fix them before you lose at any time by seeing things you do not really care about. The agent will try to show you as much as possible as little as possible. If you think the program is too large, do not hesitate to limit the programmed activities. Just keep in mind that you will only have one look and see a trip!

A standard vision and travel program might look like this:

Welcome Package (including brochures with attractions, list of useful websites, etc.)

Presentation of the country, cost of living, advice on different cultures, historical information about your host country.

Domestic sampling (minimum 4-5 accommodation options)

Visit to kindergartens or schools (if applicable)

Visiting Car Dealers and Vehicle Ownership Information (if applicable)

A tour including supermarkets, malls, restaurants, banks, sports centers, etc. You can use this time to visit tourist attractions and shops, or just walk around your preferred area to get the right feel of the place. For those who are tortured by a jet lag, the deserved rest after the hectic day can be the most important priority! your own look and see travel through surfing the web, reading relevant books, watching movies and images from your future destination and talking to people who lived there. Thanks to the huge information available to us today through the internet, chat rooms and satellite pictures, it is really possible to acquire a very good feeling and idea for a country or place that we have not yet visited in the real life.

Source by Camilla Dessing

Six ways to capture travel with your photos

As scrapbookers, we take pictures of everything. With mobile phones, it's easier and easier to click and post. We recently made a trip from northern California to the Glacier National Park. It was twenty hours in every direction. Here are some of the funniest ways we took our trip: 1) Take pictures while you're packing. Do you put everything on the bed and then put it in your suitcase? How do you pack the car? They are just as important as the trip and the destination. Shoot the packaging, suitcases, car and boot.

2) Use the GPS function of your camera. We used the camera instead of our phones, so we were not tempted to publish that we are away from home. It's also easier when you have a second pilot who can take pictures while driving. When you arrive home, you can put the pictures on the card and print them. Or use a physical card and print miniature pictures that were taken while driving.

3) Taking road signs and "Welcome" signs are common and funny. But what about the unusual signs you see on the road? Or signs of a restaurant? You can take pictures of your odometer at the beginning and end of the trip to document the total mileage.

4) Consider shooting the other stops or gas stops you are doing. Family members leaving the car, stretching and / or yawning. To enjoy snacks or meals at these stops are part of the story. Is there something unique about the rest? We found a couple of free coffee and cookies available.

5) Thinking about food – what about the pictures of the places you eat during a trip? Do you mainly go through it? Or sit down, relax and have dinner? Maybe you have a stack of empty packs on the back of the back seat or a full trash container indicating food travel on the road. Have you packed a cooler? If so, what did you put in there? And Bonus Idea:

6) Document the end of the trip. Picture of the big pile of laundry or the dirty car or even a sleeping baby in the backseat. from the park. What photos will you take on your next trip?

Source by Karen Siegel Fitting

 How to Plan for Manali-Leh Road Trip?

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." – Martin Buber

We are all aware of the scenic destinies – Manali and Leh … but few have explored the roadways between the two hilly destinies which is a breath-taking experience in itself. Off Road, this road trip has captured the imagination of many bikers and a biking trip on this road is a must-do in an adventurous person's list.

The distance between Manali and Leh is 490kms but the journey takes longer than usual due to the hilly terrain and bad stretches of road due to snow crossings, water crossings due to glacial melts and occasional landslides. The travel time is unpredictable due to all these factors and also the swift changing weather conditions. The minimum time for this journey is two days and it can extend due to undesirable factors. This road trip has many pit stops to unwind and relax for the night. Some of the popular ones are at Jispa, Sarchu and Keylong.

The summer months – May and June are ideal and are the peak season for this one of a kind road trip. The road to Leh from Manali remains open only for six months in a year. Buses and taxis on this route but the best way to enjoy this trip is on a private vehicle behind the wheels. This journey is not for the weak heart and you need a good level of physical fitness to face the extreme weather conditions, the fatigue and also the altitude and motion sickness.

One man has to stay at night at the starting point, at Manali to acclimatize to the cold weather and less atmospheric pressure. Do take a pit stop for overnight stay at Keylong, Jispa or Darcha to let your body cope with the high altitude and less atmospheric pressure. It is strongly advised not to sleep in Sarchu or Pang on the upward journey (towards Leh) as it can cause acute mountain sickness: headache, nausea, dizziness and vomiting. It is also advisable to carry high energy foods like chocolates, glucose etc on the trip and spend only a little time at the high mountain passes.

The spectacular views have captured the imagination of many professional photographers as well as the amateur ones on this route. Every click is a perfect postcard like image. The mountain ranges on both sides feature some of the most stunning sand and rock natural formations. Many small streams of snow-covered mountains and glacial melts look amazing. The landscape changes immediately after getting past the Rohtang Pass and entering the Chandra river valley in the Lahaul region that lies in rain-shadow. The greenery on the southern side of the mountain pass disappears and the mountain slopes on the leeward side become brown and arid. The scenery is remarkable on this journey and some scenic views are beautiful beyond imagination!

Source by Tamanna Singh

Safety tips when traveling by car for the next trip

1. Always store these items in your car at all times, especially for the latest road trips: maps, jumper cables, charged mobile phones, signal missiles, flash, first aid kit, blankets, autoclub maps if broken, and some spare money hidden in your car.

2. Do not forget to plan your route carefully. Use websites like mapquest ( and Google Earth ( to plan your route. Also pay attention to the places you want to stop for breaks and filling with petrol. This allows you to know which ones are safer than others.

3. Always park in well-lit areas if you plan to arrive or leave after dark.

4. Do not park in an isolated or visually impaired area near walls or heavy leaves.

5. Use a parking or service garage, not free, especially if you drive alone.

6. As you drive to your car, watch out for suspicious people sitting in cars near yours.

7. Ask for a security escort if you are alone in a shopping mall. Do not worry, that's no inconvenience on their part, that's their job.

8. Take care of young men who have fun in the area (handing out flyers, trying to start a conversation, selling something, etc.).

9. If someone tries to get closer, go back to the restaurant you just came from (store, restaurant, etc.) and ask to be escorted or call someone from your store or mobile phone to meet you there.

10. Always tell friends or family where you are going and contact them when you arrive.

By following these car and road travel tips, you can effectively protect yourself and keep it safe.

Source by Michelle Annese

Vacation on an Aegean island with a sailing boat

Endless clock on the beach, overlooking the blue horizon, night sky and stars. Early in the morning a cup of coffee, pajamas like a swimsuit and then immerse yourself in a "big blue". Only you and your friend, in remote coves, yet in the most popular islands. Sailing holiday is a way of life that everyone can follow.

We start with a sailboat from the island of Paros. The advantage of Paros is the fact that Paros is located exactly in the center of Cyclades with its many islands in the area, making your holiday in Greece an ideal choice.

This gives you the opportunity to sail every day, no matter where the wind blows, so your islands jump dream.

There are so many options and so many anchorages to stay even under very harsh conditions that sailing is safe and enjoyable even for reliably inexperienced crews.

Day 1: Navigate past Paros for the first destination, Naxos. Depending on the weather conditions, it will take 3-4 hours. Naxos is one of the largest islands of the Cyclades with great interest and many monuments. Don't miss the sunset at the ancient Apollo Temple, just meters from the harbor. Grilled octopus with "oak" is here "must".

Day 2: Today we sail south along the west coast of Naxos, which ends in the southernmost island of the island in the Bay of Kalando. In the middle of the road we stop at a nice mooring, Roga, for swimming and lunch. Kalando is a special place. It is not a village but offers a perfect refuge for a yacht. It is an isolated area with a long sandy beach and many kilometers of seaside trails, ideal for hiking in pure nature. For dinner, a local shepherd kiosk offers BBQ with local products only. Don't expect luxury items here. No doubt it will be your favorite place at the end.

Day 3: Leave Kalando Heading for Koufonisi. A short stop in a wonderful place called Rina, where you can swim in the sea cave. Amazing colors everywhere.Koufonisi by far the most beautiful of the small Cyclades islands with many sandy beaches all around. Rent a bicycle and visit all. The "Captain Nicolas" dinner is from any bargaining, as is the frozen mojito at the wind bar right above the harbor. Day 4: If the wind is strong, stay in the area visiting the nearby island of Kato Koufonisi and swim in the crystal clear water, snorkel or hike. This area is very protected from the big waves, because the vast Naxos island in the north blocks the wind to make our life aboard more comfortable. In the afternoon, return to the same port in Pano Koufonisi.

In case the weather allows to sail to Amorgos, the island of "Big Blue". You can rent a car or bike to explore the wild beauty of this heaven. Visit the famous monastery with breathtaking view from its balcony and try "rakomelo", a local alcoholic beverage. "Xilokeratidi" dinner will be an unforgettable romantic seaside event. Day 5: Iraklia is another island of the "Minor Cyclades" which is worth visiting especially for those who want to experience tiny, calm, cute and isolated places, representing the Greek spirit. So after a short stopover at Antikeros on our journey from Amorgos to Iraklia, we will end up in the picturesque harbor of the island.

Here you can take a swim on a nearby beach, dive from a yacht and stroll through the pure nature. Dinner in Iraklia means fresh fish and local taverns more hospitable than anywhere else are ready to meet your expectations.

Day 6: Antiparos, the last island of your voyage. After a 4-5-hour sailing trip and of course an important lunch and swim stop, we will end up in Antiparos in the afternoon. Wandering through the small streets of a beautiful village, dine in one of the hundred restaurants and continue drinking in one of the local bars. Nightlife, especially in high season, is a must for everyone.

Day 7: Visit Antiparos Cave before heading to destination. Buses are available just 100 meters from the yacht. When returning aboard, leave for a nice mooring on a small island north of Antiparos with crystal clear water. The afternoon has come, just like the farewell time.

Source by Anastasia Kanli